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General Discussion / Re: Soul Eater: Sid
« on: November 07, 2014, 02:25:47 am »
is a zombie clearly  Or magic
Actaulyl no wait Sid Was a Zombie in soul eater but in NOT he wasnt so stein made him a zombie i belive

You  misunderstood the problem. Sid died in NOT, but he is shown alive in Soul Eater. You can see him alive at 14:52 in episode 3 (the one I posted). NOT is happening one year before Soul Eater, thus Sid shouldn't be live in Soul Eater (he should be a zombie)... so the question is: why is he shown alive and not as a zombie in Soul Eater episode 3 at 14:52?

Though I think I have figured it out... the time frame of NOT and Soul Eater seem to overlap... so it seems that Soul Eater ep. 3 is supposedly before NOT ep 10... Still quite messed up, doesn't look like the author intended to make a clear time line.

General Discussion / Re: Winter 2015 Anime
« on: November 03, 2014, 01:34:33 pm »
Woot! Some promising ones out there.

General Discussion / Re: Soul Eater: Sid
« on: October 28, 2014, 06:34:37 am »
I myself havent seen the original soul eater but i have seen soul eat not. If i remember correctly sid was a zombie in the original?

Not in episode 3. Soul Eater and Black Star run up to him to ask who took the Anubis mission.

Soul Eater (SUB) - 3 - The Perfect Young Man...

You can see it here at 14:52

General Discussion / Soul Eater: Sid
« on: October 27, 2014, 02:07:20 pm »
Hey all, been a while!

I just finished watching Soul Eater Not, and there
Sid dies in the 10th episode... however Sid is shown to be live in Soul Eater episode 3... (since Not takes place a year before Soul Eater this seems to be a mistake)
Does anyone know if this is a mistake or is there some explanation that anyone has heard of? I did a search and no one had an answer to this.

Videos / Shimura Ken
« on: January 23, 2014, 12:44:04 pm »
In case anyone hasn't seen this I figured I would post it. I thought it was pretty funny. This one is Good and Bad Ninja.

Shimura ken-the good and the idiot ninja

Here are a few other ones I liked:

ドリフ サウナでヤクザに遭遇?

Here is some quality airport security:

Super Funny Japanese Parody of TSA Airport Security Hilarious.mp4

General Discussion / Re: Japan International Order Services
« on: January 20, 2014, 10:52:05 pm »
Even though this topic is a bit old, I will add this in case anyone will be looking through this:

If up plan to use a 'middle man' be ready to pay a shitload. Not only will you be paying for the item, for it to be shipped to someone else, you will also be paying the middle man and for it to ship to you, so the price will usually be three times or even more than the actual price of the item. I have looked at many of these services, but luckily I haven't had to use them since I was able to find other places that would ship overseas. My best advice for people looking at this service is that you should first check if there are any other places that have the item. Amazon Japan for example doesn't ship many of the items outside of Japan, but there are sellers on there that will. Ebay is also a good place. Google searches may yield some small site that sells the item you are looking for and ship outside of Japan. Finally some sites are willing to get items for you if they don't have them, they will charge you a premium but it will usually be less than using a middle man.

The only reason I see for using a middle man is if you absolutely can't find an item anywhere, and for whatever reason the other sites don't want to get it for you, and the price is not really an issue. But in a case like that it really makes me wonder what you are trying to get.

General Discussion / Re: The Gamer
« on: January 19, 2014, 04:35:28 am »
That is just f***ing hilarious.


I just finished reading chapter 20 and this is very good. The first chapter seemed like just a funny idea, but I am liking where this is going. Thanks for sharing Xtorr. A shame there are only 20 chapters so far.

General Discussion / Re: Hunter x Hunter manga ended?
« on: January 16, 2014, 01:53:00 am »
if he keeps up this pace, with all the loose ends there are now, the manga should come to a logical conclusion in about 100 years.

General Discussion / Re: Hunter x Hunter manga ended?
« on: January 15, 2014, 03:21:16 pm »
It's Wikipedia. Check animenewsnetwork and similar more trusted sources.

animenewsnetwork is no better, it says:  Number of tankoubon: 26, where it is actually 32 right now. I hope HxH doesn't turn into another beet the vandal buster. That manga is on hiatus since 2006 (and at this point it is unlikely to continue since it has been so long).

It isn't over, it's just on hiatus. It's been like this for over a year. The mangaka, Togashi Yoshihiro, has history of taking long breaks, we just have to wait. :(

Also the fanbase has taken some liberties in renaming the series to Hiatus x Hiatus, it's a very fitting title.

It is a bit confusing why he is pulling the cat by the balls like this, he should either continue or end it already. His hiatus are longer than the amount of time he's not on hiatus.

General Discussion / Hunter x Hunter manga ended?
« on: January 15, 2014, 01:56:16 am »
I was checking wikipedia and it says hunter x hunter ended. It says original run: March 3, 1998 – March 15, 2012 (if a manga hasn't ended it says ongoing). Is that really the case does anyone know? I did a quick search on it and didn't find anyone explicitly saying the manga has ended. If this is really the end then this is the most anticlimactic ending I have seen in a manga to date .

