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Announcements / Shutting Down on 6/30
« on: June 15, 2021, 05:24:33 pm »
Hello Friends,

It's been a long time since I actively did anything, both for the site or with the community.

I'm attempting to consolidate servers to reduce my overhead, and since the version of SMF is ancient it wouldn't be a simple matter of migrating to a new box.

As such, I'm planning to shut down the servers at the end of the month.

I apologize for any trouble this causes, and wish the best to everyone who was marooned here for as long as it stood.


Casey DeLorme

Announcements / StartSSL No Longer Trusted
« on: February 22, 2017, 07:52:56 pm »

I haven't been very involved lately, but I figure that doesn't mean I have to take down the site just yet.

Our former ssl certificate provider changed hands and stopped being trusted by numerous browsers.

I have switched us to [SSL For Free]( as a temporary measure, but it needs to be renewed every 90 days.

Just letting everyone know that's why the site didn't work for a few days, and why the site may stop working in a few months if I forget to renew again.

Eventually I'll find time to automate renewal, but that is far from a priority for me at this time.


Announcements / Temporary Outage Tonight
« on: February 17, 2015, 10:28:25 am »
Hello Everyone.

Tonight (2/17/2015) the forums will undergo a temporary outage between 10PM EST and 12PM EST as our server is relocated.

During this time the forum itself may be visible but any posts made will be lost.

Afterwards, if you encounter any problems with the site and have cleared your local cache, please let me know.

Announcements / Project Status: Active
« on: December 27, 2014, 01:05:52 am »
# Hello Everybody,

I hope the holiday season finds you well.  I have good news!

First, having finished a number of other priorities I've finally begun actively focusing on [``](  The source code is public and you are welcome to get involved if you'd like.  At the moment I'm still hashing out the details and creating copious documentation.  I do not expect to begin adding any beefy code to the project for at least a couple more weeks.

My goal over the next week is going to be identifying all of the major requirements for an alpha-release, which should be as bare-bones as possible.  Since we are on a schedule, I want to have it built by the end of January.  Then I want to fix bugs and prepare a migration plan for a beta release, which will likely be the end of ``.

The domain currently points to a placeholder page, and I plan to begin writing some tests by next weekend that I will use the domain to run.  It will not resemble the website until we get closer to the alpha release deadline.

I don't expect to have any truly spectacular features until after the beta-release, since my goal right now is replacing what we have with something better.  Once the beta is released I'll be able to quickly integrate new features on a more regular schedule.

## I'd like to ask a favor

If you have time to [review the documentation](, and see things that are missing, I'd like you to let me know using the [issue tracker](  If you are interested in volunteering to test things out, let me know; I'd be happy to have your support.

I also have a number of concerns I'd like to pose, some are related to feature decisions and others to restrictions that I haven't found a good solution to yet.

One of the major goals of the new system was to create a karma system that handed over control to our members by allowing them to vote their own administrators and moderators into power.  However, developers will have server access which supersedes the karma system, and I had thought to create a developer group with admin privileges that operates outside the karma system for testing purposes.  I realize this isn't exactly the fair situation I was hope for, so _my question is whether this would annoy anyone, and if so whether they have an alternative they can suggest._

While I plan to implement statistics, I am wondering how many of you care about fancy charts?  Also, what stats you'd be most interested in seeing?  At the moment I have a very limited idea of what to capture, and how to use it.  Suggestions in this area would be awesome.

As you are all likely aware, uploads on the current site have never worked.  While I want to allow uploads with the new system, I am not sure whether I want to restrict things such as size and type.  Leaving these untethered might open up the system for abuse and could just create extra work for moderators and administrators.  Do you agree?  What would you consider appropriate restrictions for file uploads?

During earlier discussions I had mentioned a flexible system that allowed "regional controls", such as local moderation and banning around specific boards.  With the new tag based system and the ability to add and remove tags as any user, there is no longer a way to police this feature.  Does anyone care, or have alternative suggestions?  If the only moderation permissions are globally applied will this intimidate anyone (members and moderators alike)?

