Author Topic: Ar no Surge announced for PlayStation 3  (Read 768 times)

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Ar no Surge announced for PlayStation 3
« on: September 24, 2013, 05:28:18 pm »

Gust is developing Ar no Surge, an RPG entry in its life simulation series Surge Concerto: Ciel no Surge, for PlayStation 3.

Dengeki PlayStation this week reveals the game will have town, field, and battle elements, and themes based around “confrontation from coexistence,” “bonds,” “the bonds between men and women,” and “bonds as friends.”

The game’s connection to Ciel no Surge and Ar Tonelico is still a mystery, but it appears to be set in the same universe as Ciel no Surge, but during a different time period.

Ar no Surge will be directed by Akira Tsuchiya, have character design by NTNY, and feature high-quality character models by Flight Unit.

The hero is Delta Lantanoir, a young man who came out from inside Felion when the barrier wall was opened. He uses a tonfa, gun, and his fists in combat, and was part of an elite organization called “Plasma,” who was protecting the city from Sharl. For certain reasons, he was discharged from the group and now runs a restaurant. Joining Delta is Arshes, a humanoid robot weapon.

On the planet La Ciela, where the Genomes co-exist, the Sharl kidnap people using song magic. After the barrier wall opens, an ancient race with the ability to use lost song magic appear. These ancient people awakened from cold sleep live alongside modern day folk in the city’s residential area.

Battles do not use a command turn-based system, but a hybrid system with action elements called “Protect.” The hero will take the front lines while protecting the heroine as she performs song magic.

The game will offer a “Genometric System” that lets you go inside peoples’ hearts, as well as a mixing system.

Ar no Surge is due out for PlayStation 3 on January 30 for 7,140 yen.
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