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Forum Rules
« on: November 19, 2012, 05:04:43 pm »
This is a community website.  The host assumes no responsibility for the content within.

Some basic rules we need to follow to keep the site up:

  • No uploading illegal content onto the host.
  • Treat other members with respect.
  • Posting of Adult Content must be marked as such with appropriate disclaimers and should not be in immediate view.
  • All posts are subject to moderation.

Too Vague?  Here's the meat and potatoes version:

We expect members to use their best judgment while using this site.

Please use discretion when posting otherwise inappropriate content such that it is not accessible from the home page (such as the ChatBox), and when marking said content don't be too detailed (such as poorly chosen or offensive thread titles).

While the forum grants you the power of anonymity, we expect you to behave as you would in person.  Offensive or unruly behavior will not be tolerated.  A joke is funny until someone takes offense, when that happens and they ask you to stop do so, or the moderators have the right to do bad things to your profile.  In short, Don't be a Dick.

All content on this forum is subject to moderation , if a moderator feels something is awry they have been given the power to correct it.
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