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The deafening sound of ambulance sirens started a few minutes ago and is already invading all of Manhattan. All the hospitals in town are accepting patients by the dozen and the streets have turned to frenzy.

"...This is Joan Jameson, I was here to report on the extraordinary crowd gathering at Sheep Meadows when it started, a terrorist attack. There was an explosion , people started screaming and explosions continued, there are many victims, wounded, dead...”
“W-wait, are you telling me this is still going on?"

"Yes, we weren't able to spot the cause of all of this but we're trying to get you an image... Oh my god... I think we have something, it-it looks like a man."

"A man? Does the man appear to be armed?"

"N-no, he-he doesn't."

"Do you know what is..."

"Oh my god, people... people just collapsed into ashes, you've seen that, his-his hand started glowing and people just-just collapsed into ashes."

"Get out of there!"

"We're too far for him to see us or hear us."

"Given what we just saw I think it's a fair assumption to say we don't know what that man can or can't do. You have to get out of there."

"If you're doing this for the broadcast we're just going to cut the feed... I said we're going to cut the feed. What do you mean we can't cut the feed? **** production! Cut the god**** feed. I'm not having a KID go up into SMOKES for VIEWERSHIP!"

"We-we have someone on the street reporting from an ambulance hub."

"Here John Stephens, live from the cross 65th street and Central Park West where the wounded is being gathered. We... we have a lot of victims here, as you can see there are many ambulances here, a lot of victims have been moved to hospitals but there seem to just be too many, and they keep on coming. Some doctors have arrived here and it seems as they're setting up a field hospital here. everyone here has managed to escape before it was... many people are severely wounded or dying. I was not able to see what was happening, but the number of victims suggests a terrorist attack. We don't know how many the terrorists are but eye witnesses all describe a single unarmed man of Caucasian race and wearing some form of military uniform. Witnesses report he didn't speak or formulate any demands. Witnesses also claim that several people, including policemen tried to shoot the man to no avail."
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*What the ff... ssshhhhhiiit!*

The man fell off his broken down armchair as he was watching the news in his crappy appartment. He crawled toward the dresser and started rummaging through his clothes, up on his kness. His breathing got heavy and steam rose from his body as he started tearing off his clothes. His eyes slowly turned from a deep brown to a fiery orange.
Great, the world needs me and I'm going through my laundry drawer, I'm a monster. There it is.
He pulled a black mouthless mask out of the messy pile and onto his face as his eyes caught on fire. The cowl left a large hole atop his long dark hair to come out of. Soon he found a black jumpsuit, gloves and boots that he put in as much of a hurry.

*No time for stairs*

He jumped out the nd window and dropped to the ground like a stone. The fast although limping march quickly turned into a quickening sprint up to the point he reached about 100km/h.

*I really could have missed that report, I mean, what, I was just sitting there, watching that specific channel at that specific time. I don't even watch TV that much. I could have really missed that report. That's messed up, that's seriously messed up.*
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"Well that was a weird dream and I don't remember falling to sleep...especially on the floor. And what is that sound?"

Lukas got up and looked through the window to see what the commotion was about, he saw thousands of people just running away and the area starting to look like something from a disaster movie.

"What the hell?"

He quickly turned on the tv and saw many news reports about something horrible happening, but with wildly differing details: one was about a terrorist attack, one about a secret weapon experiment gone wrong, one was about North Korea attacking US, one about the last judgement, one about a new deadly virus and even one about a magic man turning everyone to ash. The news reporters all recommended going to the nearest hospital or a community center for safety.

"What the hell is happening? Oh it! I'm getting my ass to the nearest hospital, I ain't dying in this little apartment."

Before going out Lukas looked at the mirror and noticed that his eyes were black with glowing golden yellow irises and pupils.

"Oh no...oh NO! Am I infected already? Was it the deadly virus? Am I'm going to die soon?...Wait maybe there's still time? If I get to the hospital quickly enough maybe they can still cure me. Yeah that must be right, I should get there as soon as I can."

Lukas dashed through the door and down the stairs. After exiting the building he ran to the nearest hospital. While running he noticed that he was running considerably faster than before and saw better, but he thought it was all thanks to the adrenaline and continued. When he reached the nearest local hospital, it was empty.

"Dammit, they must have all been evacuated to a big hospital...and I don't know where one is! This was the only one I knew...wait I think there's something near Sheep Meadows and I only vaguely know how to get there. Well screw it, I don't have any other choice plus how hard can a hospital be to find?"

Lukas dashed into the direction of Sheep Meadows.
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She flipped open her phone.
"Hi mum... No I'm not going to call you that...I don't care where we are now"
She shut the taxi door forcibly and slumped down in the passengers seat. The taxi pulled out and joined the flowing mob of yellow cars heading into the city.
"Yeah I'm on my way back now. Oh and thanks so much for the offer of a lift I never received" she grumbled. "Yeah I know why, but that doesn't-"
Something grabbed her attention on the radio.
"Hold on a sec mum"
She turned the radios volume up and leaned forward.
"-live witness from the scene of the attack right now. Mr.Jackson can you hear us?"
"fzz....fzz... Hello? can you hear me?"
"Yes we can hear you Mr. Jackson, whats happening right now?"
"Hundreds of of people are trying to get away. It's chaos! Explosions are going off every minute and everyone is screaming!"
"Have you spotted any of the terrorists?"
"No we've seen nothi- wait what's that? th-there's a man... Why's he just standing there? Is he an idiot or something?!"
A loud noise erupted from the radio.
"Mr. Jackson are you alright?! Mr.Jackson? Pete?!"
"Oh god... people are, are burning! He's-ARGH........................"

"What the hell is happening...?" muttered the driver.
"We... We appear to have lost contact with our witness at the Sheep Meadows scene. We'll bring you more information on the attack as we get it"
She brought her phone back up to her ear. "Sorry mum, I'm going to be a bit later than planned" and snapped the phone shut. She'd have an earful later but that really wasn't important right now.
"Hey, can you change our destination to Sheep Meadows?"
The driver turner to her in shock.
"What are you, crazy?! I'm not going anywhere near that place!"
She rummaged around in her bag and pulled out her purse. She dumped a wad of cash on the dashboard.
"$200 if you take me there and an extra $200 if you deliver my luggage to the original destination"
He thought about it for a moment before sighing and mumbling "Deal".

As they got closer they started to notice people running in the opposite direction.
Getting closer then. Maybe I'm a bit in over my head with this...
A good mile or two before the area they hit a blockage of abandoned cars. She grabbed a scrap of paper and a pencil and wrote the taxis details.
"I've written all your details down so don't even think about running off with my stuff. I'm gunna grab something from the boot then you can head back." She jumped out the car and jogged back to the boot. Opening it she grabbed her sword case and slung it on her back along with her rucksack. She went round the front again and tapped on the drivers glass with her knuckle.
"Thanks man!"
With a wave she began dodging around the abandoned cars. When she was out of sight she slipped into a nearby alleyway. She looked around twice. Good, nobody around. She grabbed onto the buildings fire escape and pulled. The metal became a liquid moving along the back of her hand. She moved it into her palm and pressed it into her face. The metal moved and molded to her face leaving behind a thin metal mask with eye and breathing holes. Couldn't let anyone find out who she was after all. Looking around the street once more she sprinted out and towards the scene of the attack.
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An empty boat sat out in the middle of the lake a short way north of Sheep Meadows, seemingly empty as it slowly rocked on the water. Every so often, however, a silhouette could be just caught in the light, disappearing just as much as it wasn't though. A few ducks happened to be hanging around the boat as well, the why becoming known when some bread crumbs would occasionally scatter out of the boat and into the water. The faint silhouette of a woman showed itself lying in the boat, her head and arms leaning over the side to stare at the obviously spoiled birds that lived around here.

What was it like to be a duck? Well, these ducks looked pretty lazy at least. Being able to swim about without getting wet could be pretty useful though. Another handful of bread crumbs scattered into the water. Walking on land didn't look as graceful though. That kind of waddle they did. Waddle. Waaaddle. "You know, ducks are weird."

This sometimes there, sometimes not woman lounging in a boat was suddenly disturbed at the sudden arrival of chaos off in the distance, out of sight but still near enough to hear with how loud it soon become. Except she actually didn't seem to get disturbed by it, in fact it hardly appeared to register as she had lost herself in her thoughts about ducks. Said ducks of course were different as they immediately took to the air and left her, the woman only noticing they had when the next handful of bread tossed out went untouched

Raising her head, the sounds of reality quickly came back to her and forced her to pay attention to them by sounding off explosions and screaming off in the distance. Wait, no, those actually were screams and explosions happening! She quickly jumped to her feet, a motion the boat took unkindly to and causing it to violently rock, an act that unfortunately had no effect as the woman wasn't standing but floating just above it now.

