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These Bloody Streets--A Decisive Battle! --IC--
« on: March 14, 2013, 01:51:57 am »
Sookie ran faster than she had in a very, very, long time.

She was blur of white and black, fur and fangs, as she whizzed around trees, jumped bushes, and slid around rocky edges. She was on the outskirts of the Himalayan mountain ranges. She had been running for what felt like hours, trying to escape her pursuers. Her intense blue gaze took in everything around, while her sharp nose kept track of any new scents, and her diligent ears kept her up to date on just how far away her enemies were.

They were gaining on them.

She started off on top of the mountain, where she was training a young friend of hers, Elizabeth Prideux. Elizabeth now rode on Sookie’s back, her manicured nails digging into Sookie’s fur and taking a firm grasp so as to not fall off—after all Sookie was probably moving about as fast as a sports car. Elizabeth’s right hand held firmly onto the collar around Sookie’s neck—a leather strap with a white orb at the center—while her left hand was down at Sookie’s side, grabbing hold of a thicket of fur.

A low growl escaped Sookies next and in a few moments, the white orb on her collar lit up and her animal noise was translated into a sort of gargled English. It said, “Have you managed to get a hold of Elijah yet? We need to get out of here now.”

Elizabeth tried to speak against the torrent of wind but found it hard, she managed to let out a muffled, “No, they’ve done something to destroy the psychic link we established before I left.”

Again Sookie growled and it was translated, “Very well then, I didn’t want to take the offensive but it appears we have no choice. Elizabeth, I’m going to find a good area for us to make a stand. There’s a dense forest about ten miles up ahead. You need to distract them while I make a call.”

Elizabeth didn’t reply, instead her eyes began to glow an electric blue and her hair began to stand on edge, electrified. She was itching for a fight at this point. She’d just finished her final leg of training—she was now an official mage of the Prideux house. And you don’t f*** with the Prideux house.

The sky in above them was before peaceful, however now storm clouds seemed to follow them in their wake...

Nahadoth was dressed in black, as usual. He had on a long black cloak that, on the back, had a large ice-blue orb on it. Around the edges were frosted from the extreme cold of the fairy kingdoms. He pulled his hood down and revealed his deep, black eyes. He was no longer human; he was part demon and part fairy at this point. The intense battles he had to endure forced him to give in to the powers that his demon offered him. He eventually completely succumbed to it.

In his right hand was a long sword made of a black metal. His left hand held two black ropes that were attached to strange looking demons at the other ends. The demons took the appearance of wolves; however they were by no means tame. From their mouths dripped bubbling saliva and their fur was matting and coming off in droves. Their claws were long and mangled and they were each missing at least one ear. They had three eyes, an extra one on the center of their forehead.

Nahadoth was standing in a dense forest that was covered in snow, above him were dark, grey, angry, clouds that cackled with lightning and thunder. With a wisp of energy the leashes holding  back the demon wolves dispersed and they ran free, after their prey.

In the next instant two large, powerful, bolts of purple lightning came down from the sky and burnt the creatures to a crisp. However that wasn’t the end to the attack, in a booming voice Elizabeth said, “Thunder!” and the cackle and boom of the lightning followed. Nahadoth seemed unaffected; except for his clock which flew back behind him do the sudden burst of energy.

Elizabeth’s body moved a wicked fast speed after that and, in the blink of an eye, she appeared about ten feet in front of Nahadoth. Her eyes now filled with a purple glow and both her hands had purple lightning sparking from them.

Her voice boomed like the thunder during a great storm and she said, “I’ve put my f***ing life on the line for your bitch, Ezralda, and so has Sookie, more times than I even, and you dare do this?”

Nahadoth laughed and said, his voice scratching like nails on a chalkboard, “It is how it is, Ms. Eliazabeth. I have no control of what my Queen requests of me.”

“Huh,” Elizabeth said, her voice quieting down a little, “the old Nahadoth,”—Her voice suddenly boomed in volume much louder than before and she cast her hands forward sending a shower of purple, electrical energy towards Nahadoth, “WOULD NEVER f***ING SAY THAT!”

Nahadoth was unimpressed and simply held out his unoccupied left hand, a translucent black wall grew stretched from the shadows of two trees and blocked Elizabeth’s attack. Then, he lunged forward, the black sword in his right hand in front of him and he delivered a fast series of blows to Elizabeth.

She was taken back by how utterly fast Nahadoth was, but she was still able to keep up. Just as she was preparing a counter attack he disappeared. She looked down and realized what he’d done. Nahadoth had forced her to walk back into the shadow of a large tree which meant that…

She was suddenly filled with extreme pain as Nahadoth’s sword plunged into and through her left thigh. She hissed and he grabbed her by the throat, ripping his sword out as quickly as possible. He reduced his body to a shadow in the blink of an eye, and then seemingly disappeared and reappeared by moving very quickly around behind her. Nahadoth is a very tricky monster to fight. Once Nahadoth had touched her, he had made a grave error, she suddenly forced a massive bolt of energy from the sky, into her, and subsequently into Nahadoth who was also touching her. She was left unscathed, while Nahadoth was left reeling in pain as he jumped back.

Elizabeth took advantage and ran away from the shadow. In the distance their was a loud, long, howl.

Elizabeth smirked.

Nahadoth scowled at her, “My patience enjoyment with this battle is growing exasperated. I will be killing you now and then the wolf-whore.”

Elizabeth was still smirking, now it was a smile.

Nahadoth was now fully annoyed, “Do you find the idea of your own death amusing? Or what is it?”

Elizabeth stood up, careful to put pressure on her left leg, but gracious that Nahadoth avoided a fatal blow in her femoral artery. Then she said, “You know what pisses me off the most about you? Is the old Nahadoth was a great guy, he was a brilliant tactician and strategist. He’d never let someone get the better of him.

Nahadoth whipped the blood of his black sword and said, “Perhaps he was Ms. Prideux, however his weakness for the love of his Queen forced him to sacrifice his body to me, his inner demon.” He walked forward slowly and deliberately. Elizabeth was simply no match for him from the start, even without the added powers of the Fairy Kingdoms, he would still be able to beat her. What had her and Sookie had planned? Was she throwing her life away so the wolf could escape? “Please do tell me what you find so damn funny about this situation?”

Elizabeth put her right hand on her hip and said, “Oh, you’ll f***en’ see.”

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A lesson without pain is meaningless. That’s because you can not gain something without sacrificing something else in return. But, once you’ve over come the pain you will gain a heart that is stronger than anything else.

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Re: These Bloody Streets--A Decisive Battle! --IC--
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2013, 10:30:52 am »
Ryuzaki stood at the base of the mountain, Sookie having been training Elizabeth at the peak, with his arms crossed in front of his chest. There was a slight breeze that ruffled the fabric of his trousers and sleeves, as well as making the short hair on his head wave slightly. Not too long ago, Ryuzaki had been training a mage called Eleanor  Wake in hand –to-hand combat so that should she run out of power at an inopportune time, she could still survive until she had recharged. However, he had sent her back to her Master not more than thirty minutes ago. Now, three monsters of giant proportion stood in front of him.

Although not as big as actual giants, these monsters were by far more intimidating. The one on Ryuzaki’s left had thick white fur, heavy thick arms and a spine of vicious looking spikes running down its back. The second one, on Ryuzaki’s right, was covered in shining white scales with long spikes running down its arms, and impressive looking claws. The final monster had a leathery hide and had three long tails like whips, and heavy muscled arms and hands. Ryuzaki knew these monsters well, he had helped tame them after all.

“So, Ezralda has really lost her mind, eh?”  he said as the beasts started forward cautiously, clearly remembering the smell of Ryuzaki. “Sending her beasts to do her dirty work, she should know by now that she is the only person capable of withstanding my power.”

With that Ryuzaki stepped forward gingerly and suddenly appeared on the back of the furry monster, one hand gripped tightly in the fur and the other pulled back to punch. With what seemed like the effort of knocking on a door, Ryuzaki planted his fist into the beasts back creating a shockwave that reverberated through the creatures entire body and even broke the ground in front of it. Ryuzaki didn’t wait for it to fall over, as it began to do, and appeared directly in front of the scaly beasts head with a long leg extended to the side. His leg blurred and the beasts head jerked violently to the side before its feet left the ground and it was sent flying into the side of the mountain.

The last beast had managed to swing down a massive fist, but Ryuzaki simply stepped to the side to avoid the blow as it crashed into the ground. The beast was slow to react and Ryuzaki used the time to jump onto the outstretched arm and dash the length of it up to its face. He jumped to the side and planted a small fist directly in the centre of the monsters forehead. Much like the first monster Ryuzaki had attacked, the blow seemed to pass through the flesh of the monster and explode out of the back, sending the beast collapsing to the floor.

Ryuzaki landed gracefully back on the ground and brushed invisible dirt from his shoulder. “Ezralda should know not to send useless soldiers against me.”

“Oh don’t worry, she didn’t” a voice said as a figure stepped out from behind the fallen beasts and faced off against Ryuzaki.

Ryuzaki narrowed his eyes but he didn’t recognise the person in front of him. “Who are you meant to be?” he asked politely, putting his hands in his pocket.

“Me? I go by the Guardian.” The figure said. He was tall, not as tall as Ryuzaki though, and his brown hair was styled in dreadlocks he had pulled back into a high ponytail. He had dark tanned skin and his muscles were prominent and well cut. He seemed to be wearing nothing except a pair of denim shorts that ran to his knee. “You could say I am one of Ezralda’s more powerful friends.” He said with a smirk on his face.

Ryuzaki raised an eyebrow and was a about to speak when the Guardian disappeared in a flash of blue light and appeared in front of him with a fist drawn back. Ryuzaki reacted lazily and dodged the blow at lightning speeds, letting the fist pass by him without a scratch. He was impressed with the Guardian’s speed but didn’t see him as a threat. The Guardian attacked with a combo of lightning speed but Ryuzaki dodged every single attack without much effort.

Ryuzaki decided it was time to counter attack and dodged a punch, aiming a counter into the man’s ribs. However, when his fist was millimetre’s away from the Guardian’s side, he disappeared in a blue haze and appeared over his shoulder. His punch connected with the back of Ryuzaki’s head, but only so much as flattening his hair. Ryuzaki reacted fast enough to roll forward, and using the momentum planted his heel into the Guardian’s chin, sending him into the air.

With that, Ryuzaki flipped upright again and punched the Guardian in the gut, sending him flying backwards and sliding to a stop on the rocky ground. He pulled himself to a sitting position and spat blood from his mouth. “Man, you’re as strong as Nahadoth said.” The Guardian said before pulling himself to his feet.

Suddenly, Ryuzaki realised what was happening. Ezralda wouldn’t just attack him, she would go after anyone else who would stand in her way; that meant she would send attackers after Sookie. Just at that moment, a howl only noticeable to one like Ryuzaki sounded from atop the mountain. Ryuzaki used it to spread his senses across the entirety of the mountain range. This allowed him to pick up Nahadoth standing with Elizabeth, and she was about to be killed.

As the Guardian brushed rocky dust from his chest and arms, Ryuzaki appeared in front of him and grabbed him by the shoulders. Before the Guardion could get away, Ryuzaki slammed his head into the Guardian’s, rocking his head back like whiplash. The Guardian’s eyes rolled into the back of his head and Ryuzaki let him go to collapse to the floor.

“It seems I have no more time left to play with you.” He said before the crystal cross on his chest lit up. A tall column of yellow energy appeared in front of him and rotated until it opened up to a doorway about 7 foot in height. In front of him was now a dense forest, and using his enhanced vision he could pick out the figure of Nahadoth standing with his back to him and Elizabeth further on; facing in his direction.

With a smile he dashed forward, through the gateway, and appeared with his long fingered hand around the back of Nahadoth’s head. Without so much as a greeting, he pushed forward and slammed his head into the ground, creating a small crater, and sending a spider web of cracks in every direction. With that he walked over to Elizabeth and cocked his head.

“I’ll be able to deal with him, you alright to catch up to Sookie?” he said, as Nahadoth stirred.
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Re: These Bloody Streets--A Decisive Battle! --IC--
« Reply #2 on: March 16, 2013, 01:39:58 am »
Elizabeth silently charged her energy and sent and electrical impulse to her pointer finger, “Yes, I’ll be fin—“ She began to speak as she cauterized her wound closed. When she was finished she continued,  “It didn’t do any serious damage, Elijah will get word of my message soon enough and then I’ll leave with him, whatever barricade they put up to block any type of magical communication was briefly interrupted when you hit Nahadoth, I felt all my energy rush towards him in a wave.” Elizabeth began to pant heavy and the blood drained away from her face, she began to pale and sweat heavily across her forehead. "Then you can let lose without worrying about me." She wiped the sweat from her head and nearly collapsed, "" She wheezed out and as she fell to her knees.

Nahadoth stood up, his black eyes glaring at Ryuzaki. He said, “I’m surprised you didn’t smell it, Master Vampire, the sword that I cut you with, Elizabeth, I coated it heavily with a dangerous and potent neurotoxin.” A dark smile spread across his face. “You’ll find yourself dead within the span of ten minutes.”

At that Nahadoth’s sword disappeared and his two arms, from forearm and down, turned into long, curved, black blades. He lunged forward, his cloak flapping from his sudden movement and neared Ryuzaki, who stood staring, not moving a muscle, his eyes making contact with Nahadoth’s deep black eyes the whole time.

Nahadoth didn’t even see Sookie lunging forward from the side.

She jumped off from a tree, her long blonde hair tied in a pony-tail. She was wearing normal, street clothes, as she never expected for this turn of events. On top she had a white, zip-up, sweatshirt that was unzipped and underneath of that she had a green, tank top that showed a tad bit of cleavage. She had on a pair of faded blue jeans with a pair of normal, Nike, tennis shoes.

The amulet around her neck had a light fading away from it, a sign she had just used its powers. When she’s in her wolf form, it takes all her clothes off her body and stores them in another dimension—so that she doesn’t have to deal with the pain of always being naked after a transformation—and when she turns into a human they appear back on her body.

A small smile appeared in the corner of Ryuzaki’s mouth as Sookie’s punch made distinct contact with the side of Nahadoth’s head. Sookie’s eyes were glazed over and her bright blue eyes had clearly changed from those of a human to those of a wolf. The tree from which she jumped off of was clearly bent and the wood had a large crater and splinters of wood flung about.

Sookie’s punch sent Nahadoth off course and he stumbled to the side. He swung his arms at Sookie, the long blades whistling through the air, with a quick side step, a slight duck, and then a mad dash forward, Sookie found herself inches away from Nahadoth. Her small, five foot six inch frame, caused the top of her head to come up just below Nahadoth’s chin.  Energy swirled around her legs as the muscles began to transform into that of her werewolf state and she jumped up—the top of her head slamming into Nahadoth’s chin.

