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Re: These Bloody Streets--A Decisive Battle! --IC--
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Since Jin was walking away from the strange fellow, he didn’t see him receive the car full on and fall back broken. He also didn’t see him stand up again as if he had never been hit by a car, and when the man shouted he just frowned and continued walking away.  With his back still showing, he couldn’t see the man decided to throw one of his swords at him. What he did notice, however, was when the sword stuck him on the back of the head with the handle, dropping to the snowy ground with a silent thud. This finally got Jin’s attention and he turned around slowly to look again at the man. Jin looked down at the sword and slipped his foot under the blade, causally flicking it into the air, catching it with his own blade, spinning it around for a second, and then launching it back to its owner. It landed on its side, sliding to a stop directly in front of the man.

“Ok, now you’ve got my attention you ****er.” Jin said with a clear scowl.

Jin didn’t plan on being polite, so as the man bent down to retrieve his weapon, Jin burst forward with a sudden ferocity, sending a wave of snow behind him as he moved. With man whipped up in surprise but Jin suddenly hit the brakes, and sent a second wave of snow directly at his opponent, obscuring his view of Jin. He accelerated again and brought his sword back and swung forward laterally, with an aim to sever the man at his waist; the snow acting as a visual shield.


Nyx’s attack was on a level that Michael hadn’t been expecting from the Autumn Fae, it was quite incredible to him. The fire mage knew that she was of a similar power level to the Spring Fae Jayden, and he knew pretty much exactly how powerful the Guardian was and how much trouble Matthew would have with dealing with him, but he was currently unaware of her specific abilities. He had tried to investigate the Autumn Fae before, but he had found dead ends in all directions. When he started his campaign against Ezralda, before Ryuzaki had called upon him, he had put his investigation on hold. But with a fine specimen in front of him, his analytical mind immediately started to catalogue her powers and abilities in his organised brain.

This was all happening on an unconscious level as Michael was busy preventing himself from being eaten down into a skeleton. The wispy black substance surrounded him but with a small ring of flame around his feet, he had created a little bubble of protection. Flame had many connotations in the world, and as the son of the prime fire elemental, Michael had the knowledge of all of them and which ones were correct. It was in this battle, against Nyx’s death wisp, that he was glad that one particular aspect of fire was completely true; fire was a symbol of rebirth and regeneration. This meant that as the death wisp ate away the flame, the flame itself immediately restored itself, leaving Michael himself unharmed. However, this was taking pretty much all of his concentration and he couldn’t spare any of the power for Reason’s protection; he hoped the many-blood could hold her own for a couple of minutes.

With Reason in his mind, he decided the best way to help her would be to switch from defensive to offensive, regardless of her belief of one-on-one battles. Michael raised his hands in front of him, about waist height, and the circle of fire that had only been swirling directly around his feet suddenly expanded to about 10 feet in diameter with him at the centre. The death wisp was constantly fighting the dome of flame that now covered Michael, but it held its own. With a flash of light, lines of flames appeared in the circle, forming the flame pentagram beneath Michael’s feet. Michael himself held out his hand and with a swirl of flame, his wooden staff appeared in his hand. He stepped backwards and placed the staff in the centre of the symbol, where it stood unaided.

With that done, five circles of flame appeared at each point of the pentagram, like gateways into infinite fire, and started spinning slowly on the spot. Michael then sent telepathic waves out from his location, protecting the magical waves from any interrupting with fire traps that would attack anything or anyone that tried to listen. T

Reason, I hope one of these waves hits you or things will get painful for you pretty soon. I need some time to charge to charge a particular attack that should render Nyx pretty usless. You need to keep her busy for 3 minutes and then shut off any access to Fairy magic you may be using, you mixed blood should then protect you.