"Chaos is falling and the innocent are made to flee in helplessness. To their defense, this Knight shall rise!" She spoke valiantly, loudly, and as if an audience stood before her to accept her words. The woman's silhouette promptly manifested fully now as a suit of armor formed about her. Where should be legs, a whispy tail instead was in their place. No helm accompanied the armor, leaving a long mane of pale black hair to fall loosely and the irises of her eyes lit up a fiery pink as she reached out and drew forth a blade out of thin air. Thus she charged, flying headlong towards the mayhem, intent on meeting an assumed foe on an assumed battlefield.
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The apartment was relatively new and was furnished well enough that no-one could mistake it for the abode of a poor man. It was a pretty standard affair with personal touches added here and there for flare and for the moment say in relative silence. This silence was broken by the repeated shrilling of a phone as it rung in the darkness. It looped it’s ring five or six times before the apartment’s owner bothered to drag himself out of his bed and across to the phone. He paused at the kitchen counter to look at the clock and nodded to himself as he reached across to lift the receiver off its hook.

“Ray, where the hell are you? It’s chaos down here.” The voice shouted over the phone, the heavy noise of engines and emergency sirens in the background.

Ray Ryukin yawned into his open hand before answering, he was dressed in blue jeans and a dark red shirt with the sleeves rolled up to above the elbow. White socks poked out of the end of the trousers and a brown leather belt hung loose from his waist. “I’m on leave at the moment, John, I’ve done piss all, all week. What’s going on?”

“It’s crazy, there was this terrorist attack and then people started dying and…damn, don’t you watch the news. Turn your TV on!”

Ray raised an eyebrow, but carried the phone across so he could grab the TV remote and switch it on with a press of the button. The screen flickered to life and he switched channel to a 24 hours news he guessed would have the info John was talking about. There was currently a news anchor talking hurriedly over what appeared to be a re-run of a previously recorded disaster.

“John, I just said I’ve been doing nothing today. What has this got to do with anything?”

“Are you an idiot or something? This is your...your kind of situation!” John started shouting but it was clearly to someone one his end. “You need to get down here and do something.”

“My kind of situation? I sell lab equipment; I don’t see how I can help.” Ray yawned again and muted the TV.

“Ray! I mean the other part of you. The…the ‘I can melt my bare hands through the bonnet of a car’ situation.”

This woke Ray up. “What, are you saying this was done by others with my…my skill set?”

“Oh, so now you want to help.”

“Help? Not so much, but if this guy can help explain to me what is going on. I might be able to get near him and ask him questions!” he didn’t wait to hear John’s reply and hung up on him before shoving his feet into a pair of brown hiking boots and shrugging into his overcoat. As he exited the building, he could suddenly hear the screams and the sirens.

Looks like all the action is up at Sheep Meadows. So that’s where I’ll head first. He thought as he buried his hands into his pockets and started striding purposefully towards his destination.
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“Today I’ve got a lab to do in the X1. Oh man, I’m going to have to be underground the whole morning. I wish I could do this experiment in A1….Too bad they don’t have the equipment I need.”

Chucking his empty coffee cup into the bin, Frank rushed down the flight of stairs before reaching the large entrance to the laboratory. As he laid down his bag, he went into the cupboard to collect a pair of goggles and a lab coat. All the while he was thinking of what he’d start to with. He decided on fluorescence microscopy in order to separate the specimens.

Hours later

Lights turned off. Hunched over on the microscope, a shiver ran down his spine.

“Wow! What was that?”

Frank quickly threw his head back. Looking side to side he noticed it at the corner of his eye.  His right arm was glowing! Red streaks of light were embedded along it. Twisting his arm, side to side, he stared in awe.

“What could this mean? This is…this is….”

Abruptly, he threw his head back. He quickly put his experiment on hold.  Forgetting to take off the coat, he grabbed his bag and leapt for the exit.  The doors were swinging in and out. He stood outside, frozen in astonishment. Students, lecturers, staff, everyone! Everyone was running amok. The loud noise of sirens ringing in his ears.   

“I was too late. It’s already begun.”
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"Wrong... wrong.... wrong...WRONG" Nathan exclaimed as he scribbled with the red pen.  Last time he checked he was teaching humans, not monkeys. Results like these made him doubt that statement, though. Most of his students had good results, but there were just those few apples that spoiled the bunch. So far three people actually managed to to score less than ten out of hundred. Why did he pick this job again? Being a biology teacher still involved very basic lab work sometimes. Did he not want to avoid the lab completely except for those very special moments? Hadn't normal research become the most boring thing ever once he had discovered the ultimate research topic ever? He took a short look at his own hand. Yes, this was the ultimate research subject. The only way to satiate his own lust for power and his curiosity was to research those like him. And what he could learn of their corpses could very well become very valuable in his own powers. Superhuman biology was his field now; and Nathan's goal was field leader. His own powers were the ultimate experiment; how strong could he make it? He wouldn't stop until he sqeezed out every last bit of his powers.

But for now, it was back to grading shitty tests. The horrible teacher's roster gave him three hours of nothing at this time of the day; a most glorious time to do whatever you never want to do otherwise. The teacher's lounge's cozy bench was all his for the coming hour, then he would be joined by Mrs. Halden. Who knows, maybe this bench would see some different use today. For now it just allowed him to look at the small television on the wall as a distraction of the horrible student handwritings.
Nathan's rest would be disturbed by ambulances seemingly coming from everywhere. Before he had any chance to question it his show would get interupted for a special update. The news created a sly grin on the teacher's face. Seeing this news it was quite certain that lessons were out of the question.

"Time to fetch a new lab rat."
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It is a bright Sunday and the people of New York come in numbers to sunbath in Sheep Meadows, the notorious prairie of Central Park.

“... people are gathering in crowds today in Central Park on this Sunday, an exceptionally hot day of October.... seriously, that they'd give us such a crappy assignment but giving us a script... and a stupid one at that.... you're supposed to say something there”
“Sorry, I've got my hands full pretending this 'us' isn't just a polite way of saying “me”.”
“Haaaahaaaaa... the sarcastic cameraman, be careful, you're dangerously close to a stereotype.”
“Anyhow, here we go: 5..4..3..~~”
A painfully loud explosion threw ample ammounts of earth into the air, and people to the ground in . The camera dwindled as its bearer recovered his balance.
“Did you get that?”
“Yes, and we're on live television.”
“What was it?”
“I don't know, some explosion.”
“Okay, get up, we need to get closer. We need to get this.”
“Are you mad?”
“Shut up, just come.”
The cries and screams were muffled by the overwhelming sound of the earth fallingdown. Joan and her cameraman's ears were ringing quite painfully but they were far enough that they didn't get  completely deafened. Soon after the explosion followed a series of smaller explosions hitting at random.
The ground was shaking from the impacts and everyone running kept tripping. The reporters ran to the edge of Sheep Meadows, terrified as they were running from something they most likely couldn't outrun.  As they reached the trees they realized the attack, whatever it was not following them.
“Are you okay?”
“Shoot this.”
“We have to go.”
“We're safe here.”
“ “Safe” ” snarked the cameraman.
“This is the most important event of the...”
“Yeah okay okay”
“Just get me in the shot”
“Okay, wait a sec, go”
Joan paused to take a breath before speaking up.
"...This is Joan Jameson, I was here to report on the extraordinary crowd gathering at Sheep Meadows when it started, a terrorist attack. There was an explosion , people started screaming and explosions continued, there are many victims, wounded, dead...”
The smell of burnt flesh and ashes rose in the air as she spoke and a black smoke started entering the field.
“W-wait, are you telling me this is still going on?"

"Yes, we weren't able to spot the cause of all of this but we're trying to get you an image... Oh my god... I think we have something, it-it looks like a man."

The camera panned to the middle of the meadow where the smoke cleared to reveal a man of monstruous size and constitution clad in torn military dress. The man's skin was pale and spotted with pink stains and scars. His dark blonde hair was swept back and shaven in several places and a short stubble covered the unnaturally oversized muscles of his jaws. His face was blank of any expression, his dark blue bloodshot eyes screening through the fleeing crowd as if looking for something, he just stood there, calm, empty handed. He walked a few steps then stopped to observe intently his surroundings.
"A man? Does the man appear to be armed?"