While Nahadoth’s chin was turned up from the sudden blow, Sookie held out her right hand. The fingernails began to elongate and the light blonde hair on her forearm began to lengthen and grow a dark white. When her fingernails were to the point of claws, she slashed at Nahadoth’s throat, delivering devastating blow across his neck that cut from the carotid artery on one side, through the jugular, then straight to the carotid artery on the other side.

Sookie found herself showered in a spray of dark, black, blood.

She lunged backwards, completely aware of Nahadoth’s tricky nature, and aware that she’d fallen into his trap. He deliberately took the attack so that he could get her in close and counter attack. Suddenly the black blood became snaking tendrils that consumed her and wrapped around her body, her legs, and her arms. Her momentum kept her moving backwards however Nahadoth had a very strong grasp on here.

Ryuzaki’s body moved quickly and effortlessly and he grabbed the strange, black tendrils. In a matter of seconds he had grabbed them all in his right hand and  grabbed another section of them in his left. With an enormous tug of power he ripped the tendrils in half and the half that weren't coming out of Nahadoth’s throat dissolved into a black gooey liquid. "I am sick of this game, Nahadoth!" Ryuzaki said calmly, "You really do wish to die, don't you?" Nahadoth readjusted himself smiling, as the tendrils of black slowly withdrew themselves back into his throat and the wound closed shut.

Sookie found herself rushing to Elizabeth’s side, the whole altercation had taken only a brief period of time but in that small amount of time Elizabeth’s body began to enter stages of shock. She was still conscious, but she was slowly beginning to fade in and out. Her temperature was spiking drastically. As Elizabeth was about to enter convulsions and was beginning to completely lose consciousness, a sudden burst of green energy split the fabric of time and space directly behind her.

A man wearing blue jeans and green t-shirt walked through the gateway. In his hand he held a long, double-edged, sword with runes inscribed down the blade. The runes emanated a green fluorescent energy. He had brown hair and it was clear that he needed shave about four days ago. His green eyes burned with rage.

Nahadoth let out a loud, cackling, laugh. Elijah grabbed Elizabeth in both arms, but didn’t stay to fight. He knew that anyone but Sookie, Matthew, or Michael don’t help Ryuzaki—they hindered him.  As he left he said, “Now that Elizabeth is gone you guys can let lose, he turned in the gateway, so that he was facing the battle, and said, “Nahadoth you were like a brother to us before you turned, but I still felt compassion and could never have fought you, even if you struck first.” He paused for a second, the entrance to the gate shimmered with energy in response to his sudden pulse of rage, “but if you somehow slither away from this, I’ll hunt you down. You worthless scum.” He addressed Sookie and Ryuzaki and said, “I’ll sound the alarm at the Prideux estate.

At that, the gate slammed closed and Ryuzaki and Sookie were left standing with just Nahadoth. Nahadoth sighed and straightened his back, then cracked his neck. His sword arms were now turned back to normal arms, but a large circle of shadows floated around his feet. “All according to plan.” He lowered his head and smiled, “Well her getting away wasn’t, and her being here wasn’t either, and in the real plan you were dead by now Sookie, but those are small matters.” He made eye contact with Ryuzaki and said, “What matters now is that we have you in place, Master Vampire.

Nahadoth spread his arms and, laterally from him to Ryuzaki and Sookie, a large rip appeared across the space between them. The tear widened and a plethora of nasty creatures walked through it. All together there was probably about a rough estimate of twenty five strange creatures, they were each of the same species—a wolf, tiger, bear, and bird hybrid. They all had the head of wolves, bodies of tigers, wings of a very large breed of bird, and back legs of a bear. The noises they made were, likewise, a combination of the four, which was very, very, disturbing.

Sookie laughed and nudged Ryuzaki with her elbow, “Kill Naha over there and then help me finish off the fodder.” She turned to Nahadoth and said with a sarcastic tone, “Whatever will we do. Jesus Christ, Ezralda must really be off her rocker if the cunt-hammer thinks that she can kill us with a bunch of mutated fairy-f***s, and you, her esteemed winter-cock-sucker.”

“Bite your tongue wolf!” A new, female voice said. The new voice was fast ominous and didn’t have any sort of scent to track, otherwise Sookie would have sensed her presence. The new person—or fairy more accurately—stood to the side of Nahadoth now. She had long, brown, curly hair that felt just to her shoulders and her skin was a luscious, perfect, golden tan. Her eyes burned a bright hazel and she held in her right hand that leaned across her right shoulder a long scythe. It wasn’t the type that the grim reaper wore; no it was the type that you actually used for harvesting crops. the only clothing she was wearing was a very large, hooded, orange cloak.

Strange, Sookie thought, there aren’t many powerful fairies Ryuzaki and I haven’t meant, but this one is one that,at  least I, have never encountered before.

“Nyx,” Nahadoth said, “Do not resort to her level. Now go.”

Oh, Sookie,thought, Well shit. She’s one of the few remaining fairies of the Autumn branch. Which would be why we haven’t seen her, no one has in at least a hundred years.

At the end of Nahadoth’s request, Nyx rushed forward at an impossible speed. She was in front of Ryuzaki in an instant swinging her great scythe at him. As she neared Ryuzaki she smiled and suddenly her body changed from fairy, to a large clump of leaves resembling a fairy, and they were blowing in a strong gust of wind towards Ryuzaki and Sookie. As the leaves neared them, they ignited in a brilliant flame and each exploded. One leaf had the equivalency of about one third the explosion of a stick of dynamite, and Nyx had sent their way about fifty.
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A lesson without pain is meaningless. That’s because you can not gain something without sacrificing something else in return. But, once you’ve over come the pain you will gain a heart that is stronger than anything else.

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Re: These Bloody Streets--A Decisive Battle! --IC--
« Reply #3 on: March 16, 2013, 12:32:54 pm »
Nahadoth, you have fallen further than I imagined you would. Ryuzaki thought as the leaves in front of his face ignited. Concern for Sookie was always in his mind, but he was old and experienced enough to put that aside for a fight, so when he moved forward, he took it that Sookie would avoid injury with her own power. What Ryuzaki did to avoid injury was to not avoid it at all. Instead, he rushed forward, directly through the cloud of leaves, and felt the explosions tear at his flesh. A Master Vampire was not invulnerable, they could still be injured, but the level of their regenerative power made them damn near immortal. As Ryuzaki appeared out of the explosion, the chunks of flesh he was missing immediately reformed and became as if they were never there.

His target was Nahadoth, he completely ignored the hybrid beasts that he had summoned, and as he neared the man, the circle of shadows surrounding him grew larger. Ryuzaki didn’t care though, and didn’t give him any further time to react as he launched himself into the air and landed with his lanky frame around Nahadoth’s shoulders. Ryuzaki allowed him to look up in surprise and then grabbed his head, digging in sharp nails either side, and twisted violently, breaking his neck. He didn’t wait as he flipped forward and planted a boot in Nahadoth’s chest, sending him cascading back into a large stone that was sticking out of the ground. The circle of shadows followed its master and as Nahadoth fell from the stone, Ryuzaki drew his sword and whipped it through the air to pierce his old friend in the chest and pin him to the rock.

Ryuzaki dodged to the side as Nyx’s outstretched hand brushed past his ear, and stretched out his own hand to dig his claws into her side. She didn’t call out and Ryuzaki wasn’t expecting her to; instead, he spun her around and launched her towards Nahadoth, who was trying to pull himself free of the sword, and slammed into the hilt of the sword, digging it deeper into the stone and slamming Nahadoth back again.

With a flicker of speed, Ryuzaki appeared by the pair and rammed his shoulder into Nyx’s back, crushing her into Nahadoth and pushing him back until the stone he was pinned to crumbled under the pressure. As the three of them fell to the floor, Ryuzaki spun quickly and grabbed them both at the back of their necks. With a roar, he slammed both of their faces into the rocky floor, sending more cracks radiating around them, and then lobbed them further forward where they both slid to a stop.

As they both stirred and pulled themselves to their feet, Nyx started to curse but Nahadoth’s hand stopped her. “Nahadoth, you’re a fool to try and fight me. Ezralda is a bigger one for sending lackeys after my head.” Ryuzaki said flexing his long fingers.

“You just don’t get it, do you?” Nahadoth said, standing up and activating the circle of shadows around him again. “You may be a Master Vampire now, but you’re still an idiot.”

Ryuzaki narrowed his eyes just as two hybrids jumped at him from behind. Really, what is Sookie playing at? He thought as his hands flashed out and as the two hybrids fell to the ground, he crushed their still beating hearts in his hands. “You can insult me all you want, it doesn’t make you any more likely to beat me.” Nahadoth just smiled and Ryuzaki’s ears picked up a faint crackling of energy above him. As he looked up, the Guardian he had fought earlier had a fist  inches from his face with a pillar of lighting leading into the sky.

“Thunder Impact”

The fist made contact with Ryuzaki’s face exploding in a lightning bolt that widened to about a 12 foot circle and dug an apparently infinite hole into the ground beneath his feet. The light faded and the Guardian was left standing at the edge of the hole with an aura of lightning that slowly dissipated into the air around him. His eyes had been pits of electricity but they too faded back to normal as he turned to face Nahadoth and Nyx where they were still standing.

“You’re late, asshole.” Nyx said with a sneer.

“Whatever, he has a harder head then I expected.” The Guardian replied, putting his little finger in his ear as though he was cleaning out wax.

“Jayden, I told you not to engage him. You were only meant to lure him to me.” Nahadoth said menacingly.

Jayden raised both hands apologetically “I couldn’t help myself. You know how much I like fighting powerful people.”

“Jayden? Not a name I’ve heard for someone who holds so much power.” A voice said and Ryuzaki flipped out of the hole, apparently unharmed except for his entire body was still smoking. “Certainly not for someone who can sneak up on me and successfully land an attack.”

“You don’t know everything, Vampire.” Nahadoth replied, as Jayden shrugged. “Jayden is the last of the Spring Fae, having killed off the rest of them himself.” Nahadoth smiled viciously and something flashed in Jayden’s eyes before disappearing just as quickly.

“A Spring Fae? No wonder you’re powerful. But even with the help of the Autumn and Spring Fairies, you can’t kill me Nahadoth.” Ryuzaki said, stretching off the muscles in the neck. “Ezralda should know what will happen after I’ve finished with you here. I will have to be more proactive, if you know what I mean.” He smiled and flashed his fangs.

“You’re too full of yourself, man.” Jayden said suddenly. “Killing Nahadoth, maybe so…” he paused with a smile at his team mate. “Killing Nahadoth with Nyx around? Not going to happen. Killing Nahadoth and Nyx while I’m around, definitely not going to happen. You’re death at our hands; pretty much a certainty.” He smiled again and gestured at Ryuzaki. “All I gotta say is that if you Master Vampires are so powerful, why aren’t you ruling the world right now?”

“You’re too young to understand I’m afraid.” Ryuzaki replied.

“Too young? You don’t have any idea how old I am!” Jayden said, affronted.

“Not as old as me, you better believe.” Ryuzaki smiled again. “You say I’m too full of myself and yet the mere fact you think you can beat me speaks the opposite.”

“You know what, Vampire?” Nahadoth said. “You talk too much.”

With that, shadow tendrils burst out of the ground and pierced Ryuzaki in his legs, body and arms; a final one reached up and wrapped itself around his neck. While Ryuzaki was surprised, Nahadoth jumped forward and stabbed the curved blades that were now his hands into Ryuzaki’s gut. He let the curved blades flow freely and they burst out of Ryuzaki’s back, just below his shoulder blades. At the same time Nahadoth had sprung forward, Nyx flipped high over his body and landed behind him, before piercing his lower back with superheated hands, melting his flesh. Jayden wasn’t far behind as he leapt forward and planted a lightning charged fist into the side of Ryuzaki’s head.

Ryuzaki felt the attacks but as Jayden’s fist connected, he retaliated. With quick hands, he grabbed Jayden around the throat, and reached over his shoulder to grab Nyx by her hair, while at the same time he clenched the muscles in his abdomen to trap Nahadoth’s blades in his body. “I’ve got you.” He said with a smile as the crystal cross on his chest lit up and the rolling bar of light appeared below the group, opening like a trap door to send them all falling through.

It quickly became apparent where he had taken them when the air became thin and the four of them kept falling. Ryuzaki smiled a fanged smile before speaking. “We’re thirty thousand feet in the air; let’s see how you fare when you hit the ground!” he had to raise his voice over the wind but by the looks on their faces, he knew they had heard. Ryuzaki loosed his grip on the three of them and they immediately broke apart, leaving each person to fall on their own. Ryuzaki quickly righted himself in the air and straightened his body to fall like a missile towards the ground.

The fall was a long few minutes, Ryuzaki didn’t do anything to slow himself; he needed to get back to the ground as fast as he could after all. Eventually the ground was rapidly approaching and Ryuzaki smiled as he headed directly for the hole that Jayden had made when he had attacked the first time. As he entered the hole, he dug his hands and feet into the side and used the friction to slow himself down until he was nearly at the bottom of the hole but still managed to slow to a stop eventually. With small effort he pulled his hands and feet free, shaking debris from his body quickly.

“These guys certainly make me work.” He muttered before bending his legs and using his strength to leap out of the hole and land gently on ground level again. “Well, that was fun.” Ryuzaki said as he looked around to see how the other three had fared.

Apparently they had gotten quite spread out, as Ryuzaki couldn’t see anything in the immediate area that could mean they had landed safely. Then he realised that a group of trees close by were actually a lot thicker than they had been when the fight had begun and as he watched, Jayden stumbled out of the thick branches and shook himself.

“You’re one crazy ass bitch, you know that right?” he said as he walked forwards to face off against Ryuzaki again. “I can’t say I was expecting you to drop us from the sky without so much as an inkling of concern for your own life; but then I suspect being a Master Vampire has some perks.”

“You’re not going to try and fight me yourself again, are you?” Ryuzaki asked.

“No, no I’m not.” Jayden said with a smile.
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Re: These Bloody Streets--A Decisive Battle! --IC--
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Sookie observed Nyx’s attack very carefully and precisely. She had milleseconds to react, and she didn’t want to make a wrong decision and force herself to do something to rash, to soon. She began to focus and caused for her forearms, hands, and legs to begin to transform. The hair elongated again and her claws rippled through her fingernails, her fingers popped as the bones disjointed. As for her legs, she didn’t let it transform that far, just enough to give her a significant boost in power.

Ryuzaki took the brunt of the blast which, fortunately, allowed Sookie a free instant to lunge backwards, as quickly as her werewolf-imbued muscles could take her, into the horde of surrounding chimeras. The ones that lunged at her first dropped like flies. Her movements were quick and precise, she didn’t waste any energy as she side stepped, stepped forward, ripped into chests with her claws.

