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First Impressions Fall 2015 Anime
« on: October 05, 2015, 03:05:34 am »
Here are my First Impression reviews for Fall 2015. I'll add to the list as I watch them. Enjoy!

Anitore! EX 1/5
Asami meets you in her room to go through a short workout set of push ups and crunches. If you’re following along, be forewarned she does ten reps each. What is her motivation to power through each set? An after workout treat of soft serve ice cream at the nearby convenience store of course! A tame four minute routine with none of the titillating fanservice of Training with Hinako.

Brave Beats 2/5
Breakin has mastered all of the dance techniques and challenges the King of Dance to a dance off for his throne. The king shatters Breakin’s Dance Stone and flings the pieces across Earth and sends him to collect them all before he can challenge the king again. On the Earth, Breakin takes the form of a mini robot and pairs up with middle school kid Kazaguruma Hibiki to find all the Dance Stones. A classic collecting quest featuring different dance techniques centered on hip hop moves to a techno pop beat.

Comet Lucifer 3/5
After finding a large Giftium gemstone in an abandoned mine, Sogo somehow gets mixed up with his friend Kaon who is literally fleeing an arranged marriage. They crash and fall into a deep pit where they run afoul of mining operators seeking the same mysterious girl who emanates from the crystals into Sogo’s arms. A sharp and colorful futuristic world reminiscent of Eureka Seven, complete with hoverboard scooter and fighting mecha.

Concrete Revolutio 3/5
When pink haired customer Hitoyoshi Jiro asks waitress Hoshino Kikko for assistance in preventing an industrial espionage exchange, she is forced to reveal her Superhuman status by undergoing an extended Sailor Moon-like transformation when the spy turns out to be an alien. Bright colors and comic book graphics, with a nod to the Ultraman story, but multiple time jumps made the storyline confusing without explaining why Superhumans exist and their reasons for hiding amongst normal humans.

Dance with Devils 4/5
The school is abuzz when Tachibana Ritsuka is summoned by student body president Kaginuki Rem for violating the school rules, but in fact he attempts to use magic to extract information from her until a charm pendant she is wearing repels him. After school, she stumbles onto intruders ransacking her house, and they attempt to kidnap her and force her to reveal the location of the Forbidden Grimoire. A suspenseful paranormal mystery, but the singing performances like in a stage musical were unexpected.

Fushigi na Somera-chan 2/5
Nonomoto Somera and her younger sister Kukuru live a frugal life with their dog Koro after their parents died. With only three grains of rice each for dinner, they don’t know what to do until their friend Tendo Shizuku suggests that Somera use the “Magic Fist” technique handed down by their mother. A shockingly bloody and wacky 3:30 minute anime that starts off with Somera’s impalement by a llama and ends with Kukuru’s hand being bitten off. (Done for laughs of course.)
Gakusen Toshi Asterisk 2/5
At Seidoukan Academy for “Genestella” – humans with extraordinary abilities – transfer student Amagiri Ayato accidentally sees Strega witch Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld in her underwear and is challenged to a duel. Underwear fan service, boob grabs, busty student council president, tsundere popular girl, annoying sidekick roommate, and long winded data dump explanations are all predictably present in this magical school battle anime that has nothing new to offer.

Garo: Guren no Tsuki 3/5
Although onmyouji protect the Imperial Palace, evil demons called Horrors come out at night and plague the capital city by killing humans and eating their souls. But they are no match for Seimei the Makai Alchemist and Raiko with his Golden Knight armor. When a Nio guardian statue becomes animated and begins wandering at night, Seimei, Raikou, and his sidekick Kintoki go hunt it down. A nicely done Heian period paranormal story with likable characters and a pleasing artwork style.
Hacka Doll: The Animation 2/5
In the future, people are drowning in a sea of information and can’t find what they need, so a navigator program app, the Hacka Doll, is created to help them manage the data. Three slightly incompetent Hacka Dolls are sent to earth with the mission to advance humanity and they try their best to provide recommendations to a female otaku, only to botch things up because of their naiveté. A 7 minute anime.