"N-no, he-he doesn't."

"Do you know what is..."
The man raised his arm  and pointed it at a group of people and all its joints started glowing in a reddish orange colour until it escalated in a blinding flash. A dim fire swallowed in black smoke instantly rose from his victims before they collapsed in small almost rock like ashes. Black smoke rose from his arm as well.  Policemen had shown up but he didn't seem even bothered by the bullets they fired at him and inflicted them the same treatment as he gave his other victims.
"Oh my god, people... people just collapsed into ashes, you've seen that, his-his hand started glowing and people just-just collapsed into ashes."

"Get out of there!"

"We're too far for him to see us or hear us."

"Given what we just saw I think it's a fair assumption to say we don't know what that man can or can't do. You have to get out of there."
“This needs to be shown to the...!”
“Joan... We've lost the feed.”
“What?! These morons, these bluberring morons, this is the most important event in history...”
“Huh Joan, not to interrupt your little rant but I think he's looking at us funny.”
“He's not!”
“Well yeah but he's looking in our direction that's enough for me” He said as he started taking a few steps back and putting the camera down.
“Yeah! Of Course! Why don't you just run? You ...” she grumbled as she started picking up the camera.
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With a flash of light and the rushing of wind, an array of javelins suddenly flew past a lady hefting a large camera and lodged themselves into the ground between her and the large, ominous man whose attention had, until just now, been on her. Dashing onto the scene herself from the sky above, the armored ghost ready for battle dove to intercept the dangerous glare and bring the likely hostile's attention instead to one that could actually defend herself.

"I hereby request the needless massacre of these defenseless innocents to end!" The ghostly Jen shouted as she raised the blade of a very real looking sword in the mysterious man's direction. "And advised, your compliance should quickly be followed by apologetic prostrating in hopes that mercy, while undeserved, may still be met upon you with a swift and painless end."
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Samir was at the same dark and quiet alley he spent a lot of his nights in, practicing with his rings.
"I finally managed to hold the water long enough to freeze it and create an ice wall, I'll call that technique blue wall, nice." he wrote it down his notebook, along with the time it took him to create the wall, its size, thickness and his state of fatigue at the end.
"I think I could do five of them before getting completely exhausted, I should try my limit tomorrow after a good day of rest. Now, I wonder how much heat I should put in this blue wall to melt it completely".
He wrote on his notebook "Blue wall experiment n°2 : heat resistance", rose to his feet and put his left hand, wearing a medium blue ring and a faintly glowing purple one, palm up in the direction of the wall of ice.
"It's daylight already, it will be my last one for tonight"
As he focused his mind on the purple ring, the glowing intensified and its color changed to magenta.
"Now the difficult part", he remembered the exact procedure he wrote two years ago in one of his first notebooks, and started to separate his focus in two half, one on the magenta color of the ring, the other on the white ring of his right hand, fingers thrust toward the ice wall.
The heat became soon uncomfortable, and just before he directed it to the ice wall, an explosion broke it and sent Samir at the far end of the alley.
His ears ringing, he realized he couldn't get up as several other explosions, and screams, continued and shook the ground beneath him.

"Well, as long as it's not here".
He managed to sit against one wall, and looked up at the main street, to see a lot of people going one direction while some cops were going the other... to Sheep Meadows?

"Huh, what am I supposed to do now?" Were there any ways he could try the rings on a real situation?

He went toward the park, following the cops until he found him, at the distance.

His hands were shaking as he witnessed him melt away a group of innocent people.

"What am I getting into? Maybe I should, like, wait a little bit"

The man's attention snapped to a woman trying to hold a camera when a... a ghost - in armor - with a sword - came flying from nowhere to engage him.

"What the **** is going on here?"
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All attempts at being sneaky stopped once Sarah hit the grassy fields. Apart from a few trees dotted around it was open ground. She was stood behind one of the trees now watching the lunatic tear apart the park. Everyone else had run away already but he was still causing explosions and destroying any objects he didn't seem to like. She'd been stood for five minutes already, just watching. She was an idiot. A big idiot. It was almost on impulse that she came but now that she stopped to think about it it was an idiotic idea. It didn't help her optimism that the guy was HUMONGOUS, and you know, throwing giant fireballs and stuff. She looked down at her sword case. Fire vs metal, she already knew which one won. She groaned to herself. A strange voice caught her attention and she looked back. She blinked. And again. Was that a... ghost? An armoured ghost too. What the hell was happening today? Raking her hands through her hair and growling to herself she made her decision. Screw it. She grabbed her gloves from her bag and pulled back the cover on her sword. She slowly drew the jian, avoiding as much noise as she could. Clipping the scabbard to her belt she began circling round the man while he was distracted.

Note: I was really tired and after posting I had already noticed 3 spelling mistakes I've changed now but I apologize if I missed more
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The road to the park was awfully empty. Was anyone surprised? The single car going in that direction was Nathan's. Full speed he headed to his target, although that wasn't great seeing how utterly crappy his car was. At this rate the drive would only take about five minutes.  he hadn't watched the entirety of the news report. He knew this man could cause explosions at least. Nathan could only hypothese that his powers were probably fire or heat related. He couldn't know for sure what else the man would have in store.

Nathan stopped his car a healthy distance away from the smoke. He looked around, deserted. Nathan smiled, perfect place to change. About five to ten minutes had passed since the newsflash. There was no guarantee the man was still in sheep meadows, but he couldn't have gone far either way. He'd just have to follow a trail of corpses! Nathan opened the doors of the back seats, where he usually left his stuf. He took out a long, black coat. He checked the pockets to make sure nothing was missing: Cigarettes? Check, lighter? Check, 9mm gun? Check.  Nathan had seen that guns did not have effect on this guy, but he'd rather take it with him than leave it here.

Now all Nathan had to do was to become unrecognizable. He wouldn't want any of his darling students to see him, right? Nathan took a deep breath and closed his eyes as his skin color of his face and neck turned slightly darker, and the flesh turned into something resembling scales. His eyes opened and the colors had changed, showing multiple sectional heterochomas. His irises had been split into many sections with seemingly random colors. A moment later a similar thing had happened to his hair: a mixture of black, brown, blonde, white and red. He looked in the window of his car. "Yep, totally not me." He grinned and turned towards the smoke. It was in his best interest to stay unnoticed if possible. If he could hide and observe his target, the better his chances would be. What would Nathan find in the meadows?

(I intend for Nathan to be one of the last to arrive, so I'm waiting with arriving to the battle till more people have arrived.)
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Getting past the police cordon had been easier than Ray had been expecting. He’d surmised there would be one, with a suspected terrorist attack and all, and sure enough as he closed in on Central Park the police presence increased dramatically. However, they were still in confusion; no doubt because of the nature of the attack and the amount of civilians injured or dead. Any anti-terrorist units or national guard, or whatever the NYPD had called hadn’t showed up yet so there were holes in the perimeter. Ray used one of these holes to make it past the police and was currently hopping over the wall into Central Park.

He could feel his heart beating heavily in his chest, he hadn’t really thought about what he was going to do. He’d seen some of the dead and injured on his way in and it had shaken him, this guy wasn’t very friendly. But he couldn’t turn around; something compelled him to go further in; towards the source of the explosions.

Ray ducked behind a tree and glanced into Sheep Meadows, and then immediately ducked back behind the tree. He had seen the so-called ‘terrorist’ along with something that he could only describe as a ghost. What the hell is going on? Or more to the point, why the hell am I here? Ray thought as he pressed himself to the tree and slid down until he was resting on his heels. I’m crazy to listen to John; I should have just stayed at home. He ran a hand through his hair and as he did, he caught sight of a brown haired woman wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Ray would have thought that she was a civilian but for two things. One, she was brandishing some kind of sword and her gaze was locked onto the big dude who was blowing stuff up, secondly, she had some sort of metal mask covering her face.

It suddenly occurred to Ray that he had walked in here with nothing to disguise his identity. If the girl turned her head and caught sight of him, she would know what he looked like. Idiot! Ray thought to himself just as he suddenly realised that her knowing what he looked like meant nothing if she didn’t know what he could do. He calmed himself with a couple of quiet breaths, his eyes still locked on the woman, and slowly pushed himself up the tree to a standing position; he let his overcoat slip off him to the floor at the same time.