However the beasts quickly learned from the mistakes of their fallen brethren. Instead of attack pointlessly, one on one, multitudes of them circled around Sookie and bellowed their strange, cacophony of noises from their throats. The hardest part of the situation was the dense forest around her, it gave the creatures many different places to hide. She knew she would have to turn to her werewolf form soon, however she wanted to wait till the most opportune time.

She focused more of her werewolf energy into herself and expanded her senses. It came to the point that if she used anymore, she would inadvertently transform into a werewolf—it works kind of like a percentage, if she allows for more than sixty-five percent of her werewolf power to consume her, then the transformation just takes over and she becomes fully beast. She suddenly heard the rustle of every branch, felt the ground they stepped on, and saw everyone of them that was a good distance away. Just as she had finished, ten of the fiends lunged at her, all together, in perfect unison. Three more took the skies and came at her from above.

“Jesus Christ,” She laughed, “I can’t believe that she’d think these things can stop me. Ryuzaki gets three, top notch, fairies--”She ducked to the side and her claws ripped a gash into the throat of one of the wolves. As she finished that one, her leg delivered a powerful kick across the rib cage of another one of the beasts, then she grabbed it by the head and threw it into the air, knocking down a chimera that was coming in low to swoop at her.—“and she gives me a bunch of stupid science projects.”

As more came at her she went through them with ease, her claws tore through their hides like warm butter and they fell surprisingsly easy. She found herself thinking, This is off. There’s no way that she could be this stupid. What am I miss—“ She wrinkled her nose and her eyes widened as she smelt something, something familiar. Something impossible.

Her thoughts were abruptly caught short as a powerful punch from a black fist caught her square in the nose and launched her back. Sookie’s eyes widened and she began to shake. No…no…no…

A man stood before her, he was about six feet tall and wore a black t-shirt, grey pants, combat boots, and a large black overcoat. He had scraggly silver hair and his purple eyes seemed to glimmer and shine. He had a pale white skin tone everywhere except for his left arm, which was oddly completely black, as if necrotized and was simply a dead piece of flesh. He flexed his fingers into a fist with that hand and said, “Sookie, you’re still sarcastic as ever I see. I’m glad you outgrew the whole ‘I’m comfortable being naked thing.”

Sookie didn’t say a word. Her pony tail had come undone during her battle and her blonde hair was scattered all around her face, blocking her eyes. Her silence continued.

“And I see that Ryuzaki has progressed your training very well, before you could barely use any of your werewolf powers without being consumed by the beast and completely transforming, I’m proud you.”

“Do you think you’re funny?” Sookie’s voice was calm, her sarcastic, joking demeanor from before completely gone. Her voice was just a flat note. Her senses completely scanned the man standing before her, everything was just as she remembered, it matched her memories perfectly. His voice, smell, stance, everything. Could it really be him? No, it’s impossible. “Usually people are happy when they get to fight me, and not Ryuzaki. But in this instance, I do believe you’d rather be fighting him.” Her voice was still an eery, single tone.

“Sookie, come now, you know who I am.”

“Shut up.” Her voice began to turn to more of an animal growl and her amulet stepped in to translate. Her bones popped and cracked as she began to lose control of her anger and transform. She fought the transformation back, however, and was able to subside her emotions for a moment. “This game is not funny, doppelganger or shape-shifter, or face stealer, or whatever the f*** you are.”

“Sookie why are you acting like this.” His smile spread across his face and he held out his left hand forward in a spear, “what will it take to convince you?” At the end of his sentence, the muscles in his left arm flexed slightly and the tip of each of his black fingers exploded toward Sookie at speeds greater than those of a bullet.

Sookie was completely ready, she’d seen the real one fire that same attack hundreds of thousands of times. She dashed forward and ducked underneath of the bullets and then kept forward. Her enemy readied a fighting stance and prepared to confront her. With an explosion of power she lunged to the side, landed vertically on a tree trunk, and jumped off. She used the momentum from that to spin into a powerful kick that she put a tremendous amount of here werewolf energy into.

In a quick instant her enemy flashed his left arm up and blocked the kick. For a brief second, Sookie was standing in mid-air, her mouth agape, as  her kick was completely stopped. The kick had enough power that only someone whose powers rivaled Ryuzaki could block it.

A loud crack sent shivers of pain across Sookie’s body.

She landed on her left leg and jumped back. The kick had completely snapped the bone in her shin in half and an injury as extensive as that wouldn’t heal quickly enough to fight, not in her current state, she’d have to transform, but not yet. She needed to wait until she knew exactly who, or what, she was dealing with. She did all she could not to show her agony as she put miniscule amounts of pressure on her leg. However, her pain wasn’t even half as palpable as the rage she was attempting to contain.

“You know as well as I do that no one could fake my curse, Sookie.” The man smiled, his purple eyes glaring at her, “It’s me, Sookie, Ryuk.”

The very mention of his named sent Sookie mad with rage. She transformed so quickly that her amulet couldn’t keep up and her clothes ripped to shreds as her form changed. Her chest exploded forth and her shoulders popped as they elongated. White fur covered her body, down her chest and wrapping around her biceps and thighs was a long, black stripe. She now stood at almost six feet tall which, compared to most other werewolves, was puny. However, her power wasn’t in her size, it was in her speed.

A low, loud, powerful growl rippled from her chest as her crystal blue eyes tracked her enemy. The growl was translated by her amulet, “You are not Ryuk. He died to save me. He die to save Ryuzaki. He died to save the world from a tyrant.”

“And yet, here I am.”

“Correction,” Sookie planted her front legs on the ground and prepared to charged, “you were

From her transformation, her back leg was nearly healed so it felt like a mild sprain as she charged forward. She wasn’t using her full speed yet, she almost always saved that for a surprise blow to the throat. Ryuk transformed his left hand into a long black blade and swung it at her laterally as she neared him.

With a swift turn of her head, she grabbed his arm between her teeth and stopped his attack, then she jumped with her back legs and twisted her pelvis, letting go of his arm in the process, and as she twisted her claws scraped across his belly—opening up his abdomen. She then bolted a few feet away, turned,  and lunged in again. Her anger and rage compelled her forwards so much that she didn’t notice her back claws were completely ripped out and her paws were dripping in blood. By the time she reached him again, the bleeding had stopped and her claws were close to being reformed.

Her eyes looked at the destination of her previous attack and she noticed that, while the T-shirt was in shreds, his stomach wasn’t. Instead what she saw was her own claws sticking to what looked like a black goo. It was a trick of Ryuk’s that almost always sealed his victory. He’d lure his enemy in, get them to strike a punch or kick, locate the area of attack, and cover it in the same black material from his arm. Instead of making an armor he’d soften the metal to be extremely viscous and, once contact was made, he contract and harden the metal. Trapping his enemy in so he could deliver a final blow.

As Sookie neared in again, she swung her front legs at him in massive, sweeping, fast arcs that whistled as they went by his face. The strike from her left paw cut Ryuk’s silver hair as it whistled by. “My, my,” He said as he backed up, still on the defensive, “You’ve gotten very strong. I put all my effort into grabbing your back legs but you tore them away too quickly. Again I’m so proud of you.”

“I don’t know who the f*** you are, or how the hell you can replicate Ryuk’s abilities so perfectly, but I promise I will end you here.” Sookie didn’t charge again, Ryuk was the best defensive fighter she’d ever seen or fought with. Not only that, but her enemy has been predicting her moves perfectly thus far, just another contradicting factor as to whether or not this truly is Ryuk. Everything was the same. The way he fought, the way he talked, everything. And it was as he said, his curse was one of a kind, you can't replicate something of that power and uniqueness--and the witch who cast the spell to begin died a very, very, long time ago.

Just then Sookie felt something strange come over her.

She looked down and her right leg was dripping with blood. Her rib cage also appeared to have a strange bite mark in the side of it, and, now that she thought about it, her back felt hot—actually her whole body felt like it was in searing pain. What, is this? She felt dizzy and nearly passed out, somehow she lost a lot of blood. Just then, she remembered a crucial piece of information that she had completely forgot about, My amulet…it was forged by faries!

As quickly as she could she ripped off the amulet with her claws. Doing so sent a torrent of energy from her body and it disrupted and pained her. It caused her werewolf form to go berserk, and then exhausted itself from within and it subsided, turning her back to her human state. The amulet was bound to her soul, and it basically felt like someone was tearing off a piece of it.

Removing the amulet caused her world to spin for a brief moment before returning to reality. Somehow she didn't even notice the disapperance of the chimera as she was fighting Ryuk. Somehow she wasn't able to put together the loose ends and notice that she had, somehow, been tricked or put under a spell. She was to busy focusing on something that she prayed she'd never, ever, have to do. When it was gone she saw very, very, clearly the damaged that her being out of commission fora brief period of time had done. It was as if she was just standing still for those brief five minutes she was under the spell--well standing still and being chewed to pieces by strange, fairy creatures. Around her were the strange chimera’s she was fighting before, still blood thirty. The only difference was that now, she was dripping in blood and could hardly stand up straight.

However long she had been under that strange spell, it was long enough for the chimeras to tear chunks out of her body. She tried to summon her werewolf form again but failed, something about ripping the amulet off disrupted everything about her core powers, she couldn’t even let loose from her pent up rage of being tricked—and as anyone will tell you a werewolf’s rage is where about ninety percent of her power came from—for the time being she was completely naked—literally, naked, her clothes were ripped from her body in her transformation—against a horde of chimera’s.

One lunged at her while she was in a state of shock and nearly got Sookie’s head in its mouth. She grabbed it by the jaws and held its mouth open and away from her. Her fingers were being minced by the sharp teeth of the beast. She was able to muster up a small amount of her power, just enough to hold the creature at bay on top of her. Her arms shook and she cringed as she attempted to hold the creature back. Her powers were slowly draining. What the hell happened to me?

A very large, intimidating figure stood to her side. He was covered from head to toe in a massive suit of bronze-colored armor. His eyes burned a bright green through the blackness from within his helmet. Across his back was a mighty sword and he drew it. As he did strange ruins across his armor lit up in bright orange. He spoke and his voice was loud, deep, and resonated across her entire body. He had a strange cackle of a laugh that didn’t quite match his voice.

He said, “Well, you figured that out quickly, didn’t you?”

Sookie’s eyes were completely human and her werewolf powers completely subsided and the she was just barely able to hold back the chimera. At this rate it was only a matter of time. She was to preoccupied to speak to her new enemy, but if she could she would have certainly said a lot of very mean and vulgar things.

“I am Tezera, the master armorer of all the Fae. I create and repair all of their magical artifacts and, while Ezralda gave you that necklace, I in fact made it.” His eyes burned a brighter green and he laughed, “You are so foolish, both you and your vampire friend. From the very second you defeated Erevis and joined Ezralda’s inner circle, you were dooped by her. She had planned this from day one, meticulously and precisely.”

Tezera put all his effort into a might kick that sent the chimera atop Sookie flying, the he jumped and landed on top of Sookie. He was standing on Sookie’s shoulders, his heavy armor and bodyweight pinning her down. He put his sword to her throat, “That necklace had a nice little spell put on it that, when activated, caused you to live out your worst possible fear, which gave our little pets the perfect opportunity to slowly nip away at you.”

Sookie looked around and just then noticed how much damage they’d done. There wasn’t a spot on her body that didn’t have a gash, cut, tear, or blood on it. As she lay splayed on her back, she felt the blood pouring from her body. She just then noticed how much she’d lost.

“Oh,” Tezera said, “and it disrupts your werewolf curse for a short period of time—not long, just long enough for us to get the job done. You know you were the one we were worried about the most? Not Ryuzaki. You’re a fast little devil and, especially in a dense forest like this, if you put your mind to it you could probably elude our master huntsman himself!” He paused for a moment before saying, "It truly is a shame though, you'd have put up such a good fight if actually given the chance. No matter."

The tip of Tezera’s blade began to make contact on Sookie’s throat and, for the first time in her life, she couldn’t think of anything to say. She was in so much pain she could hardly breathe, the world around her swirled in circles and she nearly lost consciousness from her loss of blood. “I…I…I…don’t want to die.” She mumbled as she lay on her back. Her curse stopped her from aging at the age of twenty-four, but even then she was only about twenty-seven years old.

Tezera let out a loud, loud, laugh. “Ha! The White Blur has nothing to say besides that! Oh, what pitiful last words…I’ll be sure to have them engraved on your tombstone!” Tezera leaned back with his blade and then pushed forward—the point aiming to go through her throat.

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Re: These Bloody Streets--A Decisive Battle! --IC--
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Jayden didn’t make a move and Ryuzaki was beginning to get impatient when a small avalanche of rocks and pebbles fell down a steep part of the terrain on his left. Keeping his senses on the immediate area, Ryuzaki was still annoyed Jayden had managed to get the drop on him before, he turned to see Nahadoth sliding down and coming to a stop. He was covered in small nicks and cuts, all of which were being healed by the surrounding shadows, and his left arm was slowly stitching itself back on from where it was hanging by a thread just below the elbow. Despite his injuries, however, Nahadoth seemed as calm as ever; fully convinced he could win a fight against Ryuzaki.

“Looking a bit worse for wear there, Nahadoth.” Ryuzaki said, eyeing his old friend as he came to a stop, with his arm reattached.

“I’ll admit that you surprised me there, Vampire.” Nahadoth said, a smile on his face. “But I’m afraid that this fight is pretty much over.”

Ryuzaki narrowed his eyes but it was Jayden who spoke. “What happened to Nyx, she dead?”

“No, she’s returned to the palace.” Nahadoth replied. “She’s no longer needed here.”

“Damn, I was hoping she’d have kicked the bucket. Oh well.” Jayden shrugged.

“You said the fight was over, you were right.” Ryuzaki said, flexing his fingers. “I’ve had enough of playing around.” He started forward and just when he was about to accelerate, he stumbled and dropped to one knee. “What the…?” his surprise was clear.

“Oh, it’s finally taking affect; your constitution was even greater than we could have guessed.” Nahadoth said, his wounds fully healed. “Did you think we’d try and beat you to death, we know how high your personal regeneration is and we’re not stupid.”

Ryuzaki tried to get back to his feet, but whenever he did a wave a nausea hit him and he had to drop back to his knee again. He quickly thought back through the brief battle, trying to decide when one of them could have slipped him something, and his face lit up with revelation. “The Autumn Fairy, Nyx; she gave me something when she stabbed me.” He said slowly.

“Oh, clever little Vampire aren’t you. I’m surprised your great senses didn’t pick up on it sooner.”  Nahadoth smirked.

“She used the heat to melt my skin and cover up the fact that she was leaving something behind.” Ryuzaki said, pulling himself to his feet at last, albeit straining to keep himself upright. “You got the slip on me, I can admit that. What did she give me?”