With the message sent, regardless of whether Reason received it or not, Michael waved his hand in front of him and 5 alter candles appeared out of the five circles of fire on the points of the pentagrams. They were hefty, large items, about 4 feet tall of metal with another foot of thick white candle. The wicks were lit and each flame held a different shade of red; from blood to near-pink. As if a wind had suddenly guested inwards, the five flames all bent towards the centre before swirling from the candles and connecting in the centre, directly above Michael’s staff. The five colours mixed without merging and formed a sphere of fiery energy that swirled with the different shades.

Michael stepped forward and placed his hand on the sphere and felt the turmoil of the flames he had summoned. Directly from the realm of the fire elementals, these flames were gifted to him by his father to programme and manipulate as he wished. He had tuned them to attack Fairy blood as soon as Ezralda’s plan of Fairy conquest had become clear. The sphere seemed to focus around his hand as he accessed the magic to activate the spell, hoping that Reason had recieved his message and could follow its requests.


It was clear to Jinkama as much as it was apparently clear to his opponent, Willow. They were incompatible as opponents, likely a prolonged battle between the two of them would last weeks. Jinkama frowned but he couldn’t think about it for too long before the stabbing pain in his arm and leg brought him back to his current situation. Willow was currently using her power to link to the purple ‘wounds’ and raise the pain levels to a higher level, nearly too high for Jinkama to withstand while keeping a smile wide on his face. When Willow finished speaking, Jinkama focused back onto her face.

“You’re **** right I would. Unless it was directed at my friends of course.” He added as an apparent afterthought. “But you know what, I am pretty rich, and I don’t really have enough time to finish this fight, as painful as it is for me to say such a thing.” He sighed and closed his eyes for a second before returning his gaze to Willow. “You’re one of the very few people I’ve met who’ve had the same ability to show off as I do, and that’s saying something. Add your pretty face to the mix and your offer to come and join me, and the team, is very tempting.” He raised his unaffected arm to rub his chin as though in deep thought.

“You know what? How about it? I’ll double the price Ezralda is paying you and you and I can have a lovely chat about what the witch is up to. In case you don’t believe me, here is a show of faith.” Ignoring the searing pain in his purple affected limbs, he raised his arms wide. With a flash of golden light, the aura surrounding his body disappeared and with another flash, his Hue followed suite. “Now you have to ask yourself an important question; do you trust me?” he smiled genuinely at Willow, his question hanging in the air between them.


Arafel was currently knelt next to the frozen body of Ellie, his smoky black Time Magic seeping into her body from all directions. Zane was perched against the wall next to the door that led out to the battle filled street, his eyes glancing back at Arafel and Ellie every other second. Arafel could feel his stare but he concentrated on his task, ignoring it as much as he could. Just as he was about to turn around and tell Zane to keep his eyes on the street outside, his magic flared wildly moments before the ice disappeared from Ellie completely. Arafel smiled, glad his attempt had worked, but before he could turn to tell Zane, the young man was already pushing past him.

“Ellie!” he called desperately, dropping to his knees by her side and resting a hand against the side of her face. It was warm to the touch, as if she had never been frozen. “Ellie, can you hear me?” her eyes were closed but Zane could see her chest rising and falling. He left his hand on her cheek and lifted his other hand to clasp around the necklace he wore. Unlike when she was frozen, the magical item was pulsing with her energy; she was alive.

“She won’t awaken for a couple of hours I suspect.” Arafel said from behind Zane, looking slightly tired. “I had to reverse the effect by turning back her body; technically she’s a couple of hours younger. It means her body has to recharge to catch up.” Zane nodded but his eyes were still locked on Ellie’s sleeping face. Arafel paused and raised a hand in front of him, lowering his own eyes to stare out it. “I also turned her mind back; she’ll never know she was frozen.”

This comment caught Zane’s attention and he spun to face Arafel, only to see his raised hand pointing in his direction, palm towards him with the fingers extended. “What?”  he managed as a burst of Time Energy in the form of a thin spike shot forward, aiming at his forehead.