“Hey!” Ray said in the woman’s direction, loud enough for her to hear but quiet enough that he wasn’t shouting. “What the hell’s going on here?”
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The sudden voice from behind made her jump. Instantly she leaped back, turned in the air and dropped into a defensive stance. A man with long brown hair stepped from behind a nearby tree, a black coat laying at his feet. She swore quietly under her breath.
"What he hell are you doing here? Everyone should have left by now." She kept her voice low and glanced back at the "terrorist". Luckily his attention was still drawn to the ghost...thing...
She didn't drop her guard at all. There was only three possible reasons why he was here. 1. He was an idiot, 2. he was here for the same reason she was or 3. He was back up for the pyromaniac over there. She couldn't take any chances, enough lives were lost today.
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*I make that look easy, I mean for something without two-wheels on the ground.*
The black tights clad man was running down the streets faster than any human could, he was struggling just to stay up. At this speed it was difficult for him to keep up with his feet, or his feet to keep up with him; he had very little adherence and with that much momentum dodging obstacles was a delicate maneuver.

So focused was he on not face-planting into the floor that he only noticed the car upfront when its driver hit the brakes at the last moment. He let himself drop, pushed off and gathered his legs under him, barely landing on his feet and about to fall over when he realized another car was coming up right behind the previous, moment at which he managed to take off into a somersault, his body straight as an 'I' to land on his back and getting back up immediately.
He had already recovered all his speed when he reached the crossroad.

*90 degrees turn, odd to this didn't come up in the training... This seems wide enough... First slow down.*
He slid his feet perpendicularly to his momentum and fell on his side almost shredding his costume but managed to get back on his feet without stopping and avoided crashing into an impromptu truck by running on its side.
Whether it showed or not, he really had no idea what he was doing and everyone of this close calls seemed like a miracle to him. Gathering speed he just as clumsily managed to avoid colliding with any of the ambulances or people  that formed a barrage at the corner of the 65th and Central Park West and dove into the trees.

"Did you see that? John Stephens at the medical hub near Central Park where we just just saw a black silhouette with feets on fire just run across the encampment."
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Post by: Anndgrim on November 12, 2013, 03:25:43 pm

The soot stained coloss stared at the journalist for a moment after the ghostly apparition made its ultimatum before turning his attention toward it. He was well aware of the people hiding behind the trees but ignored them.

He raised his casually opened toward the specter, the flesh of his arm took a dull red glow and a cloud of black smoke rose from it. He shifted his foot as the same started flowing from his pants. After a second he pushed off and abruptly leapt foward with his fist clenched.
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As the man clearly shifted himself to attack, she did likewise as a pair of legs formed out of her wispy tail. Planting herself on the ground, the specter mimicked his stance and leapt forward simultaneously to charge. Just before meeting, Jen raised her other hand and suddenly did appear a massive shield in a flash of light. As the man crashed against it with a fist, the shield help for only moments before cracking and shattering apart however she swiftly circled about it and threw out a slash across his arm intent on amputation. A slight pause, and a grim look crossing her face, before the pair took action again as the giant swung him arm about and knocked away the sword that had simply halted it's advance against his skin, failing to do much more than deliver the shallowest of cuts. The apparition was likewise tossed back, strangely enough, but lifted into the air to catch herself rather than hitting the ground.

Settling back on her feet, Jen gave a frown and reversed her grip on the sword, tossing it into the grass blade first where it stuck. "So I see. Mayhaps a simple sword won't serve well in your execution. This encounter is going to end up more painful than it could have for you, then. Feel free to surrender at your will" No new weapon appeared for her as she finished her short speech, perhaps waiting again for the enemy to make the first move.
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Nathan only arrived just in time to see the first blow landing.  Smashing a shield to smithereens? Yeah that didn't seem completely human. The thought of it having more powers than one only made Nathan wanting its corpse even more. He had prepared himself as well as he could from the moment he had walked out of his car; He had been releasing explosive gasses which was forming itself like an invisible wall at a rather safe distance in front of him. If the giant were to extend his fiery paws towards him, he'd probably be in for a little surprise. Nathan of course had no idea how effective it would be on him, but life's a gambit.

Of course, the giant's little ghostly foe had not gone unnoticed. However, Nathan was quite the non-believer. Maybe it was some kind of special power to turn into a spectral state? It mattered not, for they would be on the same side despite their different motives.  His grin widened as he walked onto the battlefield. "Fancy words, but I doubt they'll prove to be any use."  he snickered a little "I hope you don't mind me joining in."  Nathan stood still about ten meters away on the right side of his target. The more he looked at the building of a man in front of him, the more he wondered: would that guy even FIT in that tiny car of his? Well, only one way to find out.

The cloud of explosive gass was placed neatly between them now, like a trap for a wild animal. "Come at me, hotshot."
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“Yeah, about leaving…I kind of never got around to it.” Ray said in response to the girl’s questions, implying that he had already been in Sheep Meadows when the ‘terrorist’ had attacked. The implication was deliberate. Even though she wore a mask, Ray could see the shrewdness in her eyes and she decided what Ray was and whether he was a threat or not. He raised his hands slowly in front of him with the palms towards her; the universal sign of non-aggression. “Look, I’m not any kind of threat to you. Not like that big dude over there.” He nodded his head towards the ‘terrorist’ and as he did, a resounding crack echoed around the area.

Ray snapped his head in the sounds direction, temporarily forgetting about the girl in front of him, to see the ghostly figure in combat with the Terrorist. The crack had been a shield, or something familiar, breaking into pieces under a heavy attack. As Ray watched, the Ghost and the Terrorist conversing, another figure ran into the fray. This one was a man of no particular note, although he was taller than most but small in comparison to the Terrorist. Ray decided this one was a little bit crazy as his posture indicated he was challenging the Terrorist.

As if suddenly realising that he had a woman stood in front of him, Ray turned his head quickly to face her. “Ok, it seems like you want to go up against that guy and if you’re crazy enough to do that, I’m not going to stop you. I came here for my own reasons, so you go right on ahead.” Ray kept his hands raised in front of him and didn’t move a muscle. However, deep within the centre of his arms, unnoticeable to the human eye, he was already activating his powers; ready to use them should the woman attempt to attack them. The sword would be his first goal, he just hoped the heat of his powers could melt through it; otherwise he’d end up losing an arm.
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Lukas kept running and running seemingly without getting winded at all and felt something calling, pushing him to Sheep Meadows but it wasn't a need to get to the hospital, no it was something else, something dangerous and exciting...he couldn't quite explain it himself, the only thought on his mind was "I must get there faster". Unbeknownst to Lukas his speed grew even more, now he was sprinting at the speed that even Usain Bolt would be jealous of and surprisingly that didn't tire him more than before in fact he felt felt even stronger, his vision got more focused, the reaction time improved, he didn't have to go around obstacles or slow down to go through tighter or more complicated gaps and even if he accidentally hit something, he didn't feel that it had any real impact.

The closer Lukas got to the park the more destruction, the more dead bodies he saw. He hasn't seen any dead people besides the ones at the funerals in reality before, he was sickened by it but the thought of getting to the park was still the most important thing in his head, only the upcoming danger was certain now, and still he kept going.

Soon the destination was near. Lukas noticed 3 figures in the distance and when he was near enough he called for their attention, in retrospect it was a foolish thing to do but at the time he didn't realize what was waiting for him and the entire world. "Hey! Hey you three!" he shouted. The big bulky guy looked at Lukas and extended his arm towards him. All the danger alerts in Lukas's body went off and without stopping he jumped with the best of his ability to the side without realizing why. Something exploded in front of Lukas or at least that was what he thought, if he hadn't jumped to the side he would have been dead. The explosion sent him flying a good distance, before hitting a car he noticed that he flew past two other people standing with some distance in front of each other. Now he felt the pain and if he was a regular human if not dead then most of his bones would have been crushed. Of course the explosion caused few serious burns on one side of his body, not deadly but not something you can just brush off. His head was ringing and spinning, the vision was blurry and again the pain was nothing to laugh about.

While Lukas was trying to get a grip on which side was up and which side was down, he had no time to notice that most of his body was covered in a dark, paper thin material except for the parts that were directly effected by the explosion and the crash into the car.
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When the blow unexpectedtly went through the spectral knight, the man almost lost his balance. Intangibility was not in the list of things he was prepared for but, notwithstanding the fight was not over as he had more as he had more than mere kicks and punches in his arsenal, if they didn't work then something else would. Standing still for a moment, the smoke oozing from his body thickened and spread to all of his now more brightly glowing limbs.
As the process escalated small flames not much higher than an inch engulfed them and blood tainted his eyes even redder than they just were.