“The Queen herself brewed it, she knows best your genetic make-up; the mystery that it is.” Nahadoth said, now seemingly completely unconcerned that he was facing a Master Vampire. “It actually uses your own power against you; the ability that keeps your body eternally young. So there is no way to counter it, and it will kill you.”

Ryuzaki looked at Nahadoth but was doing an internal check of his entire body, allowing him to pick up the foreign substance now running through his cells. He quickly confirmed that what Nahadoth was saying was true; the substance was using his own immortality to poison him. “It seems what you’re not bluffing; but like you said yourself, my genetic make-up is not so well known that Ezralda, as clever as she is, could create a sure fire way to take me down. To be honest, not even another Master Vampire could do that; all our genes are different.”

“I think you’re trying to buy yourself some time, Vampire. Trying to figure out a way to beat it? You can’t.” Nahadoth replied

“No, I’ve already figured out how to beat it.” Ryuzaki said carefully. “And you’ve really pissed me off now.” He reached up and unclipped the locks that held his armour in place, letting the two halves fall to the ground. He bent down and flipped the front half over, cutting into the metal with a sharp claw and retrieving the crystal cross that was embedded there. He slipped that in his pocket and looked back up at Nahadoth and Jayden. “Watch closely, I don’t do this just for the hell of it.”

Ryuzaki’s skin rippled like water and to anyone who knew Ryuzaki, it would have meant he was about to transform into his true form. However, that would only have been true if he was still a True Vampire. No-one, not even Sookie, had seen him activate a Master Vampire’s equivalent. His golden eyes suddenly changed to a burning red and spread so that there was no pupil or iris, just red. His tendons and muscle drew taught with effort and his skin darkened to an ashy grey colour.

“Oh my, I didn’t know Master Vampires could still do that.” Nahadoth said.

“It’s not what you think, this is not even a portion of my true power.” Ryuzaki replied with a smile, revealing fangs that had grown to an inch in length. “I think it’s about time I…” Ryuzaki paused and turned his head to the side and cocked it slightly. Sookie’s words were quiet and no doubt a whisper, but Ryuzaki’s ears were better than any wolf’s. “I…I…I…don’t want to die.”

“Sookie!” Ryuzaki said quietly, but Nahadoth picked up on it.

“She should be dead already, you weren’t meant to hear her.” He said. “Jayden!”

Lightning energy surrounded the Spring Fairy and he sprang forward and full speed as Nahadoth followed suite, aiming to stop Ryuzaki’s movement. But the Master Vampire, in his empowered form, put both of their speeds to shame. He dashed to the side and a physical wave, similar to a sonic boom, exploded in Nahadoth’s and Jayden’s faces, sending them sprawling backwards. Tree’s and rocks were thrown to the side as Ryuzaki dashed through the forest, directly in the direction of Sookie’s whisper.

As she came into view, a number of Chimera’s sensed something and turned towards Ryuzaki but he was already past them and saw the blade of Tezera entering Sookie’s throat. Luckily, it was only millimetre’s into her flesh when Ryuzaki was close enough to act. One hand grasped the blade, stopping it in its tracks, and the other slammed into Tezera’s helmet, sending him flying back, his sword still in Ryuzaki’s hand. Ryuzaki tossed the blade aside and picked the nearly unconscious Sookie up, holding her gently in his arms.

“Ryu…zaki…” she muttered before her blood loss caused her to fall completely into darkness.

“Nahadoth was meant to have finished you by now.” Tezera said, pulling himself to his feet. “Looks like he failed.”

Ryuzaki wanted to crush everyone, his anger was beyond anything he had ever felt before. But the foreign substance in his body was still active and Ryuzaki knew that if he didn’t get treatment, Nahadoth’s prediction of his death might not be exaggerated. Using one arm to hold Sookie at his chest, he reached into his pocket and touched the crystal cross he had recovered from his armour, activating it and creating a doorway directly behind him on the floor. Tezera launched himself forward to attack, but Ryuzaki hopped backwards quickly and disappeared through the doorway, letting it close quickly behind him.

Tezera had been quicker than Ryuzaki had expected, managing to get the tip of his sword through the gateway after them, but as it had closed, the energy had sheared the metal clean off, leaving a couple of inches of his sword to fall to the floor. Ryuzaki himself fell backwards, but kept Sookie close to his chest, and looked up to see a tower.

It worked. He thought. He had never been here before and transporting himself and Sookie had been dangerous, he could have ended up in a wall or part of the floor, but he had managed it. The substance in his body was taking more out of him now, Ezralda had clearly done her homework, and Ryuzaki felt as weak as he had when Erevis had forced his Vampiric abilities into the open. He just hoped that the occupant of the tower was paying attention, otherwise he would probably die.

As he lay there on the edge of consciousness, his strange form disappeared and he returned to his normal human-like appearance, with Sookie held close to his chest. Michael…was his last thought as he finally succumbed to the substance in his body and drifted out of consciousness.


The magical alarms rung loudly throughout the entirety of the tower, informing the occupants that intruders had entered the 30 mile radius around the tower. Zane Pengallion was already on his feet and dashing down the thousands of steps that would take him to the ground floor and out into the surrounding area; ready to defend against whoever was intruding. He was confident of his balance and took two or three steps with every lunge, descending the stairs as fast as he possibly could without ending up breaking his neck.

Zane was of average height and his sharply cut, well-defined muscles spoke of intense training. He had shoulder length black hair, that naturally formed into small spikes that he swept back on his head, and dull bronze eyes. He was wearing a white cotton shirt with all the buttons undone, tucked into loose fitting brown trousers that were in turn tucked into high topped boots laces at the front. Around his waist were two sashes at different angles, one black with the excess fabric dangling on his left hip, and one blood red with the excess fabric dangling just behind the black sash. As he leapt down the stairs, two red diamonds were visibly embedded in the skin under his wrists while a bigger one was embedded in the centre of his chest.

As he reached the bottom of the stairs, the old butler who lived in the mansion, was stood by the door and opened it swiftly to allow Zane to burst through into the open area around the tower. One of the diamonds on his right wrist blinked with light and a long sword appeared in his right hand; seemingly out of thin air. It’s blade was straight cut and was as black as the night, while the long straight guard shined a deadly silver; the handle being wrapped in black leather.

Zane slowed to a stop and took the time to glance around the area for any immediate threat, but what he saw instead was two bodies, one on top of the other, lying in the gravel driveway that led to the tower’s entrance. He approached them cautiously, but when he realised who they were, he let his sword disappear into thin air and rushed forward, pulling Sookie off Ryuzaki and laying her beside him. He could see that Sookie was badly injured; something was preventing her Wolf genes from regenerating the injuries. But nothing told Zane that Ryuzaki should be unconscious as well. He didn’t want to dwell on what could do that to someone like him.

“ELLIE!!” he bellowed into the air and the three pronged necklace he wore around his neck lit up with the intensity of his emotions.

A wave of magic appeared at the very top of the tower and suddenly a figure descended quickly from the top, seemingly riding a long wooden staff like they were surfing. As the figure drew closer, it became clear it was a girl seemingly surfing the air on a long wooden staff that had flames carved into the entire length. Eleanor Wake was only a year younger than Zane but she was a clear margin shorter. She was skinny but firm muscles told of her recent training, and had fair sized breasts. Her dirty blonde hair, cut to hang to her chin, was flying wildly behind her and her eyes were a dark chocolate colour.  Ellie was wearing a white tank top, cut to show her pierced belly button and a smidgen of cleavage, that had a number of silver lines running down it, black jeans held up by a jewelled belt, and black trainers on her feet. She had three thick leather straps around her left arm and a single silver bracelet around her right, while a long cloak bunched at the neck normally hung to her ankles but was currently flapping behind her.

It only took Ellie seconds to descend from the top of the tall tower, but she slowed enough that she jumped lightly to the floor as the staff flew into her hands. She rushed forward, the emergency in Zane’s emotions that were passing through his necklace to her made it clear there were no enemies, and knelt down beside the two injured.

“Oh my god…” she said as she suddenly realised who the pair was. “What happened to them?”

“I don’t know but they’re both unconscious. This is bad Ellie, why is Michael always out when these things happen?” he said the last part only half-jokingly.

“Jerome!” she called, delicately ignoring Zane, and the butler who had opened the door rushed out to their side.

“Yes, Mistress?” he said, his face as calm as ever despite the pair before him.

“Take Sookie to the healing room and get started on her treatment.” She said with an air of command she was clearly used to.

“Of course Mistress.” Jerome said and delicately picked up Sookie before striding quickly back into the mansion.

While he did that, Ellie placed a hand on Ryuzaki’s chest and used her magic to delve into his body with the aim of discovering what ailed him. It was hard work, his genetics were so foreign to her, but she eventually found Ryuzaki’s natural healing abilities trying to fight off the infection. “He’s been poisoned with something.” She said. Zane started to speak but Ellie interrupted him. “I don’t know what it is but I need to prevent it from spreading further before it kills him, pick him up Zane.” She said and Zane nodded, for once keeping his protests to himself.

“Damn, he’s heavier then he looks!” Zane said as he picked the Vampire up in both of his arms and quickly followed Ellie back into the building until they were both stood in the centre of the tower; a long stretch of open space above them.

“Stay close, Zane.” She said as she raised her staff and a bubble of magical energy, combined with the air surrounding her, engulfed both herself and Zane before lifting them into the air. The magical lift accelerated quickly before stopping at the highest point in the tower, where a pair of doors stood against the red walls. “Quickly Zane, in here.” She said and ushered him into the room.

The room was large and circular, with rows of books that surrounded the perimeter on high shelves. In the centre of the room was a tiled area, with what seemed to be an infinite amount of rune-like inscriptions carved into them.

“This is Michael’s study!” Zane said suddenly. Michael made it very clear that no one was to enter his study. Ellie had only been in their once so that he could explain why she should stay out.

“I’m sure he’ll forgive me if we save Ryuzaki’s life! Now, quickly, place him in the centre of the tiles; make sure all his limbs are straight and flat.” Ellie said, whipping off her cloak and hanging it by the door. “I can’t save him, the poison is beyond my abilities. But I can stop it in its tracks until my Master can return to finish the job!” she said as Zane followed her commands. “Remove his shirt.” Zane did so by ripping the fabric and leaving his chest bare. “Now leave the circle, if I activate it while a non-magical entity is inside; you could die.” She said as she dipped her index finger into an ink pot, covering it with red ink up to the second joint, and walked forward.

Zane obeyed without question and moved out of the circle to stand by the door. Ellie crouched down beside Ryuzaki and drew symbols onto his chest that matched some of the ones that were carved into the floor. As she completed one symbol, it lit up with magic while the corresponding one lit up on the floor. She drew six of these symbols, in a circle around his chest, and each time she completed one, the corresponding one would light up on the floor. Finally, she removed the rest of the ink from her finger by wiping it on her jeans and raised her staff so that the base of it was in the centre of the symbols, inches from his skin.

“Aetas Inveteratus Unus Femina.” She chanted and tapped Ryuzaki lightly on the chest.

The symbols on Ryuzaki’s chest, along with the corresponding ones carved into the tiles, started to rotate slightly and an translucent dome of red energy  started to spread out from where Ellie had touched Ryuzaki’s chest with her staff. As the dome grew in size, Ellie walked back at the same pace with both her hands raised and lightly touching the dome. When it reached the edge of the tiled area, Ellie took a single step forward and moved her hands as if she was pushing a heavy stone. The dome stopped moving and a ring of ruins quickly surrounded it on the same level as Ellie’s hands. She stepped away quickly and watched anxiously as the dome pulsated slowly; never leaving the circular tiled area.

“What did you do?” Zane asked; he had been with Ellie for a number of years and never seen her perform such complicated magic.

“Effectively time within that dome is frozen, I can’t really explain it better than that; it is not the Lost Magic of Time though, before you ask.” She said as Zane opened his mouth. “We have more important things to do…we need to contact my Master.” She said and ushered Zane out of the room, closing the doors behind him. When she was sure they were shut, she run her staff down the length of the both doors, and fiery symbols appeared, floating in front of the wood. “That’ll stop anyone from getting in…or out.” She said as she quickly ascended the final leg of the circular tower and made her way to the roof.   
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Re: These Bloody Streets--A Decisive Battle! --IC--
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Sookie woke up in a large, well decorated, room. Her last memory of what happened was being carried away by Ryuzaki, with Tezera being slammed away and Nahadoth quickly on his tail. She was sitting in a lavish bed, two feather pillows supported her back and she was sitting upright, her left arm was sitting on a tray and sticking out of it where two needles. An IV drip was stuck in her arm and the other needle wasn’t attached to anything at all, most likely it was for something that was previously done. Her body was littered with deep gashes, bite marks, and large cuts. She tried to move but found the pain to be quite unbearable. She noticed most of the pain was in her right leg, she lifted the covers and saw that it was wrapped very tightly. She must have actually broken it somehow, which meant that everything she did while under that trance wasn’t completely fake. She saw that her toe nails were ripped out, a nasty sight to behold.

Damn it, that strange spell is still in full effect, I should be well enough to at least walk by now.

She looked around and saw just how big the room was. The furniture in it was very old and looked hand carved, there was a book shelf filled with classics such as Moby Dick, Call of the Wild, some odds and ends from Ernest Hemmingway, and then some other random books. While her eyes were drawn to the book case first, she then took in just how articulate the furniture was, adjacent to the book case was a tall wooden chair with no arms, the perfect kind for reading, and in the center of the room was a table make from gorgeous red wood. The table sunk into a beige color carpet and the walls were painted a dull white.

While she was unconscious somebody bathed her. Her body smelt fondly of strawberries and kiwis—a delightful combination. Her hair was smooth and all the knots had been combed out. Personal hygiene was something that Sookie tended to neglect, especially recently as her and Elizabeth had spent about four months hiking across the Himalayan mountain ranges to finite her skills. Her skin tingled with the feeling of being fresh and clean.

A nightstand that was made out of the same red wood as the table was to the right of her bed, with a groan of effort she leaned over and saw a note. Written in a perfectly articulate cursive handwriting was:

“Dear Mistress Sookie, please ring the bell if you find yourself in need of any assistance.”

“I really must have died back there, but there’s no way I went to heaven.” She let out a laugh, “I bet this is hell and when I ring the bell I’ll be swarmed by rabid dogs.”

She reached over and grabbed the small silver bell that was sitting on the nightstand, with a flick of her wrist it let out a small ding that reverberated throughout her room. While she waited for her assistance she ripped out the needles from her arm. She felt the twinge of pain as the needles left her arm and small droplets of blood fell. She used the blankets on her bed to blot the wound.

