Author Topic: Who's getting a Xbox One  (Read 3941 times)

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Re: Who's getting a Xbox One
« Reply #15 on: December 15, 2013, 01:27:16 am »
I've got an x1 and love it, tho part of me feels that I didn't need it at all. Constantly wandering if it was a mistake or not, tho it does look so nice in my room and I love the controller.
Have you played Ryse or Dead Rising 3? Playing either should alleviate any worry. If not simply wait a few months as glorious titles arrive like Thief, Titanfall, Dying Light, Watch Dogs, Destiny and possibly some of the other announced exclusives.

To be honest I've never really followed Dead Rising and I felt Ryse would be pretty poor. I've got COD (it's fun but then it's COD, nothing special), I've got forza 5 but am yet to fully play it, had a little go and was very very impressed and entertained. Tho recently I've been back on my PC cus my friends finally convinced me to start playing LoL and now i'm hooked >_>
Trust me man, Ryse and Dead Rising are VERY worth playing, at the very least rent them. Ryse's combat can get repetitive for some but it has a ton of epic moments and I was surprised that by the end I still wasn't bored of it, and I played 40 hours. Dead Rising 3 is just nearly nonstop insane fun, theres a demo of it on the marketplace now too. Might even be a Ryse one too.

Might have to give Ryse a look sometime then. I've never really liked zombie games much, never really got into the likes of L4D etc. Can't wait for Titanfall and especially The Division when that finally comes out.

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