Heavy Object 3/5
Conventional warfare was made obsolete with the introduction of Objects, the ultimate weapons of war, piloted by Elites. Now only four nations are battling it out, and soldiers Havia and Qwenthur find themselves sidelined at a base in Alaska, shoveling snow and improving their rations by illegal moose hunting. Qwenthur is a student interested in war technology but finds himself entranced by the beautiful and stoic pilot of Baby Magnum, the base Object. Has potential if the focus is on the people instead of the machines.

Itoshi no Muco 2/5
In a 12:30 minute episode, energetic Muco the dog runs around playing and chewing his towel. He loves his owner Komatsu-san, a glass blower living in the mountains. When their friend Ushicou-san stops by to help set up a web page for glass blowing classes and products, he decides to photograph Muco as a sort of mascot. But his photographs of Muco are listless compared to those taken by Komatsu. Flat and cartoonish 2-dimensional artwork, but dog lovers will no doubt enjoy it.

JK Meshi! 1/5
Three girls are studying world history, and when Ryoka, the smart one on the left, starts berating Ruriko, the dumb one on the right, the girl in the middle breaks things up by offering to make a special miso soup with tomatoes, olive oil, and sesame seeds. A short 3:30 minute episode completely animated by computer generated stills that are panned and manipulated to simulate motion.
Kagewani 1/5
Banba Sousuke is a professor at Kyou’ou Science University who is absent once again from his lecture while he follows up on yet another unknown monster creature. Meanwhile, sensationalist TV producer Takeru and his film crew break through a fence to search for a monster but get much more than they bargained for. The terrible artwork looks like colorized photo cutouts in stop action animation. 8 minute anime.

Komori-san wa Kotowarenai 3/5
Komori Shuri is a 15 year old student who can’t say no to her friends’ requests for help. It is a mystery why people call on her for favors, but perhaps it is because she is so well endowed and stands head and shoulders above her classmates? A very short 2 minute anime.
Kowabon 2/5
Sachi is video chatting online with her friend Fuumin who is showing off her wardrobe when she hears strange sounds that Fuumin doesn’t seem to be aware of. After Sachi sees the shaking from some ominously heavy footsteps, Fuumin goes to see if it is her mother and something drops from the ceiling. A short 3 minute episode using a rotoscoping technique that is only moderately successful at creating a suspenseful atmosphere. The plus side is being able to see the live action actors during the ED.

Lance N’ Masques 3/5
Hanabusa Yotaro just wants to live an ordinary life, but as a Knight of the World he automatically reacts to the screams of maidens in distress. In this manner he saves rich but lonely girl Kidoin Makio from a deadly fall. She invites him to her estate, but in the meantime, Yotaro’s friends Alice, Shirohime the horse and Yoriko the stern maid are searching for him. While one can feel for the plight of the socially isolated Makio, the rest of the story is pretty mediocre.

Monster Strike 2/5
Breaking his cell phone screen was an inauspicious welcome for Homura Ren’s return to Kaminohara. He left the city in 4th grade but doesn’t really remember anything about the place, although one of his classmates, Mizusawa Aoi, seems to recognize him. After picking up his phone from the repair shop, Ren notices that a new 4-player RPG app called Monster Strike has been added, just in time for him to activate it when a monster attacks him. An 8 minute introduction to the improbably cute little dragon Oragon.

One Punch Man 3/5
When a huge monster begins destroying the city and other superheroes are ineffective in stopping it, egg-headed One Punch Man suits up and vanquishes the threat with . . . one punch. Yet in spite of his training to become the strongest man on earth, One Punch Man feels emotionally empty, without purpose, because he cannot find a worthy foe. One Punch Man himself is drawn in a cartoony style, but the rest of the artwork and action is well detailed and manga inspired. A fun watch.

Onsen Yosei Hakone-chan 1/5
Touya cleans his family’s famous onsen and makes a small offering to the spring god about Haruna, a girl he likes. Loli Hakone-chan pops up to accept (and eat) the offering, and on the way back to Touya’s house to get more, they run into Haruna. Despite her cute looks, Hakone-chan is mischievous and annoying, resulting in the usual boob grabbing tropes. A 3:30 minute anime.