Zane’s years of training kicked in and it told him that he wasn’t fast enough to dodge the spike. But then he activated the large diamond in his chest and he was no longer knelt on the floor but was crouched across the room, staring at Arafel from behind and looking completely different. He was covered from head-to-toe in some sort of silvery metal, liquid-looking but clearly solid. There were no separate sections; it was all one piece with a diamond shape engraved on each shoulder, each forearm, and a larger one in the centre of his chest. Around his waist were raised sections forming a segmented belt-look and a number of raise rectangles around his lower leg formed the top of his ‘boots’. His head was covered in a helmet that conformed to the shape of his head with the exception of keeping a blank faceplate, interrupted only by a single indent running down the right hand side, over where the eye was underneath.

“What the hell are you doing?” Zane’s voice said, no movement coming from him to indicate it was him speaking.

“I’m sorry Zane, I need you out of the picture. I saved Ellie; I was hoping you’d be co-operative.” Arafel replied, dropping his hands to his side and turning to face Zane.

“You’ve betrayed Ryuzaki.” Zane’s voice said, his body stock still. “You’re not really on his side, are you?”

“I am, believe me or not.” Arafel replied. “But really, it’s time for you to sleep.”

Zane didn’t say anything else and darted forward quickly, aiming to tackle Arafel. But the Time mage was ready for the attack and raised his hands in front of him, creating a large Time Gear that completely covered Zane. Zane felt it touch him and suddenly he had no control over his movements as he moved at a snail’s pace. Arafel danced around his slow-moving body and touched the back of his neck. Instantly Zane was back to normal, his silvery armour gone, and he collapsed to the floor unconscious.

Arafel sighed and summoned a ball of Time Energy with indented squares all around it; the key to his mansion. He dropped it between Zane and Ellie and the two bodies were sucked into the sphere before the sphere itself zipped out of existence. “I’m sorry, but I really need do this.” He said to no-one before he walked up to the doorway, the sound of battle not far from the building he was in. “I suppose it better be her next.” He muttered to himself.


Upon destruction of the two golems he had created, Jensen used his next set of attacks to test Coldsnap’s abilities. He still wasn’t exactly sure what the man could do but he knew that finding out would probably be good for him. He also didn’t want to strain his Creation power to much to start with; he needed to warm it up before he could anything spectacular with it. When Coldsnap launched a large amount of freezing water in their direction, Jensen reacted quickly to protect both himself and the two girls who were currently perched behind him.

He turned his body sideways to the water, his right side facing the water, and raised his right hand at the water. Appearing out of thin air, a wall of thick stone carved into a plough-type shape with thin metal ridges running along it at bending angles dissipated the impact force of the wave by spreading it over a larger area. At the same time as he did this, he raised his left hand and created a translucent half-dome around Elizabeth and Ariel to protect them from any water that made it over his barrier. What he failed to notice was Coldsnap’s second attack hidden behind his first, not until it was inches away from him.

Luckily for Jensen, it seemed Coldsnap hadn’t taken into account his turning, so the attack had been aimed at where the centre of his chest had been moments earlier. This didn’t mean that Jensen was out of danger, however, because the concentrated blast of water was now about to pierce him under his raised arm, probably striking him through the heart sideways. Without another thought, several more layers of armour appeared on his side, but it didn’t stop the attack. Instead, it deflected the shot and the water gauged a whole into his chest, from under his arm to just left of his right nipple. It was a painful sensation, it parted through the hard muscle there like it was paper, but Jensen weathered the pain by clenched his teeth.

With a grunt of pain, he dropped one hand to his side while at the same time pointed a finger at the hole Coldsnap’s attack had created in his barrier. A thin bar of steel, about half an inch in diameter, shot forward at extreme speeds, hopefully to where Coldsnap was currently standing. The hand that touched the wound at his side created a tight wrapping that went around his chest and pulled the hole shut with pressure. Jensen’s clenched his teeth against the pain but it meant he wasn’t about to bleed to death.