A gentle knock sounded on the door and a few seconds later a well-dressed man entered. He wore a black suit with a white undershirt. He was, by definition and according to all stereotypes, a butler. She couldn’t help but laugh. The butler was very patient and waited for Sookie to finish before speaking. When she was done he said, “Hello, my name is Jerome and I assist the Salamander at his estate.”

Sookies tone calmed a little as she put the pieces together in her head. So that is where you took us, huh Ryuzaki. At least we know we’ll be safe here. The only other place that we’d be safe from Ezralda would be in France, at the Prideux estate. She could slowly feel her body returning to its normal functioning level. Her body was beginning to heal at its normal rate and she could feel her toe nails growing back—the fastest healing part of her body, right after her mouth, was her nails—or claws as she reffered to them. Damn it’s still going to be a while till I can use my leg fully again. She felt her stomach rumble and realized just how hungry she was.

“Do you guys have a good selection of meat in this place?” Sookie asked Jerome bluntly.

“I beg your pardon mistress?” He said, ignoring her lack of maners, “Meat?” He puzzled on the thought for a second. “I could make you anything you desire, as I am as adept in the kitchen as Michael is with fire; if you desire food of sorts merely tell me what you’d like. The kitchen here is well stocked and quite extensive.”

Sookie smiled, “Okay cool, take me down there, I’m f***in’ starving.”

“I do believe it would be best for you to get the proper bed res—“

“I understand that, but I am hungry and when a wolf is hungry a wolf eats—whether  or not it’s leg is broken.”

“Correction, it wasn’t broken per say, merely a compound fracture. I have done my best to wrap it and, according to my calculations, you should get full use of it within the next few days.” Jerome paused before continuing, “I have a list of concerns though. According to my employers records you are a prestigious, pure-blood, werewolf of well-known pack. Your lineage can be traced back almost one thousand years, and each of your ancestors was a pure-blood as well. Your body should have been thirty-percent healed by now.”

Sookies agitation became palpable as she whipped her legs over the bed and winced in pain. “Details, details, details.” Jerome tried to protest but she stopped him mid-sentence, “You will bring me crutches or I will limp my way to the kitchen, where you will feed me. I do not do the bed ridden game. “

Jerome reached around the corner into the hallway where he had already prepared a pair of crutches. “According to the description of your personality, I assumed as much. Please do follow me Ms. Sookie.”

Elizabeth was finally reaching a stable condition. She was laying naked on a long wooden table in a room that was completely bare. The only light that was in it was dull and coming from a fluorescent light fixture above them.

It had taken hours of spell-casting and weaving intricate castings across her, now naked, body. It was covered in runes and strange symbols. A very young girl was next Elizabeth, her eyes were closed and she was chanting some ancient language, repeating the same words over and over again. She had strawberry-blonde hair and deep, sea green, eyes. She wore a grey shirt with blue jeans. Her chanting came to a very abrupt and sudden stop.

The sygils and runes on Elizabeth’s body suddenly disappeared and then the young girl spoke, “It’s a good thing you came to me when you did, Elijah.”

“Yes,” Elijah, who was standing next to her, was still wearing the same thing he was when he appeared through the gate and grabbed Elizabeth. He hadn’t left her side since. “I apologize for waking you, but for some reason I figured you were the best when it came to beating fairy poisons, considering the magic you use was designed specifically to kill fairies. Essentially, Ariel.”

Ariel changed the topic of conversation very quickly, because she had a lot of questions that needed to be answered, “I imagine this means war then? Between Ryuzaki and Ezralda.” She paused for a second before adding, “It’s finally come time for us to join sides.”

“What side is there to join?” A booming voice said, slamming through the door. He was tall man, about six foot five and his biceps were nearly the size of Ariel’s head. He was wearing a pair of flip flops with strange, purple pants on. The pants tied off just below his knees and on his chest he had a sleeveless black shirt on. Around his neck was a beaded purple necklace. “Ezralda has done something she promised she wouldn’t when we helped her take the fairy throne—killed the Summer Queen and refused to pass the mantle of power on to another, thus ending the change of seaons. She’s forced this dimension into an eternal winter, and now she’s attacked Elizabeth, it’s—“

Ariel cut him off, “Matthew you need to look at the bigger picture here. Yes Ezralda did this, but if we kill her…I don’t even want to think about it. It could mean very, very bad things. The mantle of powers would again revert to their original heirs, if their bloodlines still exist in fairy, and then our seasons would be even more f***ed. Imagine if it went from an average degree of about ten degrees per year, which is what it is here in France, to about ninety-five?”

Matthew didn’t care, “The bitch dies, Ariel, and we will stand with a man of true honor and power. We will stand with Ryuzaki.”

“Yes, that does seem to be our only option.”

Matthew clenched his fists and the air in the room became filled with power and energy. Matthew was a man who was powerful enough to give Ryuzaki a good fight, not win of course but at least give him a bloody nose. He was now the warrior of the Prideux family, an ancient clan of witches and wizards based in France whose powers and lineage are traced back to the dark ages. Had it not been for the Prideux, the battle of Tours would have been lost, leaving Europe to be carved apart by the invading Arab army. Their feats in that battle earned them a large sum of land and immunity to all things government in France.

Elijah interrupted the intense silence and asked, “Ariel how much longer till she can fight again?”

“The poison is completely out of her system now, or it will be as soon as she goes to the bathroom, however her leg was somewhat mangled with that sword. I mended it the best I could but she’ll have to be weary of it for another week or so. With the aid of my magic she’ll be walking on it by the end of the day today, and be fighting on it in a week.”

Matthew reached on the other side of the door into the hallway; outside the room they were in was a coat hanger. He pulled off it a large, purple trench coat with a popped up collar. Matthew stopped moving for a minute, he was being to rash. He was still angry at Ezralda for betraying everyone, especially Ryuzaki and Sookie, and he was letting his emotions get the best of him. He said, “Fedora and Jensen are on patrol, just in case Ezralda decides to strike again.” He paused, thinking about the next best thing to do. “I don’t want to leave and go talk to Michael, not yet. If he needs us he’ll send someone. I can’t afford to leave the estate, not at a time like this.”

Ariel placed her small hand on his large shoulder and said, “Do not worry, warrior, soon enough we’ll strangle the life out of Ezralda’s throat. I’m sure Ryuzaki will save that pleasure for himself, now that I think about it, but perhaps you could kill Nahadoth? That would shatter any sense of security she has.”

Elijah’s voice was low and dangerous, he said, “No, Nahadoth will be my kill. He gripped the handle of his sword and emerald green energy swirled around him. “To think that my father died alongside those two, if hadn’t of given his life during the fight with Erevis then those two would be dead, and yet they do this? Not only do they betray the two people who gave up the most during that fight, but they also betrayed all of us when they killed the Summer Queen.” His eyes glowed green before all the energy he summon faded away at the touch of Elizabeth’s hand on his harm.
She had woken up and she said, “Nahadoth is not what he once was, you all know this, he is not the man who your father knew. He is a complete and total demon, probably one of the most powerful demons to have ever existed.”

Everyone nodded their head, knowing full well just what Nahadoth and Ezralda were capable of together.


Sookie was leaning up against a counter top, she was tearing chunks out of a large piece of steak that was hardly cook whatsoever. Jerome stood patiently at her side. Her speech was muffled with food as she said, “So, Jerome, are Ellie and Zane around? Also what’s the status on Ryuzaki?” Sookie was completely unaware of what had happened to Ryuzaki during the battle, in her mind he was just injured slightly and was healing up somewhere, possibly hunting for some fresh blood.

A lesson without pain is meaningless. That’s because you can not gain something without sacrificing something else in return. But, once you’ve over come the pain you will gain a heart that is stronger than anything else.

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Re: These Bloody Streets--A Decisive Battle! --IC--
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The snowy blizzard was furious and the temperature was below freezing, turning anyone mad enough to venture outside into icicles. However, the figure that stood outside at the moment appeared to be unaffected by the wind or the cold. He looked to be a little over average in height and the figure under his cloths spoke of an average build. He had wild black hair that was whipping around in the strong wind and a pair of solid welder's goggles over his eyes, with mirrored lenses.

The man was wearing a leather jacket in a red and black design with fur at the collar and cuffs; except that the fur wasn’t from any animal, it was actually live, clean flames. The jacket was open and flapping in the wind to reveal a black vest worn loose, a pair of heavy black trousers with leather straps running down both legs, and a pair of heavy black work boots on his feet. Fluttering around his neck was a thin necklace of string that held three wooden flame emblems at his collar.

What was perhaps most strange about the man was the fact that despite the wind moving his clothes, the cold seemed ineffective. Snow was piled up in feet around him but directly at his feet, in a small circle, was fresh green grass that was damp with water.

“You…you’ll nev…never get away with this!” a voice said and the figure looked down at the near-corpse he held in his right hand.

With little effort, despite his physical figure, he lifted the creature up and held him aloft as smoke leaked out from where his fingers made contact with the flesh at its neck. It’s sleek physique and prominent features named the creature as a fairy and it’s blue-tinged skin made it one of the winter. The man in the leather jacket had long burnt off the fairy’s clothes, leaving her completely naked.

“I’m sorry?” the figure asked coyly.

“Her Majesty…will know it was…you.” Her throat had to be close to collapsing but the fairy managed to sputter out her words.

Her Majesty…” he said with obvious scorn “…will know that her scouting party has disappeared, the mystery of its cause will remain unknown, however.”

“Your marks…are obvious…Salamander!” she gargled and her body dropped to the floor as the man burnt completely through her neck.

Michael Sanderford dropped the fairy’s head into the snow and it was quickly covered by the blizzard. Around where he stood was the remains of what had been a Winter Fairy scouting party, burnt bodies were still aflame in the snow and the remains of a large tent was smouldering on the ground. Michael surveyed the area before raising one of his hands in a claw shape in front of him. All the flames in the area suddenly leant towards him as though blown by a strong wind, before they were sucked from their perches and formed into one flame that hovered above his hand. Michael then crushed the flames into nonexistence.

However, it wasn’t only flame Michael had gotten rid of. While he had pulled away all the flames, he had also removed any remnants of anything being burned. The burnt corpses had become nothing more than shrivelled mummies and the edges of the tent looked like it had simply been torn. Even as Michael stood there, the remnants of the party was already being covered up by the blizzard. He smiled to himself and turned away from the slowly disappearing evidence, as he walked forwards the snow in front of him instantly melted to reveal the grass and created a small path. Luckily the snow fall was heavy enough that the path was already being filled in behind him.

This was the sixth group of winter fairies that Michael had taken care of in the last week. They had been encroaching on to territory that Ezralda didn’t yet fully control and Michael had taken it upon himself to defend the area from her influence. The remaining humans would fight bravely, he knew, but none of them could truly stand the might of Ezralda’s soldiers.

Michael raised his hands to access the magical barrier he had put up around the area when a low dull tone filled his ears. He didn’t look around to see where the sound came from, he knew.

“Ellie.” He said and suddenly his whole body ignited before he turned into flame and shot into the sky.


Zane and Ellie were both stood on the roof of the tower. It was mostly bare, with a waist high wall running around the edge and a strange pyramidal pedestal-like object in its centre. Running out from the pedestal were groves in the stone the led off and around the pedestal in varying patterns; it wasn’t drastically different from the rune circle in Michael’s study. Ellie’s fire patterned staff had been inserted into a circular opening at the tip of pedestal and invisible bubbles of magical energy was pulsating out with the staff at their centre.

Suddenly a spear of fire appeared in the sky and crashed down on the tip of the staff, lighting it up with flames that travelled down its shaft, into the pedestal and spread around the grooves in the stone. In milliseconds the grooves were filled and the flames were all sucked towards the staff again where they formed into Michael with his hand around Ellie’s staff. Once he was completed, he pulled the staff free, shutting off the magical bubbles, and threw it to Ellie, who caught it deftly in one hand.

“What’s the matter?” He asked, noting the worry and concern on Ellie’s face.

“Master, it’s Ryuzaki and Sookie, they’ve been injured.” She said

“Damn it!” Michael said and turned around to sweep down the stairs. He didn’t ask any questions, he knew that if Ryuzaki wasn’t the one telling him they had been attacked, then he was in big trouble. As he entered the building he sensed the seals Ellie had placed on his study’s door. “My study?” he asked, ignoring his ban he had put on entering it.

“Yes Master, it was the only way I could save him.” Ellie said from where she was following on his heels, Zane close behind her. “I’ve had to put him into Stasis, he’s been poisoned or something similar; it was beyond my abilities to help him.” Ellie wasn’t insecure but Michael could sense her helplessness in her voice.

“You’ve done well, Ellie, do not fret.” Michael said with a comforting smile. As he approached the sealed door of his study, the fiery symbols that hovered in the air evaporated and the doors swung open. “Impressive…” Michael muttered and Ellie smiled at the compliment. That smile quickly disappeared when she saw Ryuzaki in the magical dome she had created.

“No!” she said as the doors slammed shut behind Zane, who took up position next to the them. “I did everything right, this can’t have happened!”

The reason she had grown hectic was because Ryuzaki’s condition seemed to have drastically worsened. No longer was he well fleshed and muscled, and all his veins and arteries seemed to be glowing blue. Not only was he thinner but he was practically just skin on top of bones and organs; like a corpse.

“No!” Ellie called  out again, clutching at her staff, but Michael raised his hand to quiet her.

“Calm, Eleanor. There is nothing wrong with your magic, Ryuzaki did this himself.” He walked forward and touched one of the floating runes around the dome. It caught alight and quickly burned away, followed by the rest of the runes and the dome itself. Michael walked forward and his he crouched down to look at his old friend, his jacket caught on fire and burnt away itself. There was now a hole in Ryuzaki’s chest and his heart was missing; Michael glanced to the side and saw that it was clenched tightly in his hand.

A paper thin membrane of fire appeared around Michael’s body before thousands of tiny tendrils sprouted forth and seemed to touch Ryuzaki from all possible directions. “Ezralda did some research it seemed; her poison uses his own immortality to kill him. Ryuzaki had to kill himself in order to stop its progress; no immortality, no poison.”

Ellie’s face drained of colour and Zane jumped up from where he had been leaning on the wall. “So…so he’s…he’s d…” she couldn’t bring herself to say it. Zane’s face was one of complete shock.

“Oh my, sorry, no. I don’t think Ryuzaki would commit suicide; even more so after Ezralda attacked him. No I more think he did it to prevent the poison from killing him before I could act.” Michael said quickly, glancing back at the two of them.

“I knew you could save him.” Ellie said, wiping tears that had started to well in her eyes.

“I’m afraid this is beyond even my abilities; but luckily we know someone who can. But first…” he reached forward and gingerly took hold of Ryuzaki’s heart, prying it loose from his clenched hand with a little effort. His heart was as hard as stone but Michael still placed it back into the hole where it had come from.