I'm sure I'll come up with more things to ask as I continue working through these, but if you have answers to any of those I'd appreciate it.

Announcements / We now have HTTPS
« on: November 10, 2014, 10:49:01 pm »
Hello everybody,

Recently found myself doing some maintenance on the server and decided to finally throw up an ssl key.  This addition should secure our login a bit better than throwing plaintext over the network.

**It does mean that some browsers (especially firefox) may complain about profile images.  If your profile image, avatar image, signature image or otherwise is not using an `https` prefix, then you should probably switch it.  Most modern file hosts have https.**

I have forced non-https to redirect to https, but if this creates a problem please feel free to shoot me a private message, email, or nasty-gram and I can make it optional.

For those wondering about the new system, I have been working on some core components of the new site system, not much to show yet, but the project is underway.

Cheers all~

Announcements / keeping the floor open
« on: September 25, 2014, 02:09:49 pm »
conclusion first

This is the tl;dr version

Our current site is not going anywhere for a year, and in that year I want to build a new platform that meets your approval.

My plan is to use the winning domain name for a new website platform.  This will include a splash page, a blog to announce progress, and hopefully within a reasonable time-frame a first-release that is user-friendly enough to demonstrate.

who are we

In light of recent events I have decided to re-open our domain poll with some new options:


I also wish to bring two big decisions to the communities attention regarding our current site.  One is not within control of the community, the other is.

I spoke with the owner of our server a month ago.  He is a close friend and freelance partner.  We had a long discussion and decided that we want to remove php from his servers.  He has notified all of his tenants to either find a new server, or migrate to a system that does not use php.  He has given a deadline of one year.

This means in one year, we will have to move off php, or find a new server.  I have already made the decision to get us a new server.  We have it now, through DigitalOcean.

However, I have been planning to build a custom platform for some time.  I have no love for SMF and do not want the job of migrating it to a new server.  My decision on this will depend on your voices, and you will have roughly a year to convince me if you think sticking with SMF is the right choice.

new platform

As you may be aware from some of my own posts, I have been working towards this for about two years now: http://www.seaofnum...dex.php?topic=4848.0

On a related note, the host of our former community, King, has returned.  To avoid any surprises, I am going to summarize recent events.

King contacted me and asked if I had a plan for rebuilding.  He shared his own detailed proposal, including technologies, services, and features.  I happened to have a very similar list that I send to him.

We talked out the different technologies, merged service and feature ideas, and have come out with what appears to be a very solid plan for a new website.

Our final plans include some major talking points:

- uses brand new technology, will be simpler, faster, and more efficient
- a communications platform where authority is controlled by the community
- catering towards features our community in particular finds important

Announcements / who are we
« on: September 25, 2014, 02:09:27 pm »
We will be moving within a year, and I wanted to once again open dialog on our domain.

I have provided three options.  The winner of our former poll, our current address, or our former address.

I still own, and plan to keep it pretty much forever.  I have no problems keeping our forums at that address, if everyone has any attachment to it and thinks we should stay at this address.

The address was the winner of our former poll, and many had amusing ideas on how we could style and theme the site.  I would be happy to grab that domain for our future project.

With King's return we have access to our old domain if we wish to rekindle our community using it, and he has offered this as an option.

Keep in mind that we can point multiple addresses to our website, but it will effect how google finds us, more domains is bad for search results.

You can change your vote.  Please discuss your opinions here.  Providing justification for your choice may help convince others.

Announcements / Chatbox Bugfix
« on: May 23, 2014, 04:01:57 pm »
I think I have found the bug, and fixed the chatbox.  Users experiencing an empty chatbox on mobile devices or new tabs should no-longer have this problem.  I'd like anyone using the site to try refreshing to be sure, and of course to reply if you are still experiencing problems.