General Discussion / Lounging kangaroo deemed too hot for Facebook
« on: August 20, 2013, 09:05:20 pm »
Tourism Australia posted a picture of 'Big Baz' on their Facebook page, but drew complaints after their picture pixelated the animal's genitals

Tourism staff in Australia have caused anger by deciding to censor a picture of a kangaroo posted on Facebook.

Tourism Australia posted a picture of 'Big Baz' on their Facebook page, but drew complaints after their picture pixelated the animal's genitals.

Dozens of Facebook users were angry the photographed had been censored, despite Tourism Australia intending the picture to be a light-hearted joke.

The caption on their Facebook image read: 'Enjoying a lazy afternoon at Featherdale Wildlife Park *Censored for Facebook.'

The picture showed the kangaroo relaxing on the grass at Featherdale Wildlife Park.'

One Facebook fan, Martyn Hobbins, wrote: 'How utterly pathetic. Censored for Facebook. You have just lost ALL my respect. I shall now remove the link to you, goodbye. Oh, and grow up.

'I was brought up in my teens in Australia. You do not represent the Australia I knew and loved.'

Another user, Natasha Duncan, added: 'It's ridiculous that the reproductive organs of an animal are blurred out. How many sickos out there think this is sexual. Society sickens me.'

A Tourism Australia spokesperson said: 'Anybody who's familiar with our Facebook page knows we like to have bit of fun with our posts and when Featherdale Wildlife Park sent us this cracker of a photo we just couldn't resist sharing it with our fans - in all of its magnificent glory. Or nearly all!'

Sorry you just completely lost me calling the ant arc filler your missing out on so much not reading it. I have never met one Hunter X Hunter fan that would make such a statement.

It is the best arch of the series and is FULL OF DETAILS on the Hunter X Hunter association and characters.  President Netero background and family life is covered and even some shared past on Killua's Zoldyck family revealed. The Zodiacs are covered and we finally learn Ging's true motivation.

First of all I am not sure why you keep assuming that I didn't read or watch something... I have never said anything to signify that. I have read and watched all there is in HxH manga/anime.

I called Ant arc a filler arc because it deviates from the natural flow of the story. Right before the Ant arc you have to agree that the story and the characters are well established, so this is the natural point to start working on resolving the literary conflict that were already created in the story. Instead Togashi went off on a tangent with the Ant arc. The Ant arc is not dealing with any of the established literary conflicts, it is more of a detour in the story. Those details you mention that are found in the Ant arc are trivial, they could have been easily put anywhere else, the Ant arc is not critical to have for that.

To me the Ant arc seemed like Togashi didn't know how he wants to develop the main story or any of the other important character's stories like Killua, Kurapika... so he simply stalled by making a HxH version of the Cell Saga from DBZ. Or he just wanted to make the franchise last longer at the time of making that arc.

My number one problem with the Ant arc, is that if Togashi plans to end HxH in the near future (as he said) he should really be working on the loose ends he already created (of which there are tons), but he just made an irrelevant arc about Ants.

(even the OVA 2 and Greed Island OVA episodes have more detail, and they have lower quality art in the old one).

More detail LMAO this killed me literally you havent actually watched the greed island arch have you there is no on earthly way this cardboard cut out comes a ant hill close to the new anime  http://www.animesea...ter-2011-episode-70/

and there was a ton of filler in the old anime and ovas which is why the new one started off with a fast pace it left non manga material out it is more faithful than the old. I love the old anime but after the phantom troupe arch which is amazing in both versions there is no comparison. Especially now that where at the chimera ant arch

You took my quote out of context there... I said right before that "the old one has more detailed art in general". Obviously there are places where the new one has better art particularly when it comes to OVA, but all in all the I think the old one has more detailed art. For example, even in GI OVA:

The new one:

When it comes to filler, I don't think that the old Hunter x Hunter has much filler, all of the episodes at the very least helped develop the main characters, so I wouldn't call it filler. They are not like that Bleach or Naruto filler that is totally pointless, it's just there to take up the time. Like that boat part in the old HxH, it is there to introduce the characters that are in the "hunting" part of the exam. This way the story is more engaging.

In the manga at least I thought the Ant arc was terrible. It is really a filler arc since it has nothing to do with the main story or any of the side stories of the other characters... and to be honest I don't even know why Togashi stuck it in there, since in one of the interviews he said that he is looking to end HxH in the near future... and seeing how there are a ton of loose ends in the story as it is, maybe he should have been working on tying up those loose ends instead of making filler arcs.

Which one do you think is better, the new Hunter X Hunter or the old one? Some people say that they like the new one better, but to be honest I think in the new one they are cutting corners quite a bit, the old one has more detailed art in general (even the OVA 2 and Greed Island OVA episodes have more detail, and they have lower quality art in the old one). Also the characters in the old one have more depth since they took more time to draw expressions.

(Would be nice if we could get a poll for this)

General Discussion / Re: General Discussion Thread
« on: June 16, 2013, 08:47:55 pm »
I was able to find my join date on INP: 02-10-2008

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