The attack jostled his generally happy nature and he wanted to squash Coldsnap where he was. However, his magic needed another couple of minutes to completely acclimatise to his body; it was a limitation he had faced ever since Gaia had gifted the ability to him. Jensen hoped he would be able to hold the strong Coldsnap off long enough for him to get to that point.
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Re: These Bloody Streets--A Decisive Battle! --IC--
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For Bylae, fighting Hiro was like trying to kill a cockroach; easy to chase down and catch, a pain in the arse to kill. The Dragon-hybrid wasn’t worried about Hiro’s speed or strength, he had fought and beaten better, but the little vampire just wouldn’t die and it was starting to annoy him. He watched carefully as Hiro ran up the side of the building and jumped into the air to launch the manhole cover in his direction. Bylae couldn’t help but smile as Hiro put himself very much in Bylae’s domain. He was so concentrated on this fact he actually forgot about the manhole cover that hit him just above his right eye and ricocheted back to the ground with heavy thud as it connected with the deep snow.

Hiro was clearly stronger then he looked because the attack had left a large gash in Bylae’s skin, despite its reinforced Dragon scale likeness. With a snarl at the back of his throat, Bylae spread his wings wide and with one powerful beat sent himself shooting into the air; directly at Hiro, who was still hanging from throwing the cover from mid-air. As for as Bylae knew, Hiro had no way to move in mid-air so he wasn’t surprised as he clashed with the vampire and quickly closed his muscled arms around his waist. Hiro was beating on the back of his neck, but the muscles there were too thick for it to be of any concern to Bylae.

Bylae beat his wings more, lifting them both higher and higher into the air, his aim to knock Hiro out from lack of oxygen and drop his unconscious body back to the ground. Bylae needed air to breath as much as the next creature, but by mixing with Hachuu it meant he could use what he needed from much thinner quantities. Something he was hoping Hiro couldn’t replicate.


It was an incredible attack and Jayden knew he had underestimated Matthew as soon as he felt the metal crash into his chest. That’s not to say he had ever thought Matthew was weak, just that his strength was on a much higher level than he had anticipated. As Matthew had swung forward with the attack, Jayden had aimed to catch the head of the hammer with his forearms and use the force to disarm his opponent. It hadn’t worked though, Matthew wielded his weapon like it was a part of him, and now it was planted in Jayden’s chest. He felt his skin crack, reacting to the iron with displeasure, and he suspected that it would be a wound that would show up in his human form as a scar. It wasn’t something he was about to try and heal with nature magic, it would take too long and too much energy.

So instead, he didn’t fight the force and let the attack throw him away with enough force that when he hit the ground, it exploded around him in a wave of rock and snow. When he eventually came to a stop he let out a controlled breath, it had taken an effort not to cry out. He glanced down at his chest and saw radial cracks circling the centre of his chest, sparks of lightning were jumping out of the wound like a wire had been snapped somewhere. He groaned inwardly and lifted himself out of the hole he had made, jumping lightly back to ground level. Matthew was now a fair bit away and Jayden wanted to return the favour of the attack quickly, which meant getting back in close and personal.

Jayden knew now that he couldn’t underestimate Matthew, so he acted as if he was the most powerful opponent he had ever faced; a fact that may well prove to be true. Matthew was prepared and as Jayden appeared in front of him, the hammer came twirling down with an attack at the side of his head. Jayden saw the attack coming and as the metal reached towards him, he followed it down before spinning quickly, allowing him to appear on top of Matthew’s swing. Jayden used the momentum of the swing to aim a punch at his face, and as his fist swung forward, lightning trailed off it and formed into a blade that ran the length of his forearm. Despite his bulk, Matthew moved quickly and the blade of lightning passed by his face, nicking it slightly to draw a line of blood along his cheek.

The hammer came swinging back towards him but Jayden followed the arc again and spun around the attack, a second blade of lightning forming around his other arm; leaving him with one on each arm to attack with. A quick melee followed, with Jayden’s attacks nicking into Matthew with every swing, but his movements had been dulled by the ferocity of Matthew’s previous attack. It meant that he was marginally slower than his opponent and as a user of lightning, that kind of annoyed Jayden. But as he had explained earlier, he wasn’t just a user of lightning, and he planned to exploit this fact as quickly as possible.

