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Re: SON Comics :IC:
« Reply #45 on: December 27, 2013, 04:36:31 am »
Ray’s heat absorbing mist seemed to have worked as he had intended, but was nowhere near as potent as he had planned. This meant that the giant was able to force his way out of the costumed man’s grip, springing back to his feet as he knocked aside some kind of lizard man who had had a grip around the giant’s throat. The costumed man had regained his footing and was shouting at everyone to help him force the giant over to a fence where the metal manipulating girl was stood. The costumed man jumped forward and latched on to the giant, pulling him towards the fence with impressive strength. The giant was still resisting though and Ray shook his head to rid himself of the fear of getting close.

“Screw it all.” He muttered and lunged forward to grapple the giant around the waist in a sort of tackle. As he did, he added heat to his light in order to prevent the giant from burning him out. With Ray on the front pushing with all his might, and the increased strength of the costumed man pulling on him from behind, the giant was soon in a suitable place for the girl to act. Luckily the giant hand been focusing on the costumed man’s grip, meaning although his great strength brushed Ray’s back, no real damage was done to him.

The girl jumped in with some kind of metal ball in her hand and pushed it on to the giant’s side, gesturing for everyone to get out of the way. Ray did so without hesitation, jumping back to make sure he was out of reach of the giant. He did, however, keep the heat around his body; he didn’t want the giant killing him with a fiery explosion. The girl manipulated the metal around the giant and soon enough, he was wrapped in layers of the stuff, while four chains shot out with stakes ready to be driven into the ground while the girl held hammers aloft.

Ray didn’t try to take one of the hammers but it soon became clear that no one would have to as a voice rang out from above them. Ray looked up to see some kind of apparition floating in the sky with a numerous amount of weapons floating around it. What it blazes…? he thought as the weapons changed to spikes and were driven into the chain links, fastening it to the ground. The ghost then floated down and stopped next to the metal manipulating girl and spoke confidently to her.

Now that the giant looked contained, Ray let out a breath of red mist and let the heat dissipate from his body; making sure to keep his light shining, however. As he did so, he dropped to a sitting position on the ground with his legs out straight and resting against his hands behind him. Ray then looked around at the gathered people with powers beyond the human. “So…anyone want to explain what the hell happened today?”
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Re: SON Comics :IC:
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The costumed man stopped moving for a few seconds, his head inclined as if trying to hear something. Turning towards Ray he simply muttered "Long story." before changing tone as  he looked at the people around him.
"The cavalry is coming. Late, of course."

Not seeing any reaction in the people in front of him he added:
"The cavalry is coming and they're not here to ask questions. They're gonna fire on sight and you can forget about your secret identity if you stay here to have a chat. The place is likely surrounded and you won't make it past the blockade alone so you need to stick together up till then. You're going to have to lose them for a while. Find a place that no one will see you enter and has a direct access to a crowded area and use it to change in your civies and mix in with the crowd.


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