When the reptilian man approached him he did not pay him any attention. Taunts were lost on his blank mind and all that seemed to register in his mind was destroying the ghost standing in his way.
His body haloed in flames, he rushed at the ghost with greater speed and power than before.

Bursting out of the trees at inhuman speed, a dark figured dived to ward the speeding giant and tackled him in the mid section. The man was barely more than 6 feet tall but his momentum was enough to knock his opponent off his feet.
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The man moved up on his knees above the lying giant, holding his shoulder in pain, seemingly not realizing that it was on fire and glanced at the people around him.

"Oh great, is that a bad guy reunion? My first day on the job and I get the league of..."
The man's sarcastic words were not said lightheartedly and conveyed genuine discontent. The tone of his voice carried a certain gravity that signified he was not here to play hero.

Turning his head over to his shoulder, he noticed the flames and quickly extinguished them with a few taps.
Meanwhile, the giant stood up behind him, grabbed him and slammed him to the ground only to kneel down and lift him up by the throat with a single hand, choking him.
Bringing his  hands to his neck to try and break free from the hand's clutch and found found himself unable to loosen the monster's grip.
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Jen's attention split now to the scaly man who casually sauntered onto the scene of battle, however paying him little mind after the prompt attempt at mere provocation against her foe. Suicide was not a decision that was up to her to decide for the man, so let him end himself as he may. The giant likewise appeared to do naught more than ignore the petty taunts tossed his way and Jen prepared herself for the next encounter as her foe dramatically powered himself up for the expected exchange.

A blur then burst onto the scene, but just as quickly made a prompt exit as it was suddenly flung out of the picture by his own speed and the momentum of an explosion? Nonetheless, the next moment the blur became a man looking wounded after apparently having just tried to run this enemy down. She took a half step instinctively forward as to go aid the wounded man, but caught herself as yet another distraction opted to interrupt the flow of battle by smashing itself into the now flaming man with more success than the wounded man had had a moment before!

"While voluntary aid against the common foe is thankful, I must question the effectiveness of the tactics, or rather the appeared lack thereof, of merely throwing yourselves to the fire! One can't learn of a mist--" Cutting her words short, the ghostly woman leapt forward, reaching out a hand and appearing to unsheath a new sword out of thin air. Substantially larger than the longsword before, she adjusted her grip upon what was now a heavy looking claymore. Not more than moments had the distance been covered, her form partially lifting off the ground into flight and conducting a full circle vertical swing to throw as much momentum behind the blade of which came down yet again directly onto the flaming giant's arm which now held the latest party crasher around the neck.
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The cut to the giant's arm was shallow but the spasm it caused him was enough to loosen his grip of the costume clad man who pried its hand from his neck and with a kick to the cuts sent it flying six yards away. Placing his hands behind his head he did a kick up that lifted several feet into the air before landing on his feet, awkwardly standing there. Holding his throat, he coughed a few times before talking again.
"Thank you, Pinkeyewoman. Great job on the costume  by the way, for a moment I thought I'd be the only one to come dressed up party. That would have been awkward... By the way, why does it smell like someone passed some serious gas?"
Looking around and spotting the reptilian he whispered to the ghost with a hand on the side of his mouth:
"So, what's the deal on Madame Vastra over there? She a good or a bad guy?"
The giant had already gotten back on his feet while he was talking and seemed even more stoically frenetic than earlier. Pointing his hand toward him he tried to use another of his spontaneous combustion routines. The costumed man felt the attack hit him and screamed in horror.
The scoldering heat spread through his body in an invigorating rush, his mind felt quicker, his senses sharper and his muscles stronger.
"... oh... no, wait, I'm good. Anyway, that was just rude."
Clenching his fist he charged the giant, aiming for his knees, something about "keeping him off his feet".
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This was turning into one crazy situation. She gave the man in front of her one last look up and down before lowering her sword. He didn't seem to be with the big guy, he didn't have a crazy look about him.
"You should leave now if you have no intention of helping but we've got to take this guy down" She looked back just in time to see the newest arrival get consumed by flames. "At least I hope we can..."
Grimacing behind her mask she sheathed her sword. She really needed to help with the attack. She sprinted to a nearby park bench and grabbed onto the metal back with one hand and one of the wooden panels with the other. She pulled out the metal while pushing off the wood.

Gathering the liquid metal between her hands she turned half into a Naginata and the other half into a belt made of metal blocks to use later. Gripping the Naginata with both hands, she turned on the magnets in her gloves and charged at the fiery man. She began a flurry of quick thrusts, forcing him to block with his arms and step back. The thrusts only managed to create tiny cuts along his muscular arms. Changing tactics, she brought the blade down vertically aiming for his torso. He easily grabbed the blade, knocking Sarah slightly off balance. His arm and hand started to glow brighter as the heat surrounding him increased. Shit. The heat easily transferred into the bare metal weapon. Turning off the magnets, she quickly released her weapon and jumped back. With a maniacal smile, the muscle man threw the Naginata aside and strode toward Sarah. Hurriedly, she touched the metal belt and created a plain steel tower shield. She'd seen what had happened to the ghost girls shield but heck it was better than being hit directly.

(Kinda half finished but I really need to sleep)
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"God dammit this hurts!" His vision got clear enough to see what was happening. Lukas looked at the group of people he saw before, now it was not 3 but 5 people. "What the hell?" he asked himself. Lukas saw an explosion happening in front of a man who appeared to not be affected by it at all, a woman in medieval looking armor wielding a giant sword, another woman now attacking the giant with a spear looking weapon and a green looking dude standing to the side. Of course he noticed the big man too, Lukas didn't really understand what was happening, but it was obvious that the 4 people were against the man who attacked him before.

He tried standing up but was immediately reminded of the damage he suffered. "Aaagh! this hurts...wait what's this?!" Lukas just now noticed his body covered in the dark material, he touched it and it felt hard, he couldn't tell what material it was. On a closer inspection Lukas noticed that the dark material was divided into sections: some bigger, some smaller and some spots where the skin was still visible were being covered up by this new material.

Lukas heard a loud sound coming from the battle. His focus was again on the enemy. He again tried to get closer but the pain was always accompanying every movement. The man frightened Lukas, he wasn't a scaredy cat but he wasn't stupid either, he knew that this was something extremely dangerous.

"Having a little problem are we?" - a voice said. "What? Where are you?" - Lukas shouted. "No need to scream, after all I'm inside your head". "" "Would you like some help? After all I can't let you go and die so soon since infusing someone does take time". "Infusing? Who are you?!" "Again no need to shout, for now let's just say that I'm a friendly would you like some help?" "Help? And how would you help me?" "How about I show you a bit more of what you can do with your powers? And don't worry the first time is free". Lukas didn't really had a clear mind at the moment and rashly agreed. "Good...enjoy it while it lasts." And then the voice was gone, Lukas felt something leaving him, not exactly sure what but it just felt like his mind was clearer or something like that.

The pain was slowly going away and the armor around legs and arms got thicker, not by much but still it was thicker than before. Lukas decided to join the battle, even no longer fearing the man. Now with a better understanding of the situation Lukas was on full alert as he dashed into the battle. After the giant man smashed the metal shield Lukas saw an opportunity to strike. The man's power was big but he wasn't really that fast and left a lot of openings. Lukas dived to the side of the man and made an uppercut that connected squarely with the jaw. Lukas wasn't used to fighting or even talking to a person of this size, but he managed to pull off the attack. The punch sent the giant's head flying back, but Lukas felt much more recoil than he was supposed to have. This made him realize two more things: 1) the giant was not only really strong but also very tough and 2) Lukas had more power than what his joints could comfortably handle so that meant he couldn't do this many times without rest. Even though this revelation complicated things, Lukas didn't wait and drilled a knee to the man's liver. It was obvious that it did damage, but clearly not enough because the enemy swung his arm at the same time and blew Lukas 2 meters away. He blocked the swing with his arm guard but it still hurt.
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Frank quickly regathered his thoughts.

“If it’s already began I might as well get prepared so that I can minimise the damage as much as possible”

Hurdling himself into the crowd, Frank struggled to push himself through the fleeing people.  After sometime of shoving and bumping he finally managed to reach his dorm. Inside he found his circus outfit. He hurriedly slipped into it; trying to think of how he should approach this situation.