The hammer swung laterally and Jayden ducked under quickly but it still brushed the top of his head, causing a stinging pain to run down to his neck. As he touched the ground to bounce himself back up, Jayden let a little nature magic into the ground and a soft layer of springy moss appeared in a patch behind Matthew, slightly covered by a layer of slow. Using the bounce to attack, Jayden aimed to strike Matthew in the stomach but the man quickly stepped back to avoid the blow; as Jayden had expected, it was lucky his stone face couldn’t show expression.

Matthew’s foot stepped onto the moss patch and immediately his footing slipped, sending him teetering sideways, on the brink of falling over. This gave Jayden his chance and he took it as he dodged to the inside of Matthew’s guard and caught a punch on the left side of his body, catching the bottom rib. But he didn’t stop there as he literally rooted his left foot to the ground and used it as a pivot point to rotate his attack, Matthew on the end of it, and slam him into the ground in an explosion of fire and lightning. The ground crumbled beneath Matthew as the attack struck hard into his side, but he was also on the ball as the hammer skimmed Jayden’s left temple.

It wasn’t a strong blow and it didn’t do anything to lessen the damage of Jayden’s attack, which had landed cleanly, but it did mean that Jayden was thrown a couple of feet away and not looming over the fallen mage. Jayden stumbled at the edge of the crater he had created with Matthew’s body and settled in a crouch facing his opponent.

We’re about equal, the son of a bitch. he thought as he tried to contain the pain in his head, caused by the iron in Matthew’s weapon.


Rydon watched Cern take the attack into his wrist, causing the Destruction mage to release the rapier into nothingness, but the man himself crashed into him and they crashed down to the floor. Cern had the advantage, landing on top as he did, and he immediately took it, summoning a broadsword in his other hand and digging it into Rydon’s side. Rydon clenched his teeth against the pain and was glad that the weapon was normally wielded two handed; it meant that Cern could only pierce his flesh by a couple of inches instead of all the way through. Rydon’s right hand still held his Shadow Sword Heart, so he used his left forearm and jammed it into Cern’s chest, keeping him from getting too close.

Cern’s magic lit up again and Rydon saw it burn through his shadow blade, travelling through the power towards his Sword Heart. Rydon quickly extinguished the magic he was putting into it and the magic dissipated without breaking another one of his weapons. Before Cern could do anything else, Rydon lifted him backwards with his legs and rolled him off of him by spinning over his head. Cern ended up with his back on the floor and Rydon quickly rolled off him, his hands dropping to his sides to pull two Sword Hearts from his chain belt; neither of them ones he had used before. With a swirling of coloured energy, green in his left hand and yellow in his right, two more blades appeared. The green blade seemed to pulse with a steady beat while the yellow one swirled freely while retaining its blade shape.

“You’re still as tough as hell, Cern, I’m glad.” Rydon said with a grin as the green energy blade pulsed wider than normal and formed into a spike headed mace about twice as large as a normal one. “This one was made just for you.” He said with a smile as he held the yellow blade low by his leg, ready for attack should he need it, and swung downwards with the large mace, aiming at Cern’s head.


Even as the blades of ice sliced into his flesh, rending the armour he had donned as useless as a length of ribbon, Ryuzaki just laughed like a maniac. Being the race that he was, his healing ability was advanced enough that every time the ice sliced into him, the wound was gone immediately. Then the ice would slice into him again and he would heal immediately again. It was a circle of wounding and healing that Ryuzaki couldn’t really do anything about without thinking about it.

“This is what I love about Fairies, Ezralda!” Ryuzaki yelled, making sure his voice rose above the torrent of wind around him. “You’ve just got so many different ways to attack!” He was still laughing as he spoke. “Me, you could call me a one trick pony, but it means I get to think of all the exciting things I can with my ‘one trick’.” With that said he crouched down and pierced his hand into the ground beneath his feet, ignoring the snow and ice that was whipping around. With a sharp twisting motion he loosened a sizable chunk of frozen, rocky earth and lifted it easily above his head. Ryuzaki then moved across to the edge of the vortex and shoved the chunk into the vicious torrent.