For a second nothing happened but then suddenly, everything started to knit itself together again, closing the hole completely. “I didn’t know a Master Vampire could heal even from having his heart removed; amazing.”

Ryuzaki’s body started to jerk wildly and Michael quickly retreated to stand by Ellie as Ryuzaki became more animated. His body, however, remained corpse-like as his back arced and his eyes sprang open. He jerked to a sitting position and a roar escaped from his throat. It was long and ferocious and was loud enough to reach every corner of the tower. He let it die and it was still echoing as Ryuzaki looked up at Michael and Ellie.

“Michael…” he said, his voice not much more than a whisper. Michael quickly darted forward and lifted Ryuzaki so that he was being supported on Michael’s shoulders. “What..” Ryuzaki started but Michael quieted him.

“I cannot help you, I must take you to someone who can. Have you still got those crystals?” he asked and Ryuzaki nodded, indicating to his pocket with a bony finger. Michael quickly rummaged through the pocket, Ryuzaki’s trousers were hanging limp around his skinny waist, and extracted the piece of armour that housed the crystals and tucked it into his own pocket.

“Where…?” Ryuzaki started but Michael interrupted.

“I’m taking you to the Prideux Estate, Ariel is the only one who can save you now.” He said, moving Ryuzaki closer to the door slowly.

“No…where…is…” Ryuzaki seemed to run out of breath and he paused to suck it in with a rattle.

Ellie suddenly clicked what he was trying to say and jumped in. “Sookie’s fine, Ryuzaki. She had superficial injuries compared to you, although something seems to have stopped her werewolf regeneration abilities.” She said quickly, smiling when Ryuzaki nodded.

“Thank…you…” he said slowly and gestured for Michael to stop. “Stay…with her. Can’t…see me…like this.” He managed, sucking in more rattling breaths.

Ellie nodded and Michael touched the Crystals in his pocket, activated the gateway and opening it directly in front of him. It opened directly into a bare room that housed nothing except a long wooden table with a naked figure on it and three others standing around it. Michael quickly pulled Ryuzaki through the gateway and let it shut behind him. The shocked faces in front of him told Michael they recognised the man he was holding up but he had no time to explain.

“I’m sorry, but there is no time to explain. Ariel, I need you to say these words, and these words exactly.” He raised his free hand and sketched a set of long complicated words in a strange language into the air with fire. Ariel looked surprised and Michael nearly sighed. “I know the language, Ariel, I just don’t have access to the magic. Now, please, say the words.”
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Re: These Bloody Streets--A Decisive Battle! --IC--
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Without being told so, the shocked Elijah grabbed Elizabeth in both his arms and lifted her gently off the table. Michael laid Ryuzaki down and then gestured to Ariel to begin.

Ariel studied the words very, very, carefully. She trusted Michael and his intelligence, and she believed him when he said he understood the language—he always seemed a little to intuitive when she was speaking her magic—but she couldn’t just say anything he told her too. Her magic works by speaking the true names of everything, then asking those things for their help. For example fire, all she has to do to someone fire is to speak its true name and, seemingly out of nowhere, she’ll conjure a flame. From their she has to speak in the same language she called the fire, which is an archaic language from the days pre-history and cavemen, what she wants it to do.

However the words Michael held up were strange, even to her, the Ancients never had a word for “Vampire” so Michael had to make one using existing words, which he did so flawlessly, but what the words were saying was that Ryuzaki’s own immortality was being used against him, something that she found very odd. How could she have done this? It would take a level of magic that not even Gods could achieve! She read further and found the part that she was missing, she didn’t read far enough along Michaels words to see that Ryuzaki had been poisoned somehow and it was a list of instructions on how to combat it. My word Michael, you are far smarter than I would have ever given you credit for. He created a set of instructions perfectly, and it probably saved Ryuzaki’s life. I doubt I would have  been able to find the source quick enough to create a spell to combat it.

Ariel’s eyes glazed over and she began speaking the list of words Michael had created with his fire. As she spoke them, she felt the words giving her power and she channeled that power into the purpose she had intended them for.

She stopped and for a brief second nothing happened, then she said, “I would like to recommend that anyone incapable of defending themselves leave the room, now. When Ryuzaki awakens he will probably be mad or hungry. Most probably both.”

Elijah took note of that and said, “I should get Elizabeth to our bedroom anyway, so she can sleep in a proper bed. If anything important happens let me know.” A small circle appeared below Elijah’s feet and traveled upwards across his body. Each segment of his body that it passed suddenly disappeared until it reached the tip of his head and then his body completely vanished.

In the next instant Elijah was standing in a large bedroom. In the room was a large bed built for two people, a sectional could that curved around one wall and onto another, and three doors, one of which was glass and led outside where a large ledge was built and on it sat a wooden rocking chair. Through the door you could clearly see the darkness of the night being illuminated by a gorgeous, almost full moon. The other door led to a bathroom and the third let outside into a hallway.

Michael walked over to the bed and gently laid Elizabeth down, he went to the otherside and loosed the covers. She crawled her way over and got underneath of them. Michael brushed her long, brown curls out of her face and said, “Rest, Elizabeth.” Elizabeth grabbed Elijah’s hand and smiled, then closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Elijah walked out into the hallway and then into another room directly across from theirs. The hallway was massive and long and carved of stone. The door next to theirs looked old and made of wood, as he opened it the door let out a loud creek. He walked in and flipped on a light switch. As light filled the room, hundreds of swords, maces, guns, war hammer, and armor was littered about. He walked casually over to what looked like a coat hanger and grabbed a chainmail glove from the shelf.

He pounded his right fist into the wall and said, “Damnit, I thought these days were passed us. I thought the days of killing our friends and being betrayed were gone, we had finally done what we were fighting for this entire time.” He shook his head and walked back to the room he was previously in. Next to the door he leaned his sword up against the wall and dropped the chainmail glove onto the floor. He walked over to the sectional couch and sat down. Adjacent to part of the couch was a TV and he flipped it on, determined to be next to Elizabeth when she woke up.

He was slightly concerned for Matthew, Michael, and Ariel in the cellar of the mighty castle that they were in, but he figured if they needed him they’d call him.

Ezralda sat on her massive throne. The back of the chair nearly reached the ceiling and it was carved out pure ice, with long arm rests and a bright red cushion. To her right was a similar, but smaller, throne carved out of ice that was as black as night. All along her throne were others just like hers, all smaller and some carved from different colors.

The room was a massive ball room. Hanging from the roof was a chandelier carved from ice that weighed more than ten semi-trucks. It had gorgeous, exquisite loops that held diamonds that shimmered in the light that reflected off of it. The rest of the room was the size of a football stadium. It was also curved like one. Everything in it was at least some shade of blue, and the temperature was well below freezing.

Ezralda smiled as she said, “Welcome, Nahadoth and Company.” She was blue dress the shade of freshly frozen ice, and, like ice, it was a somewhat translucent. It clung tightly to her perfectly sculpted body. The top of her dress was cut strapless and pulled down lower than it probably should have been. Her hair was colored several shades of blue; her hair had shades of very dark and very light blue all spiraling together to annunciate her beauty. Her eyes were, likewise, a deep, dark blue—the color of the deepest parts of the ocean. She spoke again, “I trust your mission was a success?”

Nahadoth said, very loudly, and for all the royal fairies in the room to hear, “Ryuzaki, Master Vampire, is dead.”

Ezralda couldn’t contain her glee, her smile spread across her face, showing her white teeth, “And what of his pet wolf?”

“His last effort was to save her and she, regrettably, escaped. However we took down Elizabeth Prideux as well.”

Ezralda’s smile still didn’t fade, “She wasn’t the prime target anyway, and will be much easier to kill later. Please take your seats at my side.” She gestured with her hand and everyone fanned out, walking to their respective chairs. The rest of the faries who were in the room beginning going back about their business, discussing politics, asking for favors, et cetera. Ezralda, however was still smiling, and she was all that day.

She had no idea that her plan had utterly failed and what was coming for her….

A lesson without pain is meaningless. That’s because you can not gain something without sacrificing something else in return. But, once you’ve over come the pain you will gain a heart that is stronger than anything else.

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Re: These Bloody Streets--A Decisive Battle! --IC--
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As soon as Michael had travelled away with the weakened Ryuzaki, Ellie grabbed hold of Zane and they descended the tower by the stairs arm in arm. Ellie was happy now that Michael was saving Ryuzaki and the fact that her Master had not even scolded her for using his study without his permission. Zane was happy because Ellie was happy; that was enough for him. It took them a couple of minutes to get to the level Ellie had ordered Jerome to take Sookie, but when Ellie opened the door to her room, she found it empty.

“I give you one guess where she is.” Zane said with a smile, a smile that widened as Ellie looked at him confused. “A werewolf wakes up in a strange building with a strange man looking after her, injuries covering her body that won’t heal and the certainty that the man she has been with for the last however-many years is nearby, there is only one place I’d  be.” Ellie still look confused and Zane nearly laughed out loud. “To the kitchen, Ellie, to the kitchen.”

Ellie suddenly seemed to realise what he meant and happily lead the way down even more flights of stairs until she burst through the door and into the large kitchen that held Jerome waiting on Sookie who was at a counter biting into barely cooked meat. Releasing Zane she bounded across the room and wrapped a surprised Sookie in a backbreaking hug.

“Hey, easy there Ellie, injured woman you’re crushing to death here! Also, I’m trying to eat!” Sookie said, prying Ellie free and pushing her away from here. Zane nodded his greeting from the doorway and Sookie nodded back. “Seems like you just saved you butler from an ass kicking.” She said and Ellie looked shocked. “He wasn’t telling me where Ryuzaki was and I was about to beat it out of him.”

“Sookie you can’t threaten him, that’s so mean!” Ellie said, looking across at Jerome who was looking very relieved at her presence.

“Ellie, answer the question; where is Ryuzaki?” Sookie asked, the playfulness gone from her voice.

“In council with Master, discussing what to do about the attack.” Ellie said but Sookie just looked at her. “What?”

“You were never very good at lying, Ellie. Even more so since you’re talking to a Werewolf. So where is Ryuzaki really?” A hint of a threat entered her voice and Zane quickly stepped over to stand by Ellie.

“She’s not lying, he’s with Michael at the moment.” He said confidently, looking Sookie in the eyes.

“You’re a better liar, but that’s still not the whole truth.” She said, standing up to face the two. “Tell me where Ryuzaki is before things get ugly.”

Jerome gasped quietly, but whether that was because of Sookie’s threat, or the fact that she was stood on her fractured leg was up for debate.


After Michael had lain Ryuzaki on to the wooden table, he stepped back and leant on the wall as Ariel studied the words he had hung in the air. Michael inhaled deeply to gain control of his breathing, he wasn’t a physically strong man and Ryuzaki was a thousand years of fat and muscle condensed into a single form; he was a lot heavier than he looked. As he recovered he watched Ariel finally accept his words and tuned into her trance to convey the words into Ryuzaki’s body. Despite his confidence on the outside, Michael wasn’t one hundred percent sure that Ariel’s magic would work; even he had limited knowledge of the Master Vampire race.

Ariel’s magic was one of the few magics, not including the lost magics, that Michael had no ability to sense. So the only indication that her words were working was when Ryuzaki’s pale skin suddenly lost all of its colour and took on an unnatural white glow. Seeing as they had no way of knowing what Ryuzaki’s reaction would be, Michael nodded as Elijah took Elizabeth and moved them out of the room. That left himself, Matthew, and Ariel to deal with whatever fallout that may be heading their way.

Since Michael had little knowledge on the Master Vampires, he was working off of his knowledge of the True Vampire race, of which his intelligence was much more extensive. Ryuzaki’s body started to fit wildly and the wooden table he was laid on started to rock dangerously. Matthew started forward as if to restrain him but Michael raised a hand to stop him.

“We must let this progress as it does, anything we do might only hinder the process.” He said, and Matthew nodded his agreement; of which Michael was glad at.

Suddenly the white skin of Ryuzaki took on a literal glow and filled the room with intense light that blinded the unprotected eye. Luckily, Michael was still wearing his heavy welder’s goggles and although he had to look to the side to avoid the light completely, he was still able to see the astonishing effect his cobbled together words had on Ryuzaki’s body. One minute he was full sized, albeit as skinny as a corpse, the next his body shrunk rapidly until there was nothing left except a small baby wrapped in the folds of Ryuzaki’s trousers.

The light died away but before any of the three could comment on Ryuzaki’s new form, the baby cried out in pain and his body twisted violently as though all of its bones were being twisted by an invisible source. It was a gruesome thing to watch, a baby being twisted like that, but Michael kept his eyes locked onto Ryuzaki as his baby body stretched and twisted until a boy of around the age of three sat on the wooden table, looking around with wide eyes of unnatural luminous red.

This form only lasted for a couple of seconds, with the very young Ryuzaki bewildered by everything, before the bones in his body started to twist violently again and the process of stretching and twisting started up again until a screaming boy became a crying one approximately 12 years of age. Ryuzaki the boy looked up with his red eyes at the people around him, and it seemed he was filled with nothing but rage and sadness; the feelings of a boy ostracised by his family for being a satanic freak. “What is…?” he started before his body twisted violently again and he transformed again.

This time a boy of sixteen was sat on the table, his bare legs hanging off the side, as his long brown hair rested against his back and his eyes accused everything in his sight of evil. “Who are…?” he started before jumping to his feet and knocking the wooden table flying backwards where it shattered against the wall. “Erevis! Where are you Erevis? Save me, please!” he called desperately, dashing to the wall and pounding on it with small, but powerful, fists. Suddenly the arm he had swung back to hit the wall with twisted violently and the boy Ryuzaki cried out. “Erevis!!” and the transformation started up again.

This continued through various stages of Ryuzaki’s life until he stood there with long silver hair hanging freely around his face and glowing red eyes staring out from a pale face. “Where the f*** am I?” he said with a hiss, showing off his pointed fangs. Ariel started to speak but Michael raised a hand and looked at her with the clear instruction to remain silent. “You clearly know who I am, so you clearly know who you’re f***ing with!” Ryuzaki said, keeping in a low crouch, ready for combat. “The Order doesn’t take kindly to people who threaten its pow…” he stopped and cried out in pain as his spine seemed to try and pull itself free of his body.

His body contorted once again and a bright light erupted from his chest as his silver hair seemed to shed while being immediately replaced by locks of the deepest black. The glow of his red eyes faded and became a softer gold of knowledge and power. All his muscles were taught with stress and his bones still seemed to be shifting around as he tried to move. As he dropped to the floor, writhing in pain, his eyes looked up and Michael instantly recognised that he had returned to his current mind. With no warning whatsoever he leaped forward, a sizzling spear of fire forming in his hands and drove it into the centre of his chest.

Ryuzaki’s eyes widened in surprise as he fell back against the floor and bot h Matthew and Ariel cried out at the sudden attack. “Wait for it!” Michael called as it seemed Matthew was just about ready to tear him in half.