“First I need to figure out where it’s coming from”

He switched on his tv and after flicking over some channels he finally got what he was looking for.

“……orning a man, presumably a terrorist, was sighted in Sheep Meadows. He is probably the one responsible for the explosions that have been occurring the past few hours. So John, what do you make of this?”

By the last sentence Frank was already at the door attaching his face mask.  Within seconds, as his door swung back muffling the sound from the tv, he was gone almost as if he blended in with the crowd.

His next appearance was in the middle of the soon to be infamous street. Sprinting along it, his outfit made him stand out like sore thumb.

“This isn’t good at all. It sounds like I’m dealing with a pyromaniac. I have to think of countermeasures but nothing comes to mind. I need more information.”

Frank swerves into one of the streets. The streets are absent of sound, sirens lightly echoing from the barricade on the far end. Frank approaches the Sheep Meadow plain from the back of the area the terrorist supposedly began his march. Breaking into the plain Frank comes to a gradual halt.

“I see, there’re already people trying to take him out. This will give me the chance to analyse his capabilities. This is good.”

Frank comes down to one knee, hoping to decrease his presence as much as possible, observing the situation with the utmost prudence.
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"Well, I think I have delayed long enough", Samir read one last time his notebook.
Powers: inhuman strength, inhuman body resistance, melting - extremely hot fire?
Weaknesses: Slow, looks crazy enough to be dumb, 5 others against him
Samir hid his notebook near a tree he marked with a cross, then joined the group.
He created some water, shaped it into a spike then removed all the heat from it, creating an ice spike thirty cm long.
As soon as he finished and took the ice spike with his right hand, some guy in armor who were fighting with his punches and kicks got blown away. Samir used this opportunity to run at the back of the coloss, and holding the spike against him, he released all the kinetic energy he had stored inside the grey ring on his right hand.
About one fourth of the spike went through his foe before it broke. He staggered a little, then turned and looked with glowing eyes full of fury at Samir. He extended his arm and his hand started glowing.
"Oh crap"
Samir frantically scrambled out of the way, putting his left hand in front of him and focusing desperately on his now mauve ring, trying to absorb as much heat as possible from the brute's arm.
It wasn't enough. Soon the ring took on a lavender color and stopped switching color, Samir's focus was completely destroyed as he realized he had reached the ring's limit.
"Oh crap".
The coloss arm suddenly glowed fiercely, and with a smile, released his power.
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Jen meant to respond to the thanks given to her, but the man rambled on about costumes and smells before jumping right back into the fray, leaving her floating with not much to go off of. Hanging back, she merely looked on as each of these strange folk threw themselves haphazardly into the fray. "This is just reckless chaos..." she spoke to herself aloud.

At the least they weren't leaving themselves open to anything overly lethal yet. Well, except for the one who just ran in with some sharp ice and pierced the man without following up his attack and was about to probably be....

Returning from the sidelines, the ghost swiftly flew to Samir's side and them promptly into it as she shoved him out of the flaming giant's immediate proximity just as the air around the space he had just been occupying, now taken up by Jen, lit up with a heated explosion! As it cleared however, the apparition was no where to be seen.
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The girl seemed to deem him a non-threat as she told him to leave and sheathed her sword; Ray lowered his hands at the same time. He didn’t have any time to reply to her as she rushed off and Ray watched in amazement as she pushed the wood free of a bench and moulded the metal into different things. I don’t believe it, I never thought there would be, could be, others. He thought as the girl ran off to confront the Terrorist. They cannot be related to mine, but to think others existed out there with abilities beyond the human. He looked across at the group who were currently fighting with new wonder in his eyes. Then all of them have abilities. Abilities that they choose to use to help innocent people; like some sort of superheroes.

He chuckled lightly to himself and looked down at his hands, which were glowing ever so slightly. And to think I came down here for selfish reasons. But I cannot deny that that Terrorist’s abilities are similar to mine. Does Amaterasu not distinguish between right and wrong? If I can help to defeat him, I can ask him about the origins of his powers. With his mind set, but mindful that television cameras might be anywhere; Ray closed his eyes and activated his abilities.

It was nearly instantaneous; one moment, Ray stood as a normal man, the next his whole body exploded with blinding flashes of light that fired off in all directions around Sheep Meadows. A second later, Ray had controlled the light and now it surrounded him. Every bit of exposed skin was a bright yellow, nearly white, and a physical glow surrounded him. The light from his chest easily shone through the thin material of his shirt, making it look like a shadow that hung around him, and his jeans had become a shade lighter. When Ray opened his eyes, there were blots and layers of orange that made it look like he had two miniature suns in his head.

Ray knew that to cause physical damage with his heat based abilities, he would need to get in close. But the thought of getting within range of the Terrorist was a scary one; meaning he had to be smart about it. So he decided his first move would be to aid the small group that were currently engaging the Terrorist in close combat. Ray raised his right hand and fired off an intense beam of light that was practically at its destination at the same time Ray fired it. It was aimed at the Terrorist’s face with the intention of blinding him; hopefully giving the others a reprieve from attack while at the same time opening their enemy to an attack of their own.
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Lukas saw what the explosion did to the woman in armor. "Oh my god! She was completely obliterated! That could have been me few minutes ago!" he thought. At the same time something flashed in front of the man and he was blinded. "Now's a chance to attack!" Lukas shouted.

He didn't wait for anyone to respond and quickly jumped and did a spinning kick to the back of the giant's head. This time the mans head went forward. When Lukas landed he quickly circled around the enemy and started landing punches, elbows and knees to the mans face. He saw that it did something but it was way less that what he imagined it should have done, it was more annoying to the enemy than damaging. After a couple of attack combinations the giant covered his face and was readying a devastating swing, but the swing was big and that let a huge opening to the side. Lukas was confident that he was fast enough to make a strong attack. He ducked under the swing and without realizing how Lukas moved all the material from his body and concentrated all of it on his arm.

The arm was covered in what appeared to be a 2 mm thick dark armor that was now clearly divided into sections, it almost looked like something from a fantasy video game, only the joints were covered in the paper thin version he had at the beginning. Lukas figured that if he wanted to move, he couldn't cover everything so that meant that this ability didn't protect him 100%. There were even a few spikes on his knuckles.

Then Lukas made a powerful blow to the giants side, the blow was heard loudly, it was not something you would hear two regular human beings make. Now it was visible that it was powerful enough and the spikes did their job and wounded the giant. The spikes managed to go in about 2 cm deep, it wasn't a huge wound at least not for the man but it meant that the enemy was in fact vulnerable. The giant grunted as he grabbed the spot where Lukas had made the attack. Lukas didn't wait and pulled out his arm missing the grab only by a hair. When Lukas backed off to see what will happen now he noticed that the attack had a serious price - his arm was seriously dislocated. "Oh no! OH FU.CK NO!" - he shouted. Not only that but the concentrated armor wasn't dispersing and in fact was cracked now. His powers were now useless since they stayed on the only body part that he couldn't move right now. The fear overcame Lukas immediately as he backed away. Lukas hoped that someone would do something because the giant would be pissed and he probably would blow up Lukas immediately.
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The giant had been standing there taking the hits from the masked woman strangely without much reaction. When the suicidal bling bling boy charged him with a spike of ice of all things he just raised his hands and would have turned him to dust if not for the intervention of the ghost which seemed to die in the process.
When spiky boy attacked with kicks and punches he also barely moved at all.

With that many enemies at once it was hard for him to assess the situation and he seemed quite overwhelmed by the influx of information.

Putting his hand to the wound opened by the boy he stared at the boiling blood it left in his palm for a second as the skin around caught fire and cauterized leaving a patch of burnt skin.
Staring at the boy he grabbed him by the arm and threw him against one of the trees several yards away.
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As he was about to charge, jumping before him in suicidal haste the Lady in the Iron Mask assaulted the giant with nothing more than a pointy stick only to leave a couple of shallow cuts. That she survived so much as coming near in such conditions was a miracle on its own but when the giant burnt her shield rather than her she had probably stretched her luck a little too thin. She HAD to drop the scalding hot shield before it made some serious damage to her. Before she even got a chance to try, a boy with questionable taste in jewelry charged the giant with a spike of ice.
Though it might have looked like the spike had gone any deep into the giant body, all it really did was melt on his burning skin. But when the bling bling boy's stupid action cost the costumed girl's life it cause a rush of anger in the tights clad man.
The spiky boy seemed a little more productive, at least until the giant had done that thing that left a gruesome burning scar to his side.

