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Spring 2016 Reviews
« on: June 25, 2016, 12:33:47 am »
I decided to do final thoughts of the series' I have watched in the Spring season., or anything that ended in the Spring season. I will edit this once I finally catch up and finish the final episodes. Feel free to post yours too with your score and your thoughts of what you watched.

Spring Overall Impressions

These are the series’ I have finished this season, I will try to make it as spoiler free as I can, and if I am about to say a spoiler I will put it under a spoiler tag. That way if you see something that intrigues you, you won’t know how it ended etc…

12 sai -

Anne Happy - 3/ 5
   This anime was a very light hearted show which showcased the unfortunate students who were taught how to be happy. The main characters all had their quirks, ranging from complete unluckiness to easily injured. It was a good watch, no real story to it except the usual friendship is awesome and developments.

Assassination Classroom 4.5/ 5

Bakuon - 2.5/ 5
   I never thought I’d be watching a show about girls and motorcycles. Once again there was no story associated with this series. If anything it just made me learn a few things about motorcycles and also made me want me want to go biking again. If anything it undid the cycling hype Yowamushi Pedal did to me.

Big Order -

Sailor Moon - 3/ 5
   This has definitely improved since the first season. The animation is a lot smoother, they aren't as shiny and best of all they added more comedy which kept in the Sailor Moon spirit of the old series. This one is hard to judge because it is such a classic so I can’t say it isn’t original because it’s one of the first magical girl animes to come out.

Boku no Hero Academia - 4.5/5
   This series was probably one of the best series of the Spring season. A world of superheroes and supervillains. Kids with powers going to school made right. The MC is of course very weak in the beginning and it does have a slow burn feel throughout the season because you dont just see a power up right away. Can’t wait for the 2nd season. I just hope that i can last before I start reading the manga.

Bungou Stray Dogs - 3/ 5
   The first half of this series to me was very boring and I actually liked the 2nd half where it was more into the side characters. I felt like the side characters had more personality and were a lot funner to watch than the main character. I almost gave up on this series luckily I stuck it through.

Concrete Revolutio -

Flying Witch -

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk 2 - 3/ 5
   I actually liked the first season of this series more but the fight that were shown were definitely great and kept it in a good old fashioned tournament arc. It does seem that the whole series in general will always have a tournament associated with the series and will have a story going around it.

Hai-Furi - 2.5/5
   This is like Kantai Collection without the girls actually being the ships themselves. It was watchable to say the least. It wasn't very engaging and the whole premise of the series was simple and straightforward. I wouldn't recommend watching it if you're looking for a series story based, unless you really really like girls and ships.

Hundred - 2/ 5
   A nearly duplicate Infinite Stratos copy if you ask me. The MC looks the same and of course you have the status quo harem archetypes in this series. The only thing that kept me watching was the Emiles character and their interaction with the rest of the cast.

Kiznaiver -

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri -

Kuma Miko - 1.5/5
   Now bear with me (haha bear) the first half of this series is great, wonderful in fact. It was a story about a country girl wanting to go to school in the city and get more in tune with people. Problem is that she apparently has anxiety about it. Now like I said the first half of the series is great the problem is the 2nd half of it. It’s just pure forcing of Machi to do things she doesn't want to do. Spoiler ahead
The ending completely pissed me off, not only did Natsu wish bad fortune on Machi for his own selfish reasons, she has now regressed and now doesn't want to even go to the city. All the harassment from Natsu and Machis cousin(?) Yoshio, who is the demon in my opinion, completely puts the message that we shouldn't even try out new things and it’s okay to not do anything.

Mayoiga - 3/ 5
   Really nice premise set with the first episode. Huge cast so it took a while to get to know everyone, even at the end I was still unable to learn everyone's names. This is one of those animes where it is completely character driven and there are going to be parts where the characters will do very questionable acts but since it was such a huge list of characters we didn't’ get too much into the side characters and focused mainly on 2.

Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? -

Sasha Sanyou -

Seisen Cerberus - 1/ 5
   Behold the worst of the season for sure, that I’ve watched anyway. Story was below average, characters were very flat and no personality whatsoever. If they had a personality it was only 1 type and there was barely any change. They only resolved really 1 problem in the entire series. The introduced problems and left them half answered. The animation was so-so and I wish I never started this series.

Shounen Maid 2.5/5
   This series wasn’t bad. Very slice of life and it did hold really nice deep scenes with the characters. The only problem I had  with it was that they should of had more character put into the MCs and expand him out into other places. There could have been so much more put into him and the others.

Sousei no Onmyouji - 4/ 5
   One of the funner series that aired this past season. 2 exorcists being forced to be together. Yes, it has all the tropes and yes some of the cliches were put into it but this series made it work to their advantage. Without going into too much detail The MCs relationship is great and you are honestly rooting for them both at a certain point because neither of them are wrong.

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge -
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Re: Spring 2016 Reviews
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2016, 02:57:06 am »
Sadly I haven't had time to do the first impression reviews, and I only watched 3 Spring 2016 shows this season. The two new ones (Joker Game and Flying Witch) were disappointing in the end and scored lower than my original impression of them.

Ushio to Tora 4/5
Although this was dubbed "season 2," it was a direct continuation from the first 26 episodes that aired in the summer and fall 2015. Drawn in an old school style, this was a traditional shounen style, supernatural, action adventure where one just can't help liking the gruff monster Tora and his unusual relationship with Ushio. It was fun to watch as the story progressed, but my only criticism is how they dragged out some of the scenes, most notably the final arc in the battle with Hakumen no mono that spanned three episodes.

Joker Game 2/5
A period piece that didn't really draw as heavily on the pre-WWII period as it could have, and therefore it missed its potential in my opinion. Instead it was a series of individual, self-contained stories of generic, forgettable spies with a ring leader Colonel Yuuki who we never learn more about. Drab artwork and flat acting made this one even more mediocre.

Flying Witch 3/5
I thought this might be a cute series ala Kiki's Delivery Service, or even Kuromajo-san ga Touru! but sadly it was not to be. Makoto had all of the physical attributes and moe traits to be a KyoAni character, except the studio was J.C.Staff and they never took it anywhere. Aww, she has no sense of direction, doesn't know how to fly, can't perform spells, etc. Then what's the point of this being about a flying witch? Instead of the story line following her witchly development, it's about her fairly normal daily life interspersed with magical world wonders and a squeaky voiced wannabe witch little sister. I just couldn't take it any more. One plus is the artwork that is detailed and colorful.

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Re: Spring 2016 Reviews
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2016, 02:36:17 am »
ive updated the first post. still havent gotten through all of last season though

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