The fire spear had disappeared and the hole it had made in Ryuzaki’s chest instantly knitted itself shut, allowing Ryuzaki to sit up and stare at the three people around him. His body was back to how it had been before the attack; lithe and thinly muscled, yet infinitely strong. He stood up slowly, completely naked, and looked slowly from Matthew, to Ariel, to Michael. “Right, what happened?” he said slowly.

“It seems you were poisoned and…” Michael stopped in his tracks as Ryuzaki raised a hand.

“No, I remember that. The autumn fairy, Nyx, poisoned me with something Nahadoth claimed used my immortality to kill me. What happened after that, how am I still alive?” Ryuzaki said, again slowly as though he was talking to a dim-witted person.

“To put it simply, Ariel hit the reset button.” Michael said but decided to continue as Ryuzaki raised an eyebrow. “Her power to speak to all things works on living things as much as physical objects, it’s just that they tend to reject it more often than not. Luckily for us, your cells were pretty much dead already, so I put together a string of words in the language Ariel used that spoke directly to your cells.” He stopped and smiled. “Quite simply, Ariel asked your cells to politely start back from the beginning. Thus you now have a completely different set of cells to the ones Ezralda poisoned; it’s quite ingenious actually, I should be given a medal.”

Ryuzaki smirked and suddenly the atmosphere in the room became lighter. “Fair enough, is Sookie still at your tower?” he asked, seeing as she wasn’t in the room with them.

“Yes, you asked Ellie and Zane to look after her, which is exactly what they are doing I suspect.”

“My crystal?”

“Right here…” Michael said and lifted the magical crystals in his hand. “But I can’t give it to you.”

“What?” Ryuzaki said, a dangerous tone in his voice.

“Not before you put on some damn trousers.” Michael said and tossed the remains of Ryuzaki’s blue trousers to him.

Ryuzaki looked down and seemed to realise he had been stood there naked. He shrugged and quickly stepped into his trousers, tightening them at the waist by the belt that had somehow survived his ordeal. “When did you get a sense of humour that wasn’t crazy?” he asked, catching the crystal as Michael through it to him.

“Now that is the biggest mystery of all.” Michael said.

“Well, isn’t that convenient. Right, gather anyone who you think can survive for more than five seconds in a fight to the death.” Ryuzaki’s voice had become deadly serious. “I’m sure you’ve figured it out already but Ezralda attacking me was the biggest mistake she could ever make, I cannot ignore this.”

“What will you do?” Ariel asked, unable to contain her curiosity.

Ryuzaki’s smile was full of malice and rage. “I’m going to march into her winter palace, bring it crumbling down around her, and then I’m going to tear off her head and feed it to the wolves.”
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Re: These Bloody Streets--A Decisive Battle! --IC--
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Sookie clenched her fists so tightly that the knuckles popped. She was still naked, Jerome had showed her a wardrobe of sorts with clothes that she could wear and most it consisted of something in the pink or yellow variety—not something she was willing to be seen in. However she finally compromised with Jerome when he fetched her a black bath towel. She had it wrapped around her torso and it fell about six inches past her hips.

Ellie sighed and placed her hand on her forehead, seemingly agitated at Sookie’s response, while Zane bulked up his chest. Sookie lifted her nose in the air and sniffed a few times, “He was here, I can smell him.” She narrowed her eyes; it was hard to keep up the tough-girl act with a badly fractured leg and when her cuts, just from the sudden jerk upwards, had split back open a little. Testing her werewolf abilities right now wasn’t something she wanted to do, she wanted to reserve as much power for healing as she could. She leaned back against the table and said to Zane and Ellie.

“f***ers, you’re lucky I’m tired otherwise I’d press the issue further.” Her rage escaped a little though and she let out in a low, growling voice, “But I sware to god if he is, like, dead or something and you haven’t told me,”—her expression changed to half-joking—“well, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘feed you to the wolves’ before, haven’t you?” Hidden underneath her façade of rage and jokes, was raw emotion. She vividly remembered Ryuzaki, extremely weakened, something she hasn’t seen, ever. She almost thought him to be invincible, but she learned with Ryuk that nothing is completely invincible. However when it came to Ellie and Zane she could say that she actually trusted them, especially Ellie she had a heart of gold and if Ryuzaki was with Michael then there was pretty much a guaranteed chance he was safe.   

Ryuk, God damnit. Her thoughts began to go grave, My worst fear? Is that my worst fear? Fight Ryuk? It doesn’t make any sense.

She snapped back to reality and said to Ellie, “Alright so shit got real when we were in Asia, shortly after you left Ellie.” Sookie proceeded to fill them in on the details and what had happened. “My f***ing amulet is what caused me to go down and get all this—“She gestured around her body, pointing out her leg and the deep gashes in her sides”—done to me. Thus I had to destroy my amulet; something that came in handy when transforming, I could communicate and didn’t have to worry about being naked all the time. Not that it bothers me, most people just aren’t a custom to seeing a naked girl walk around. It offends them, bastards.”

She said to Zane and Ellie, “Therefore I conclude the best thing we should do is go watch TV, drink some booze, ya know get ready for the apocalypse.” So okie was genuinely happy to be in the presence of Zane and Ellie, they were to people whom she actually considered her friends, if she could say she even had any.

Ellie laughed and Zane seemed somewhat distressed, “Sookie! We should be getting ready.”

“Pssht, what is there to get ready about, the Prideux family is probably rallying our strongest allies, Elijah was pissed when he left, Ryuzaki is God knows where, Michael is God knows where, and I’m stuck here in a stupid tower like f***ing Rapunzel.” Which reminds me, she stood up from the table again, “I want to know where Ryuzaki is, but I also trust you two, with my life in fact, but not with Ryuzaki’s. I’ve lost one friend like him and I won’t lose another.” Her anger bubbled at the surface slightly and she growled, “If I do not see Ryuzaki within the hour, there will be hell to pay, you two.”


Matthew was utterly shocked at the series of events he witnessed, Ryuzaki for a moment seemed helpless and week, something he’d never once seen before. He said to him, “Feed her to the wolves? Don’t you mean Wolf?” Matthew laughed, “I’m sure Sookie is quite angry at these turn of events.”

Ryuzaki nodded and said, “Perhaps that was a better phrase.”

Ariel chimed in, “Ryuzaki I still keep tabs on the bearers of the stones, you remember from the first time we met, when we fought alongside Ryuk and Nyx? Godrik and Jin are the only two, however, that I know of. If I put more effort in I believe I can find Reason as well.”

Ryuzaki nodded, “They fought well then, and I’m sure they’d do the same.” He turned to Matthew, “You and Lizzy will make powerful assets, as will Zane and Ellie, I can think of a few more odds and ends off the top of my head.”

Matthew stroked his bare face and said, “Jensen and Cern you may remember they each carry one of the lost magics, and they’ve been pissed at Ezralda ever since she took away the change of seasons. Each of them spent a lot of time in warmer climates, and after this I’m sure they’re itching for a chance to stick it to her.” He paused to think again, “We need to keep your survival a secret, Ryuzaki, I want to see the shock on that bitch’s face when we bust into her palace!”

Ariel smiled, “And do not worry about that potion coming into effect again, it must have taken her years to brew it and some substantially rare ingredients, I don’t we’ll encounter it again. And if we do I’ll be there to tear it to shreds.” Her voice changed to slightly darker, “And I’ve been hunting down Jaedon for a while, he gave me this sudden burst of power that day he nearly killed me, and I want to use it on him.”

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A lesson without pain is meaningless. That’s because you can not gain something without sacrificing something else in return. But, once you’ve over come the pain you will gain a heart that is stronger than anything else.

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Re: These Bloody Streets--A Decisive Battle! --IC--
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Ryuzaki smiled at the suggestions, he recognised all the names and was even surprised when Ariel mentioned the Stone Bearers he had met so many years ago. “The more the merrier, as they say.” He said “But we’re not the only ones with a lot of powerful friends. I’m sure Ezralda will have surrounded herself with as many of her ‘friends’ as she can. The more information we have on the enemy forces, the easier it will be to take them down.”

“All I can think of name wise is Ezralda herself, Nahadoth, that autumn fairy Nyx, the spring fairy Jayden, who I remember now you mention it Ariel, and that armoured guy that was fighting Sookie; Tezra or something like that.” He counted them off on his fingers as he said their name, showing it to the people in front of them. “Along with that she’ll have powerful fairies from the remaining seasons no doubt, as well as help from high class mages from the snivelling Council of Winter…”

Michael cleared his throat and Ryuzaki looked across at him. “We don’t have to worry about the Council of Winter, I killed all the top level members a number of months ago.” He said nonchalantly with a shrug of his shoulders.

“That cuts some off the list, but I’m sure she still has access to mages of all levels.” Ryuzaki replied with a nod. “Any of you recall anyone I may have missed. What about that Blaire fellow, is he still around?”

“Well, while you guys get to planning this thing, I’d appreciate it if you could give me a lift back to my tower, Ryuzaki. I’ll collect Sookie, Ellie, and Zane while I’m there and return to the estate as quickly as I can. I have a few things I need to do in the Tower but then I’ll return.” Michael said. “If you could open up your portal on my doorstep, that would be a plus.” He continued with a smile.

“That makes sense…hopefully Sookie isn’t too mad with me.” Ryuzaki said with a laugh and reached into his pocket to activate his crystal.

The yellow bar of light appeared and rotated into a doorway that led directly to a physical doorway of wood and metal; the entrance to Michael’s Tower. “I didn’t expect you to literally place it on my doorstep.” Michael said and Ryuzaki laughed as the mage stepped through before closing it on his heels.

“Right then, speaking of gathering forces, we’ll need to do it immediately if we plan on attacking any time soon; which I expect to do, I’m not letting her celebrate my death for too long. Ariel, you hunt down those Stone Bearers, the fairy magic contained in those things will be a great advantage to us. Matthew, call in Jensen and Cern and then find us somewhere in this estate I can turn into a war room. While you’re at it, make sure Elijah meets us there and if Elizabeth is up to it, she better be there as well.”

Ryuzaki naturally fell into the leadership role, giving out orders with the expectation that they were to be followed. The others around him, his friends, naturally let him do it; that was where he belonged after all.


As soon as the magical gateway slipped shut behind him, Michael’s upper body was engulfed in flames as he regenerated his black and red leather jacket; complete with fiery collar and cuffs. He continued his stride forward and the doors that led into his secluded tower swung open to allow him entry. He didn’t bother to close them; they were already shutting as soon as he passed through, and made his way quickly up the stairs to Sookie’s room.

However, as he passed the door to the kitchen he heard voices from within and changed course to stride through the doorway. Sookie was sat at one of the sides chewing on the remains of what looked to have been a slab of raw meat, Ellie was sat next to her, her head resting in her hands as she recounted a story of some sort, and Zane was sat at the large oak table in the centre of the room, reading one of Michael’s many books. As soon as the door had swung open, all three of them had turned to see him and Ellie immediately jumped to her feet while Sookie swivelled in her chair to face him.


“Michael, where the hell is Ryuzaki!?”

Both Ellie and Sookie spoke at the same time, but Sookie’s growling tone was louder. Zane just dropped his eyes back to his book. “You seem to be relaxed, but you’re wasting time. Gather up some warm clothes and wait by the door, I’ll be with you briefly.”

“I knew it!” Zane muttered, closing his book, as Ellie threw him a look made of daggers.

“Michael, answer my god damn question!” Sookie said again, not impressed with being ignored.

“Sookie…”Michael said slowly. “…put some clothes on for goodness sakes.” He said before turning on his heel to stride out only to see Jerome stood in the corner. “Brilliant, follow me Jerome.”

“Of course Master.” The butler said formally and followed with a stiff step after Michael as he exited the room.

“Damn you Michael!” Sookie called after him, cringing as she leapt to her feet.

“Come on then you two; let’s get this ‘readying’ done like I said right at the beginning.” Zane said, standing up and heading for the door himself.

“Oh, shut up Zane!” Ellie said with an exasperated sigh, but looked expectantly towards Sookie.
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Re: These Bloody Streets--A Decisive Battle! --IC--
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“Gaaah!” Sookie yelled at Michael as she left the hallway and limped back to her room. “I do not want to wear clothes Michael!” She stopped for a second and grabbed Ellie by the wrist. With an awkward gimp-walk, she had Ellie give her directions to her bedroom. “Once we are there, you will find me sweat pants that I deem suitable.”

After a very painful trip up the stairs, with Zane yelling the whole way for Sookie to stop dragging Ellie, and Ellie laughing and enjoying the moment, they arrived at Ellie’s quarters. Ellie meandered around and eventually found a pair of baggy gray sweatpants for Sookie to wear; she removed the towel and put them on. After that Ellie tossed her way a white sports bra, “Alright now hopefully I look somewhat presentable.” 

Ellie nodded with a slight Chuckle. “I wonder how much longer Master will be.” 

Matthew became ecstatic, much like a boy on Christmas at Ryuzaki’s request for a war room.  “Ha, we have an actual war room Ryuzaki, I hasn’t been properly used in Lord knows how long! It has a king Arthur style round table!”

Matthew then left the room to let Ryuzaki do what he needed to do, he had preparations to make, guests to prepare for, and a war room to find. The Prideux estate had one, he knew for a fact, he just couldn’t remember quite where it was. Ah that’s right, He thought to himself, It’s on the top floor. Elijah should know right where that’s at. I’ll have to have him make a gate to their for easier access. He pulled out a small cellphone and dialed a number, a small voice on the other end answered, “Hello?”

“This is Matthew, we will probably be having about twenty guests arriving soon. Have the family prep for them, and then confine everyone to quarters until further notice.” He snapped the phone shut and continued walking. There was plenty of space in the castle for everyone to have their own room, so the space wasn’t anything to worry about; he just had to deactivate some of the highly powerful wards around the perimeter.

After about twenty minutes of walking he came to the very same hallway that Elizabeth and Elijah were in. He knocked gently on the door and opened it. He was relieved to see Elizabeth stretching out her bad leg and saying to Elijah, “Honestly I can hardly feel a thing, it’s like nothing even happened, Ariel’s magic is wondrous.”

Matthew turned to embrace her once they noticed that he had entered the room, he held her in a tight hug and said, “Thank heavens, how could I call myself the Guardian of the family if I allowed one of our youngest and strongest to be killed by a puppet for a fairy?”

Elizabeth smiled and pulled away, then she said, “Matthew you truly are an amazing cousin—you’re almost like a brother.”

Elijah spoke next, “How’d things go with Ryuzaki?”

“They went very well, he is ready to smash heads again, excitingly enough, and he has requested our help.”

“Requested?” Elijah interrupted, “Shit I was gonna’ go whether or not he wanted to me too.”