It was clear from that point that the creature wouldn't be defeated like that, but what else could he do but try to subdue him for now. Infused with his freshly enhanced abilities, he decided to try and keep it in check. He had to temporize, at least until he found a plan.
Running toward the giant with all the speed he could gather in such a short distance, he tackled the man placing one  hand around its back and the other behind its leg lifting him into the air before smashing him into the ground.
"That is not how we're gonna beat him! We have to find another way!"

Grabbing the giants head he hit it on the ground, again and again but the giant was quick to resist and the both engaged in a struggle to keep each other down but the giant's superior strength and size let him rapidly take the advantage as he soon got back up. The costumed man, still on the ground buried both his hands deep into the ground and used that leverage to deliver a sweeping kick to its ankles causing him to fall down.
After a kick up he knelt down above the giant and started punching the giant at inhuman speed for a couple of seconds before the giant opposed his hand and threw him away. Finding the tights clad lying on the ground when he got up he kicked it like a soccer ball and sent him ricochet off the ground for a dozen yards.
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Nathan stood on the sidelines as many more people charged in. First of all speedy who knocked over the giant over and nearly got himself choked, But others would soon follow, two others thenengaged the giant in melee combat. "Goddamnit!" He screamed as he redirected the explosive gasses back to himself. He only made it just in time to redirect everything before the explosion connected with the ghost.  If Nathan hadn't done that, everything around the giant would've exploded, including the people fighting in close range. "I nearly killed you all, for gods sake." Sometimes it was a nasty thing his gasses were invisible. He had now inhaled all the gasses himself, to be turned into more useful substances for this situation.  A pity of the ghost girl though, she seemed like the most useful out of this lot.

He prepared his attack as the fast guy engaged the giant, which ultimately resulted in him getting thrown away and kicked away hilariously like a ball. Nathan had enhanced the muscles in his mouth a long time ago for the kind of attack he was going to do. Nathan's mouth filled itself fully before he spat out a highly corrosive acid at high speeds towards the giant, aimed at the back of its head. The giant's skin was highly resistant to physical attacks, but how would it react to chemical warfare? With a little luck, he could make its brains melt.
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Though the reptilian had been standing there, watching from the sidelines until he suddenly decided to creep behind the giant's back and spit a clear liquid at the giant. Though it looked like plain harmless water, the giant immediately reacted, turning around as if he had seen it coming. His eyes suddenly glowed a dark but blinding orange and a loud thunder-like clap sound emerged from the air before him turning the liquid into steam and blowing it away and back toward the reptilian.
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Post by: Sayo-chan! on November 18, 2013, 08:11:01 pm
Their attacks were practically doing nothing to the guy. They needed to change tactics, just blindly hitting him wasn't going to work. She managed to get a minute to think while the terrorist was distracted by the man with the...reptile...head... how had she not noticed that before? but did it really surprise her? Yeah a little bit that one. She collected up the pieces of her shattered shield and snuck behind the giant to grab the naginata as well. She morphed it into one large block and knelt by it, examining the back of the giant man. This might work. She morphed it again, this time into a long thick chain. Struggling slightly to heft it, she ran up behind him, letting the chain swing loosely from her hand. She twisted at the last moment and let the chain slide through her hands and around the giants bulging biceps and his chest. She swiped her hand down the side quickly, changing the electron alignment as much as she could cause large amounts of magnetic force between the layers of links. He stumbled forward from the sudden attack and whirled to face Sarah. She stepped back quickly and drew her jian in a defensive position. Hopefully that would hold him for a while. The muscle head's eyes grew darker as he struggled against the chain. Already you could see some links straining under the pressure and a golden glow had already begun on the metal touching his body. Guess not then.

"Now!!" She yelled to the others.
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Watching the young woman in her attempt to chain up the giant as he was getting up, the costumed man noticed the flimsy chains weakening in a matter of seconds burning red, he decided of a "plan". A bit grand of a word  for what he had in mind. Back on his feet he shouted at the other fighters.

"Hey! Ice guy! Can you freeze those chains somehow?"
Running to the fences around the prairie, he tore a 6 foot steel bar off it and threw it at the iron masked woman's feet.
"We're gonna need a lot more than one chain if we want to stop him. Can you do something with that?"

Tearing off the bars, he took the mesh with him and started running up to the giant reaching him right before the chains snapped, jumping on the giant and wrapping the metal around his shoulders, grabbing both ends and twisting them together. The heat wasn't enough to melt iron but softened it quite significantly.
Looking at the others while still hanging onto the giant.
"Well, come on then! This isn't gonna hold forever!"

After saying those word he dropped back on his feet behind the giant, grabbed the giant by the waists, consolidated his footing and lifted him above his head and turning around pinned him face down.
"Get to it!"
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Oh crap!
Did the -ghost- -die again- because of him?
"There is some many wrong things with that question", Samir said, as he was lying some meters away from the explosion, still slightly stunned.
The ghost was nowhere to be seen, and by the time it took him to get to his feet, a lot of isolated attacks were made. Although those were useful to keep everyone alive and keep the giant beast distracted, they weren't going to do any good by themselves.

So, getting a little bit more away from the battle, Samir sat and started thinking.
"I need to think of something, fast. What could I do? The heat ring has reached its limit, right now I could probably melt stuff like him but I don't think it would work on that guy.
I've emptied my kinetic ring too, that means I might be able to defend myself from a direct physical attack but still, back to square one.
There's still enough moisture in the air to create more water but that would be only useful if I wanted to create steam or something close to it.
Then there's the last control ring, but I can't think of any ways to use it with the other rings."
While he was thinking, a woman with an iron mask went at it and tried to chain the beast. Her success was tempered with the fact that the links were being melted.
That's when a guy with a mask and, huh, fiery glowing eyes?

"What is going on! In what world did I fall in??"

"Hey! Ice guy! Can you freeze those chains somehow?"

Wait. Samir was the Ice guy?
Either way, he couldn't freeze anything right now, there was enough moisture in the air bu he had stored too much heat.
Moisture + heat!
"Ha! I can't freeze anything right now, hold on a second, or minute"

Samir focused on his heat and control rings, and started releasing heat everywhere above them, trying to warm the air at the highest point.

The fight was getting desperate, as the iron woman was trying to add more chain to the pinned beast.
Samir had to be careful to not rotate the rising warm air, he couldn't risk it in this place with the lakes not far away.
"Ha! Plenty of water now!".
Samir looked at his ring, fuchsia, he had exhausted the heat stored inside it.


He looked at the direction of the battle, and started forming water and sticking it to the chains that had managed to hold on. He immediately switched his focus on the fuchsia ring (but without releasing the white ring, allowing him to keep the water on the chains), and started absorbing the heat, thus freezing the chains.

edit: Anndgrim. I removed the excerpt below, in wait for a discussion.

 It took some time and all his focus, but they did appear: dark clouds.
They all spread surprisingly fast all above the park, with thunders beginning to sound not far away.

Then followed the rain.
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Ray watched as his light attack had left the giant momentarily stunned and the gathering people took advantage of the fact. However, he watched with increasing dread as the giant threw off pretty much all attacks, taking minor damage to his body in the process. I’m a fool, a conceited fool for ever thinking I was the only one with abilities beyond the human. he glanced down at his hands, which were still glowing with yellow light, and clenched his fists slowly. So many have gathered here to fight this bastard, and so far all I’ve got to show for it is a flash of light; surely I can do more than that. That giant clearly has some sort of heat based abilities, and if that is the case, I should be able to do something about that. At least I should be able to prevent him from melting any metal used to trap him. With that thought in mind, Ray activated his heat-based powers in his arms, running them from his fingers to his elbows; a red gaseous substance forming an aura as he did.

“I’m crazy.” He muttered to himself as he dashed forward, his body still shining with light energy. He saw that a man in a black mask had managed to knock the giant off his feet and was currently holding him pinned to the floor on his front. Ray also saw that the giant was already started to melt that metal that had been wrapped around him to hold him. Without waiting to make introductions, the current situation being as it was, Ray ran to stand at the head of the giant and raised his hands in front of him. “Leave this guy’s heat abilities to me!” as he shouted, the red gas surrounding his lower arms spread forward until it was enveloping both the giant, and the masked man on top of him.