When I wrote the chat code originally, I tried to reduce load by taking advantage of SharedWorkers, a newer javascript feature.  The only browsers that supported it were Chrome and Opera, and FireFox must have just added support with a different implementation, which broke the functionality.

I disabled SharedWorkers, which may affect server load but should address the breaking problems.

Announcements / Upcoming Host or System Transfer
« on: May 15, 2014, 01:40:00 am »
Hi Everyone,

Recently my host informed me that he is looking to drop PHP.  That's bad because SMF runs on PHP.

It could also be good because the options are:

- Buy my own VPS
- Switch to a newer technology

Many of the newer technologies out there have requirements that I'd rather run by everyone first.

One such example is WebSockets.  These don't work on IE9 or earlier.

If possible I would like everyones opinions over the next week to help make a decision.

Announcements / Server Migration and Temporary Outage
« on: March 22, 2014, 03:33:45 pm »
We are moving servers and will experience a short outage between 11PM EST and 1AM EST (2014-3-22 - 2014-3-23).  If at that time you do have access to the site, any new threads, posts, system changes, or chat messages may be lost in the migration.

I will supply an update here when the migration is complete.

Ideas & Suggestions / Forum Status
« on: December 03, 2013, 10:24:52 pm »
It was requested in another thread that I begin sharing my status openly and unfiltered.  This post contains links to all personal projects currently on my plate, including the new forum system.  I will also follow-up with a brief summary of progress on the forum system.

I keep copies of my projects on [bitbucket](  I chose bitbucket because they support private repositories, which I use for many projects that are not ready for public consumption.  The rest are fair-game for contributors and mirrors are on [github](

Consider this a call-to-arms for any willing developers, as I will gladly accept pull requests that align with the goals of my projects.

List of Personal Projects:

- [comprehensive system documentation & automation scripts](https://bitbucket.o...delorme/system-setup)
- [linux dot files](
- [unnamed free and open source forum software](
- [jquery slideshow plugin](https://bitbucket.o...ery-slideshow-plugin)
- [file deduplication program](https://bitbucket.o...lorme/level6_project)
- [linux torrent server](
- [file deduplication system](https://bitbucket.o...lorme/level6_project)
- [image management system](
- [mactubes cross platform port](
- [cross platform file system](

I also have projects unrelated to code, such as my xen server which I have spent over a year experimenting with.  I am working on building a second one to replace the current one, which will allow me to run tests on a second machine without breaking my current one.  This has been the source of a lot of downtime in development for me over the past 6 months.

While it is not on my list yet, I also intend to build project management software, more specifically time tracking tools that are less complicated than most of what's out there today.


As for my personal status, I recently finished my college degree.  The last two years I have spent hitting the books with an average of 20 credit hours per quarter (not semester), which is the equivalent of a 60 hour work week.

On September 23rd I drove over 650 miles from my home, family, and friends to start a new job, with only a car load of equipment.  I just managed to get the rest of my things two weeks ago.  My apartment is also still fairly unfurnished.  So, since graduation I have been moderately busy with moving and getting adjusted to working.

Almost all of my spare time has, or is, going towards learning new languages, related tools, reverse engineering existing software, or experimenting with new operating systems.  Here is a complete list of everything I have familiarized myself with over the last year (which is to say spent anywhere from 2 to 5000 hours with):

- [nodejs](
- [golang](
- [Gtk3](
- [python](

- [jade](
- [ejs](
- [graphics magick](
- [image magick](
- [gd](

- [git](
- [git-flow](

- [xen](
- [debian](
- [arch](
- [fedora](

- [linux kernel](
- [puppet](
- [vagrant](

- [rtorrent](
- [mactubes](http://macapps.saku...ctubes/index_en.html)

The above list does not account for theories or development practices that are not covered by individual technologies.  This includes a myriad of design patterns, and loads of general best practices for varying technologies and configurations.