Osomatsu-san 4/5
To commemorate the 80th anniversary of the birth of mangaka Akatsuka Fujio, his 1960’s anime featuring Osomatsu and his sextuplet brothers is being remade. But third brother Choromatsu worries that their Showa era style won’t cut it today, so they reimage themselves as a bishi idol group called F6. As that ploy fails, they begin combining too many elements from popular anime shows until everything explodes. A hilarious and crazy parody of today’s anime themes, but can this remake continue to remain so funny?

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry 3/5
Blazers can manifest swords from their soul to control superpowers, and Hagun Academy is one of the best chivalry schools in Japan for training aspiring Magical Knights. When Kurogane Ikki, the lowest ranking student, walks into his dorm room and sees top ranked Princess Stella Vermillion dressing, she challenges him to a duel. Despite an obviously worn out plot concept, the chemistry between Stella and Ikki, and their individual goals to win the Seven Star Battle Festival, make this a little more intriguing.

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru 3/5
Tatewaki Shoutarou goes on bone hunting trips with Kujou Sakurako, a rather eccentric osteologist who reassembles animal skeletons for display. It seems they frequently discover human remains, and this time is no exception as Shoutarou unearths a human skull with evidence of a violent death. Sakurako’s extensive knowledge of bones and her keen observation skills are the “detective” aspect of the story but her personality is rather creepy and the murder cases are left unsolved. Terrible background music too.

Shomin Sample 3/5
Seikain is an exclusive private school reserved only for the very rich and cultured girls of high society, but they have a problem. It seems the girls are so sheltered that after graduation, some have trouble successfully integrating into modern society.  Hence Kagurazaka Kimito is kidnapped and enrolled in the school as a sample male commoner to socialize the girls. A harem in the extreme with all the stereotypical personalities such as the well endowed blonde, impetuous tomboy and harsh maid.

Starmyu 3/5
After being inspired by a beautiful dancer in the rain, Hoshitani Yuta gains entry into Ayanagi Academy for the performing arts. He witnesses the fabulous entrance routine of the elite Kao Council, the top 3rd year students in the Musical Department, and decides to audition for the department in spite of the long odds and the stiff competition from his arrogant and condescending classmates. A Star Team of misfits will make an interesting story, even if it is just a copycat to cash in on this popular genre.
Subete ga F ni Naru 4/5
Nishinosono Moe has a crush on her professor, Saikawa-sensei, and despite his ethereal academic blather and callous indifference to her fawning, she catches his attention when she reveals she spoke with the reclusive Dr. Magata Shiki, a genius programmer who murdered her parents but was declared mentally incompetent, and then disappeared to pursue her research on Himaka Island. A slow and dialogue heavy start to this psychological thriller, but the OP and ED were unusually outstanding.
Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai 3/5
Kusanagi Takeru wants to be an official inquisitor who captures witches and confiscates magical items, but he leads the incompetent “Small Fry Platoon” at school with mechanic Suginami Ikaruga and sniper Saionji Usagi. To make matters worse, the team dynamics get turned upside down when the highly skilled but disgraced former inquisitor Ohtori Ouka is assigned to the platoon. Yet another templated harem with the usual lecherous girls, bouncy bosoms, accidental boob grab, and indecent exposure fanservice.

Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note 3/5
Everybody thinks the members of the soccer team are cool, but when Tachibana Aya is nearly run over by one of them on his mountain bike, she discovers that they are actually rude, weird, and aloof. After her poor math score puts Aya into a special class with four boys from the soccer team, she starts to learn the give and take necessary to being real friends, and the soon-to-form Detective Team KZ gets its first case as Wakatake’s bike is stolen. A very promising start, even for a short 9 minute anime.

Utawarerumono: Itsuwari  no Kamen 3/5
Barefoot and clad in only thin clothes, a man who has lost his memories awakes in the snow and is nearly killed by a monster bug until he is saved by cat girl Kuon. Since she is now his guardian, she names him Haku and takes him to the village where he proves he is no good at manual tasks. Executed in mostly black and white with muted colors, much of the humor in the story comes from Kuon’s stern onee-san vibe and her very expressive tail.

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid 2/5
Tokonome Mamori is kidnapped and banished to an island where bikini clad Miyasato and Kouzuki are sent to determine if she is a Liberator or Ecsta. Innocent Mamori is shocked to observe that when an Ecsta is sexually aroused by a Liberator, she turns into a weapon. Just as a new girl, buxom Shikishima Mirei, arrives on the beach, Miyasato and Kouzuki attack them and Mirei kisses Mamori to transform her into a sword. A fanservice-laden, nipple rubbing, crotch groping, yuri ecchi battle action fantasy.