Matthew let out a toothy grin and said, “We will be needed in the war room, soon.  Could you please create a gate covering the entryway to the front door that leads right to it? That way our guests won’t be stumbling around the house?”

“Guests?” Elizabeth asked, curious.

“You do not truly believe the six of us could take down Ezralda? She’ll have her strongest beside her. That reminds me to say this,” He paused, all humor or enjoyment out of his voice, “You are now a full mage, Elizabeth—“He reached out of his pocked and pulled out a necklace, then gave it to her. “You’ve earned it. This means that I have to trust you can take care of yourself, especially in a battle like this. I know you’re strong, both of you are extremely strong, but this battle, this battle will be disastrous and chaotic. It will be like nothing we’ve ever experience before.”

Elizabeth and Elijah nodded and stood in silence for a moment, Elijah grabbed his sword and chainmail glove, while Elizabeth went to her wardrobe to get dressed, Elijah turned to Matthew just as he was beginning to leave the room, “Matthew I have created the gates you requested. Lizzy and I will be in the war room shortly, once we change clothes into something more suited for battle.”

“Excellent,” He said, “We’ll show that bitch what happens when she betrays us, then tries to behead us.

Cern’s long blonde black hair cascaded across her chest.

Misa walked onto the Prideux estate fully aware of all the dangerous wards around her. Fortunately they had been deactivated; otherwise she’d have been annihilated as an uninvited guest. She had been traveling on a poorly maintained dirt road in a ridiculously dense forest. Eventually, the forest cleared a little and the expanse became completely clear of trees, all that you could see was large, rolling hills and a massive stone castle in the distance.

The forest kept most of the heavy snowfall at bay, but out in the open the snow reached almost thirteen inches deep. It wasn’t a blizzard, as the wind was gentle and calm, but the snow that fell was heavy, dense, and wet. Misa was well prepared for it, however, and she wore a thick cloak lined with fur that completely shut around her body. The hood came up to cover her face. Her long black hair she had tied in a bun above her head. Her long Falcion caused the cloak she was wearing to be obscured slightly and stick out at the side.

Misa grew very tired of walking, very quickly. She had been summoned by some women named Ariel under the direct request of Ryuzaki. “What could he want with me? He hasn’t seen me in god knows long and I get some magic letter saying he needs my help? What could the Master Vampire need my help with?”

She began to run towards the castle and after about ten minutes she had arrived there, her body showing no signs of wear. The door was left open and she walked right in.

Upon entering she noticed something strange come over her. She didn’t walk into any hallway, or something you’d expect to walk into when you first enter into a Castle. Instead she was in a large room with a massive, circular, wooden table in the center. Six figures sat at the table, a very young girl whose presence spoke of age and wisdom, a well-built man with short brown hair, she recognized him as Matthew Prideux—an infamous mage. Matthew was wearing a long purple coat with purple pants and black shirt. Next to Matthew were two more people of about twenty years of age.

Everybody stood up to introduce themselves.
“Hello Misa,” The odd, young girl with the body of a seven year old said, “My name is Ariel and I am the one who summoned you.” She was wearing grey leggings and a black dress over them. Her blonde hair fell to her sides and her eyes glowed an intense silver—the color of age and wisdom.
The went around in a circle after that.

“My name is Lizzie.” She was wearing black gauchos and a purple and black horizontally striped tank top. She had on an odd necklace that Misa could clearly see radiated power. ‘

“My name is Elijah. Please call me Eli.” A boy wearing more battle practical clothes said, he had on a dark green combat vest meant to stop both bullets and knives. His pants were heavy grey carego pants and across his left side a sword hung, sheathed.

Matthew stood up then. He was wearing his signature purple coat that reached just to his ankles with a color popped up. He had on beaded necklace around his neck and, much like Lizzies but more intensely, echoed some kind of strange power. He said, “Please take a seat Misa. We will discuss why we’ve gathered here shortly.

Misa nodded her head; she did not like cooperating with so many powerful associates in such a closed space. She immediately scanned for a way out but noticed that there were heavy enchantments on the windows and walls. I doubt even Ryuzaki could break one of those massive windows. She thought to herself.

She sat down in a seat away from everybody else. Curious as to why they’d been summoned.

After Misa entered a few more did and casual conversation began to ensue. Cern, Elijah, and Elizabeth were all dare friends, so they had much to talk about and catch up on. Ariel spoke in hushed tones to Misa about her past and the places she had visited, and if it was really true that Misa helped kill Erevis. Misa answered with only the needed information, she was still skeptical about the gathering, but she figured that she trusted Ryuzaki enough to let her guard relax.

Cern stood up and stretched his back, she was very skinny and carried a quill of arrows on his back. The arrows however had strange runes written on them, the runes on the arrows matched all the rest of the runes tattooed across Cerns body.  He had black lettering written across each of his fingers, on the back of his hand, on his forearms, and going up his bicep.

While he was skinny, his muscles were well defined across his arms. He was wearing a long sleeve, black shirt made out of the type of material that clings to your body, so as to keep moisture in and retain your body moisture while keeping you cool. Over that he had on another loosely fitting black t-shirt. On the lower half of his body he had on a pair of gray shorts that came down a few inches below his knees. Down the rest of his visible legs were more runes and inscriptions.

Elijah made a comment about his arrows and he said, “Crap, I better do away with those, I forget sometimes that I have my weapons conjured.” With a small hum of energy, Cerns arrows and his bow disappeared with a small cloud of white smoke.  Along with his arrows, all his tattoos suddenly disappeared as well. He sat back down and said, “Ryuzaki should be here soon hopefully.”
A lesson without pain is meaningless. That’s because you can not gain something without sacrificing something else in return. But, once you’ve over come the pain you will gain a heart that is stronger than anything else.

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Re: These Bloody Streets--A Decisive Battle! --IC--
« Reply #13 on: March 22, 2013, 12:01:12 am »
In a lone part of the countryside, which had been ravaged by a particularly large battle in Ezralda’s quest for power, there was now a newly formed gash in the land that could only be called a canyon. It was over 300 meters deep and ran nearly twelve miles from north to south in a snaking pattern. Unlike the majority of Spain, which had been abandoned, this canyon was inhabited by the most unlikely occupants. They were few in number, maxing out at around 20, but their sheer size would make any would be attacker think twice before committing themselves to anything.

These 20 individuals were actually the last living examples of the Giant race, gathering together in an attempt to outlast their enemies. Much like the human race, the Giants ranged from a small 50 feet to a massive tall 150 feet, some were as wide as buildings while others were as skinny as trees. Despite the varying sizes and shapes, however, most of them were wearing strange leather garments that hid the most important parts, and they were all male.

Currently, they were gathered in threes and fours and each group had a fire the size of a house burning in the centre of their small circles. However, at the edge of the groups, along the canyon wall, the giants seemed to have constructed a throne of sorts out of loose stones balanced together. The strange thing about this ‘throne’ was that it wasn’t built for the size of any of the giants, even the smallest ones; it was built instead for a human sized person. Such a human sized person occupied the throne currently, slouched down with one hand bent to rest his head against and the other stretched out along the arm of the throne, his fingers tapping impatiently.

Every time one of the fingers on his hand touched the stone, a strange metallic sound rung out but the man didn’t stop tapping away. He had long black hair that if let loose would run down to his buttocks, that he had tied into a thick plait hung down his front. He had hard muscles and a harder face that held dark green eyes that stared out at the giants before him with a bored expression.  He was wearing a stiff jacket of gold and red that had a high collar to his chin that he left undone down his front to reveal a tight black vest. He was also wearing black jeans held up by a brown belt with a buckled shaped like a human skull, black motorbike boots on his feet, and thin leather gloves on his hands. Resting across his knees was a katana-like sword that had red leather straps around the handle and a fang attached to a small gold chain hanging from the hilt. The guard had been removed and it was currently sheathed in a red wooden scabbard.

“King Raiku…” a slumberous voice said and a massive boulder beside him suddenly moved to become a giant so big he made other giants look like children in comparison, his height being well over 200 feet. Jin Raiku glanced up at the giant with permission allowing him to speak. “Why do we hide in this canyon when that winter fairy causes so much strife around the world?” he asked carefully, his large eyes watching Jin.

“Because, Orvarius, the giants would be slaughtered within minutes of trying anything against that bitch-whore Ezralda.” Jin said viciously. “I believe I’ve gone over this hundreds of f***ing times; I’m trying to stop the Giants from going extinct, not lead them to destruction!” His voice had raised loud enough that the closer giants were glancing at him.

“But King Raiku…” Orvarius started by Jin glared him into silence.

“I will not hear any more on this f***ing matter, understood.” It was not a question. “Now stop f***ing bothering me!” Orvarius nodded and returned to his original position “Damn it all, now I’m all pissed off again!” Jin said, slowly standing to his feet and clipping his sword onto a chain so it hung on his right hip. He started to descend the platform of stone his throne was on but his was interrupted by a strange light that dropped from above and stopped in front of him, suddenly exploding into a bunch of text.

All the nearby giants were suddenly interested in Jin and the strange text, but to everyone except Jin himself it was a jumble of random letters and symbols. Jin studied the text for a minute before bursting into a fit of laughter so loud and raucous that it echoed around the canyon, causing all of the giants to look at him. He walked forward through the letters, making them disperse and disappear, before stopping at the end of his platform.

“Orvarius, get your huge f***ing ass over here!” he called and the giant moved his head again to look at Jin. “Do it now, asshole.” Jin said and the giant nodded slowly and pulled himself to his feet using the side of the canyon. In one step, tiny in comparison to his full stride, Orvarius was stood directly next to Jin, making him look like an ant. “Give us a boost.” Jin said and Orvarius frowned before reaching down and offering his palm for Jin to jump on; he did and Orvarius lifted him up until he was stood straight again.

“Right you ugly lot!” he roared and his echo attracted the attention of all the giants. “Orvarius is in charge, if you start f***ing fighting, I will come back and kick the ass out of all of you, understood!”

“Where are you going?” one of the smaller, younger giants asked.

“Me? I’m going bitch-whore fairy hunting!” he laughed out loud and turned his head to Orvarius. “Right, throw us that way.” He pointed directly up and Orvarius frowned again but drew back his arm and threw Jin like a baseball.

Jin flew up and grabbed the edge of the canyon to stop himself flying into the air, before flipping down on to his feet. Prideux Estate… he thought looking around the snow filled countryside. He rotated until he figured he was basically facing the right direction and started running forward. Soon enough he was at full speed, his condensed super-muscles propelling him along at super high speeds. He would reach the estate soon enough.


The motorbike was a chopper style and in normal circumstances, it wouldn’t move more than a foot forward in the heavy snow. However, this particular bike had been modified by its owner and its engine produced way more power than usual and a triangular plough had been welded to the front, allowing the vehicle to cut its way through the snow like it was butter. The rider wasn’t exactly taking it easier either, he was pushing the bike to its limits, powering through the snow as fast as he could. Occasionally the bike would skin on some ice or compacted snow but he was a skilled enough rider to keep control.

He suddenly veered to the left and entered a dense forest with a tiny footpath that led through the trees. With skill and quick reactions he weaved his bike down the path and soon enough he exited out of the other side and he caught sight of a large castle in the distance. A smile stretched across his face under his helmet and he accelerated hard until he slid to a stop in front of a large gate. He swung himself off the bike, making sure it was steady on its stand, and removed his helmet, laying it on the seat.

He was tall and thin with wild blue hair that hung to his shoulders in spikes and dark brown eyes nearly hidden behind a long fringe. He wore a tight black t-shirt with long sleeves under a black denim jacket with the sleeves ripped off at the shoulder. Loose white trousers hung on his legs with the ends tucked into low black boots with silver plates running down the front of them. An entwined rope around his waist acted as a belt with two tassels running down his left hip.

“Jinkama has arrived baby.” He muttered and walked forward with his hands stuffed into his pockets.


Jensen Iskin stood at the highest point of the Prideux Estate and watched as the blue haired Jinkama approached the doorway. Well would you look at that, who the hell managed to get a hold of him! he thought with a grin on his weathered face.

Jensen was a thick cut man with built up muscles and wrinkled skin. He had silver hair that was shaved at the sides and moulded into a Mohawk on the top and back of his head, and his eyes were completely white, speaking of a blindness that didn’t exist. He was wearing short sleeved black shirt tucked into blue jeans with white trainers on his feet. Tucked into his heavy brown belt was a slightly curved sword with a guard that took the form of a skull eating the base if the blade. Hanging from his shoulders was a long brown cloak with a hood hanging down his back.

“Guess, I better get inside before I miss all the fun.” He muttered to himself and quickly ducked back into the castle.
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Re: These Bloody Streets--A Decisive Battle! --IC--
« Reply #14 on: March 22, 2013, 06:01:35 am »
Slowly but surely all the allies of Ryuzaki trickled into the estate and into the large room. Even with eight people in the room, it was still pretty spacious. Matthew had taken the liberty of grabbing some very old wine from the cellar and bringing it up into the war room.

Several of the warriors in the room commented on the masculinity of drinking wine, but Matthew said, “This wine is aged almost three hundred years and was fermented on this very property,” Elizabeth and Elijah walked around passing out glass wine goblets, “I challenge you to find a more potent and fitting beverage to drink, after all you are in France.” After Matthew said that it tended to shut up most of the complaints and they began talking about more mundane matters, many of the people in the room had known each other from previous encounters and thus they were recounting old times.

Misa had made her way over to Ariel, “I can think of one reason why Ryuzaki would gather us here.”

Ariel nodded solemnly, “You are most likely correct, however do not say it out loud, the others don’t know and I’m sure Ryuzaki would prefer to inform them himself—besides most have either came to the conclusion already or probably been informed some other way.”

Misa nodded and pulled out half a coin from the inside of her coat. There was nothing fancy about it, it was just a round silver coin, “Please locate the other half of that and do something to it—change its shape, melt it, move it, something.”

Ariel didn’t question Misa as she took the coin in her hands. “I believe this is your way of sending a signal to someone you know?”

“Yes she will fight with us, she owes myself and Sookie, by inheritance I suppose you could put it, a rather large favor.”

Ariel did as she said, she could feel the coin somewhere as she spoke to its half, they were conntected by some strange magic, she closed and opened her eyes, seeing the connection visually. She gave it a slight tug. “That should be enough to alert your friend.”

Misa nodded her thanks and went back to her seat, where a full goblet of wine awaited her. She took liberal sips and was shocked at the rich, bold taste. It had a strange astringent quality that was sour and sweet at the exact same time, it left her lips yearning for more, so she indulged. After all, there was a very good chance that she and everybody in the room would die soon.
A lesson without pain is meaningless. That’s because you can not gain something without sacrificing something else in return. But, once you’ve over come the pain you will gain a heart that is stronger than anything else.