Despite its strength, Ryuzaki could easily have resisted the icy wind and held on to his prop, but that’s not what he wanted to do. As soon as it touched the torrent it was pulled sharply upwards and Ryuzaki simply dug his fingers into it, allowing it to drag him clear of the ground. The rock, with Ryuzaki attached, was whipped around with dangerous force, but the Vampire hung on tightly until the rock had nearly disintegrated. As it was about to disappear completely, Ryuzaki used the strength in his wrist to flip around and place a foot on the small pebble of frozen ground and used it as a step to vault over the top of the icy vortex.

This left him particularly high in the air, his battlefield far below him, and he had nothing to bounce off to aim anywhere. It also meant if Ezralda noticed and sent an attack his way, he’d have no way to dodge it. But Ryuzaki wasn’t about to wait until the Winter Queen attacked him. With a yellow glow, the crystals embedded in his chest lit up and beneath him a doorway rotated open. He didn’t usually use the Crystal Cross in battle because it took too long between opening and closing to be of any use at the speed he fought. However, in the situation he was in, he could use it as a quick way to get to the ground.

He fell through his gateway and slid to a stop in thigh high snow, in the wooded area surrounding the place where Ezralda and he had been battling. From where he was, he could see the spiralling wind of Ezralda’s attack and the Fae herself with her back to his new position, manipulating the wind to her use. Ryuzaki stepped forward to the edge of the forest and dug his hand into one of the trees, causing a large crack to sound. Ezralda spun around just as Ryuzaki tore the tree free of its roots and launched it laterally towards her. As it grew close, the wood froze and shattered before it even touched the fairy.

“How rude of me, a Fairy Queen of the Winter reveals her true form to me and here I am wearing the guise of a human.” He said with a grin. A simple swipe of her wings sent icy winds to freeze him in place, but Ryuzaki didn’t even try to dodge as red the colour of blood filled his eyes completely and his skin drained to become the colour of coal. As he did so, tendrils of black energy crept out of the gaps in his armour and exploded the pieces outwards, leaving him bare chested.

“The few people who know of the Master Vampire race believe it is a progression past the state of a True Vampire.” Ryuzaki said, his inch long fangs clear in the light. Ezralda had momentarily stopped her attack. Even she was intrigued with what Ryuzaki was revealing. “They are wrong. That is a deliberate lie spread by the existing Master Vampires so as to keep the truth a secret. A Master Vampire is a regression to our race’s original form; its purest form.” He smiled and suddenly the light of the sun seemed to fade away.

Around Ryuzaki an aura of darkness seemed to stretch up into the sky, blocking the light and leaving the immediate area in the darkness of night. Ryuzaki just stood there with a smile on his face as he seemed to fade away until he was nothing except a vague outline with his red eyes two glowing spots in the darkness. The area was now completely covered by the dark of night, if there was no moon and no stars; near pitch black. Stranger still was the fact that it was the same for any creature or technology that could see in the dark.

“As you know Vampires are creatures of the dark, Ezralda. The first standard Vampires, the ‘can’t stay in the light and feed off blood’ kind, were literally moulded from this darkness by my kind; an attempt to infest the world with creatures of the night. It was attempt that was both a success and a failure. But I shouldn’t really continue revealing secrets as old as civilisation. Perhaps I should finish off what I came here to do.” He started chuckling and it turned into a full-fledged laugh, echoing around the area.

The vague shape that was Ryuzaki shimmered slightly but remained still as the laughter circled around Ezralda. “The darkness is where I belong, Ezralda, it is my domain.” While the vague shape that was imitating Ryuzaki blinked, the real Ryuzaki had already circled to Ezrlada’s back and dashed forward silently, his hand formed into a spear with the intention of snapping through the Queen’s spine and tearing her heart out from the back.
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