Young Black Jack 3/5
When a train hits a bus and the patients flood into the hospital, medical student Hazama Kurou and intern Okamoto Maiko are called to assist. A boy with a severed arm and leg arrives and despite the surgeon’s determination that only amputation will save the boy, Kurou believes he can reattach the limbs. He proceeds after the parents agree to pay 5 million yen and displays extraordinary talent and skills. An oddball wonderboy bishounen medical drama with retro character designs that are right out of the 60’s.
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Re: First Impressions Fall 2015 Anime
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2015, 11:58:37 pm »
I've decided to not review any sequels or shorts this time just because there's too many. Plus shorts are like 2 min. now :/

Lance N’ Masques – 3/5
   Cute way to start off the season. The animation on this is smooth. The first episode itself was pretty mediocre and seemed like it is going to be your typical knight story with a loli. It was interesting however that it seems more of a modern day mixed in with a medieval twist

Heavy Object – 4/5
   Same creator as Index so I'm having quiet a bit of a high expectation on this one. I felt like this one had potential and the first episode just gave a brief brush through of the setting. No real character diving into this episode but this is sure to be filled with action and lots of guns.

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk – 4/5
   The opening scene to this anime started off great. There was a fairly intense sword fight which I hope there will be a lot of. If you liked Infinite Stratos and are okay with it being a little less ecchi this one is going to be to your liking.

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry -  3/5
   Another possible OP MC that is playing weak? This is an adaptation of the manga version. Everything in the anime seems to be scene for scene in accordance to the manga. I wish there was a but more exposition in the first episode because I felt like we weren't told me much about the characters nor much about the setting.

One Punch Man – 4/5
   Same author as Eyeshield 21. I've been meaning to pick up the manga version of this series but never got around to it. I'm glad it has been animated and am loving it so far. It features far fetched violence with humor. The MC seems to be super over powered but it's made into a fun experience for sure.

Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen – 4/5
   Normally I'd be dreading an anime where the MC has amnesia right off the bat. With this series however I feel like they are doing it right. Not a whole lot of plot was given out but the last scene at the very end of the first episode made it seem like this series isn't going to be filled with just everyday happy life.

Comet Lucifer – 3/5
   We've been given some insight as to what this series is going to be based on how the setting is. The one thing I cannot stand in any anime is the idiotic spoiled  rich guy (in real life too haha) who thought it was a good idea to ram into the hover vehicle. The first episode has intrigued me and and willing to watch more.

Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai – 3/5
   The opening itself should inform you that this will be an ecchi show to say the least. The characters do interest me and it seems like this year is the year of the underachieving teams anime. This does have potential to beat out all the other animes similar to this series this year. The fact that the MC seems to be skillful but hasnt developed yet will be the thing that keeps me watching this series.

Shomin Sample – 3/5
   Harem anime about the only male in a super secret girls academy where they have literally no idea about the outside world. If youre going to watch this just go into it without high expectations and think of it as a discovery channel documentary, it's hilarious once you do. Trust me you can't go wrong with discovery channel documentaries

Valkyrie Drive -Mermaid- 2/5
   This show is honestly the worst one of the season I have seen thus far. I might be a fan of ecchi shows but even I think this one is pretty darn bad. It's a cross between Soul Eater Maken-Ki, I think that's how it's spelled. If youre into big breasts and no real plot by all means go for it, You do you.

Concrete Revolutio – 2.5/5
   The reason for the low rating is simply because the first episode was everywhere. It didn't follow a linear time line. In fact, I had to make sure it didnt just go over my head with Neko haha/ The time skipping seemed a bit forced and seems like it was just put in to give some incentive to watch the anime.

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto -3/5
   Ever seen the series Bones?  Pretty cool show and this reminds me of it, except instead ofn FBI agent substitute a high school boy. As odd of a team they make they do have good chemistry between the characters. I just hope they add more depth to the female lead because she seems very flat as a character, Though I can see her going through a change.

I still have 1 more series to review, ill probably get to it next week.
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