I hope that masked man hasn’t got heat based powers. Ray thought suddenly as he tried to do something he had only done once before, and only briefly at that. C’mon Ray, it’s just like that time with the kettle; except this time it’s a guy who can blow things up on a whim and melt metal with his bare hands! What am I thinking? I can melt stuff with my bare hands! with a sudden burst of confidence, albeit of a low level, Ray concentrated on his task. I just need to siphon off the heat he’s using to melt the metal holding him, if I can do that, the others can capture him easier... or something. Ray thought desperately as he tried to get his ability to work.
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Nathan was surpised at the counterattack, but definitely not caught off-guard. The acid, when vaporized, had no effect either way so it didn't really matter if it had been bounced back at him. The gassious substance invisibly entered his body. Recycling was a good thing after all! "Eyes on the back of your head? heh." As nathan prepared his next attack, the metal girl jumped in and chained the giant The giant then got slammed into the ground, face down by the guy that had shown great speed before. Were his powers simple physical enhancements? Not that it mattered for now. This was Nathan's best chance.

As the giant was pinned down, he lunged for its throat. "It's been fun!" Nathan grabbed his neck as if he was choking it. But in reality he killed his cells though necrosis. This process might be a little slowed down by the giant's resilience, but would he be able to keep resisting? To be sure, Nathan manipulated his skin, making small pores that leaked a strong, concentrated acid. The sooner he could burn through his skin, the better. Nathan's grin widened. He had enough of this guy, he just wanted to go home now and disect this body while drinking a nice cup of earl grey tea. Was that so much to ask for? All he needed to do was to destroy anything under the skin. If he could even slightly touch the blood vessels in his neck or his airways, he would be done for. The pain of the giant's cells dying would be horrendous. But Nathan was sure he'd enjoy his screams. Would he scream, however?
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"This is all very unexpected."

Was one of the thoughts running through Frank's mind. He was surprised to see all these special ability users. All this time, it was something considered but thought to be unlikely. Then of course there was the unbelievable centre of today's events. His feats were quite hard to fathom.

Within the time he had spent observing the situation, Frank had come up with several methods of subduing the pyromaniac. All of which involved the help of the other special ability holders on sight. Right now his strengths would help halt the giants movements but he would not be able to take advantage of such an opportunity by himself. While the giant is immobolised the rest would take that chance to do something effective. However, right now it seems the big guy is already down.

"Let's not get complacent. I'll wait and see if further assistance is needed. Escape and I'll stop you in your tracks."

Frank thought as a grin grew on his face.
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The cloud of red mist was draining the heat out of the costumed man and with it, his strength, as his grip on the giant. Though the groups effort managed to contain him so far, it was clear that that flimsy a straitjacket wouldn't hold him very long. Even now the mesh was slowly ripping.
The necrotic cells were burning away while the lizard held his neck just barely slower than they appeared, the flames devouring the reptile's hand. Whether the giant was or was not capable of feeling pain remained a question as he did not show a single sign of suffering.
A new man had made his entrance on the field, but many were clearly too busy to notice his arrival.

As he was weakening, the costumed man lost control of the struggle and was no longer able to contain the giant's attempt at squirming out of his bonds.

Falling off, the costumed man "commanded" the others to help.
"Somebody hold him! We have to get him to the fence over there!" he said, pointing North. "Metal girl is the only one who wrap this gift up without having to melt the metal."
He was feeling light headed, but still proceeded to grab the giant and dragging him to the fence but he was quite a lot heavier than he looked, or had any right to be considering his, yet imposing size.
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Quickly getting the circus mans idea, she ran towards the fencing surrounding the park and started moulding it. First she created a large bowl, making the metal as thin as she could, she kept her left hand on the rim and moved the rest of the fence section into the bowl in liquid form. As long as she kept her hand there and concentrated it would keep its form. She moved onto the next section, dragging the bowl along with her. Realising this was going to take to long she yelled at the guy who was the latest arrival.
"Hey useless guy! Don't just stand there gawping, get over here and pass me these fences so I can add them to the 'pool'". The guy seemed slightly confused at first but complied in the end.

As the rest of the people struggled to keep the big guy secured and drag him over, Sarah and her little helper managed to get all the fencing into the bowl which was now full to the brim with liquid metal. The surface looked kind of like spilt petrol, various different metals were mixed together causing different colours to appear. With the help of the others the circus guy finally managed to drag the crazy musclehead towards where she was waiting. Sticking her hands into the bowl, Sarah pulled out the liquid metal as one giant molten ball. She opened up space between the molecules, making it light enough for her to carry. She pressed it onto the giants exposed side and motioned for the others to let go with one metal stained hand. She began twisting it around the giants body, tightening it as much as she could. She added layer after layer to make it thicker and stronger. Four short but thick chains with stakes at the end shot out as she finished the prison and hardened the metal. Finally, she changed the bowl into four large hammers. Holding two in each hand she turned to the others.
"Who wants to finish up?"
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Various swords and spears, large and small, still remained scattered about the area; remnants that had persisted even after the spirits' apparent destruction. One by one they began shaking themselves loose from the ground they'd been driven into and rose towards the sky. Amidst the spectacle, a silhouette could be seen forming and then suddenly exploded in a flash of light revealing Jen to have returned to the battlefield, sans armor however. "Not even death will deter the wrath of the divine from bringing your deserved end to fruition, murderous giant! The undeserved mercy has run its course; welcome your end with haste now."

As she spoke, the weapons that had risen each was then enveloped in light and transformed, expanding, and acquiring new forms. Floating alongside her now above the battle was a multitude of massive iron spikes and, with a wave of her arm, they flew, propelled by an unseen force, towards the ground and ran through the links of the thick chains Sarah had extending out from the prison she had built for the giant man, anchoring the whole thing solidly into the ground.

The ghost turned her gaze and attention towards Sarah and made to acquire her attention as well. "A quickly thought and cleverly impromptu means of imprisonment, miss. I hope you don't mind myself taking advantage of your work, though. This scuffle has gone on long enough after all."
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Ray’s heat absorbing mist seemed to have worked as he had intended, but was nowhere near as potent as he had planned. This meant that the giant was able to force his way out of the costumed man’s grip, springing back to his feet as he knocked aside some kind of lizard man who had had a grip around the giant’s throat. The costumed man had regained his footing and was shouting at everyone to help him force the giant over to a fence where the metal manipulating girl was stood. The costumed man jumped forward and latched on to the giant, pulling him towards the fence with impressive strength. The giant was still resisting though and Ray shook his head to rid himself of the fear of getting close.

“Screw it all.” He muttered and lunged forward to grapple the giant around the waist in a sort of tackle. As he did, he added heat to his light in order to prevent the giant from burning him out. With Ray on the front pushing with all his might, and the increased strength of the costumed man pulling on him from behind, the giant was soon in a suitable place for the girl to act. Luckily the giant hand been focusing on the costumed man’s grip, meaning although his great strength brushed Ray’s back, no real damage was done to him.

The girl jumped in with some kind of metal ball in her hand and pushed it on to the giant’s side, gesturing for everyone to get out of the way. Ray did so without hesitation, jumping back to make sure he was out of reach of the giant. He did, however, keep the heat around his body; he didn’t want the giant killing him with a fiery explosion. The girl manipulated the metal around the giant and soon enough, he was wrapped in layers of the stuff, while four chains shot out with stakes ready to be driven into the ground while the girl held hammers aloft.

Ray didn’t try to take one of the hammers but it soon became clear that no one would have to as a voice rang out from above them. Ray looked up to see some kind of apparition floating in the sky with a numerous amount of weapons floating around it. What it blazes…? he thought as the weapons changed to spikes and were driven into the chain links, fastening it to the ground. The ghost then floated down and stopped next to the metal manipulating girl and spoke confidently to her.

Now that the giant looked contained, Ray let out a breath of red mist and let the heat dissipate from his body; making sure to keep his light shining, however. As he did so, he dropped to a sitting position on the ground with his legs out straight and resting against his hands behind him. Ray then looked around at the gathered people with powers beyond the human. “So…anyone want to explain what the hell happened today?”
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The costumed man stopped moving for a few seconds, his head inclined as if trying to hear something. Turning towards Ray he simply muttered "Long story." before changing tone as  he looked at the people around him.
"The cavalry is coming. Late, of course."

Not seeing any reaction in the people in front of him he added:
"The cavalry is coming and they're not here to ask questions. They're gonna fire on sight and you can forget about your secret identity if you stay here to have a chat. The place is likely surrounded and you won't make it past the blockade alone so you need to stick together up till then. You're going to have to lose them for a while. Find a place that no one will see you enter and has a direct access to a crowded area and use it to change in your civies and mix in with the crowd.