**I expect that by January I will have over 20 spare hours a week to work on personal projects, however until then I may be pressed for time (holiday seasons are ripe with travel, family, and expenses, which kill my focus).**


As for the status of the forum project, what you see in the documentation from the first list is only a fraction of the total amount of work and notes that has been placed into the project.  During the final quarter of college I built 40% of the actual system in PHP, but it had architectural flaws stemming from the way php operates and the intentions I had for the final product.  Instead of trying to adjust the system to work with php I determined that it was not the "right tool for the job".

You can find a compressed copy of this project, including an ERD and oodles of the original php documentation [here](

Over the past few years I have learned much more about available technologies, and decided that nodejs would be a lighter and cleaner choice, with way more flexibility going forward.  I spent a few weeks comparing options for template systems, something we will need to make theming easy.  I have been exploring dozens of other tools that may help improve the site, while at the same time mapping out the many ideas I want to see implemented in the new forum.

I am still new when it comes to large project architecture, and despite being an information technology graduate I never took a course in that specific subject.  So I hope you will all continue to demonstrate the same patience you have over the last year as I learn how to put the peices together.

I apologize if my progress seems lethargic or lazy, as I am trying my best to move forward.  Thank you for your continued support, and for being a part of this community.


Casey DeLorme

Announcements / Outtage this Morning
« on: September 03, 2013, 10:19:19 am »
Hey All,

Our server had updates last night that I wasn't aware of and nobody checked that things were working til just now.

It was an unexpected outage.  Sorry about that, site is back up and running.

Games / FFXIV A Realm Reborn Beta
« on: July 07, 2013, 04:45:48 am »

Roughly two weeks ago I was accepted into the beta, but I was rebuilding my gaming platform, hence my absence for the past week.

I have a rather complex computer situation, so that has me tied up more than anything, but I was wondering if anyone else here has been invited to the FF14 beta.

I managed to get my system partially functional again and gave it a spin two days ago.  So far I really enjoy it, the UI is a bit complex but it handles extremely well with a controller (Using an XBox controller on PC).  I have not tried the PC controls, but I believe they are more complex (and more capable of course).

The game itself plays fluidly on max settings for me, and unlike the tragedy that was the original FF14 this ones menus are both incredibly responsive as well as intuitive.  The combat system is very fast paced, and everything about the game thus far has been a good experience.  The only negative I can think of thus far is I haven't had any need to join a group of people, which in my eyes is a great thing.  At the same time it defeats a lot of the point of an MMO.

In any event, if anyone has joined and wants to team up let me know.  I am on the Gilgamesh server.

Requests / Banner Request
« on: May 23, 2013, 08:42:48 pm »

I would like to request a banner.

Don't get too excited though, it will be for development so nothing fancy or special is required, but I am not against it either.

There are special size requirements:

120 Pixels in height, this is a fixed size.
Width is variable with a minimum of 1024px.  By variable I do not mean stretched, but clipped.


Image of 1600 pixels width, monitor of 1280 pixels width, website settings are to use 86% so it will display approx. 1100.8 pixels starting from the left, clipping the content on the right.  In general this means characters or writing depicted past 1024px may disappear and should be setup in such a way that it does not appear awkward when clipped, if at all possible.

The theme of the site is our forum, the color scheme is called SunBurst, and an accessible copy of the site is here, though I would rather nobody tampers with it while I am still building.  I will be releasing a development copy specifically for abuse later on our current domain.

If anyone is willing to give this a shot it would be appreciated.


I forgot to add, the preferred format would be png with transparency and less color loss, but jpg or high quality gif would work fine, again it is for development.

Announcements / Host Maintenace
« on: May 10, 2013, 07:24:29 pm »
Hey Guys,

Last weekend Debian Wheezy released, and our host is going to upgrade plus add a bunch of new backend tools.

As a result, between this evening and the weekend expect a short downtime or possible loss of data if you are posting.  The update itself will only take about an hour, but the database migration may not be live.


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